Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snap Out Of It…

I am in a really bad mood today, mostly because of this job but I am trying really hard to snap out of it but it doesn’t help that I have a migraine and the mother of cramps. I think all the stress etc is really getting the best of me but what can you do….”just smile”

(((((shaking it off))))))))

Despite all the stress etc, I have managed to remain eating healthy AND working out which is great because I am an emotional eater, and usually at this point; I would hear “do you want fries with that” ha

Eats And Workouts

Ayer in the afternoon I did Jillian’s Wii Game and cooled down with this new Yoga workout on Fit TV called Shiva Rea Daily Energy…the verdict is still out on this lol. Have you checked out, did you like it? I am not sure how I feel about it, I am such a huge fan of Namaste Yoga so I am a tad bias.  I managed to burn 292 Calorie in total. After that I met my sister and Mo and headed to the Gym. I did day 2 of Couch To 5K and kept the pace pretty brisk…4.0 when I was walking and 5.0-6.0 when I was jogging. After that we did upper body and I burned a total of 568 Calories.

For Dinner I had a Protein Shake with 2 scoops of LMM


When you have a hard workout late in the evening, do you find it hard to fall asleep? I was up until midnight!


This morning, I slept in until 7:30 and skipped my morning workout. For breakfast I had Honey Chobani with a small Banana, PB, and my usual Café con Leche


And for Lunch I just had 1/2 a cup of Brown Rice with 1 cup of Black Beans with Onions and Peppers (I make no apologies for having the same eats lol)


And for dessert, I had a juicy Gala Apple! If I were Snow White and was tempted with this, I would have taken it too! lol


My client cancelled her session for today which is probably a good thing because I would have taken out my aggression on her (I Kid I Kid) so that means I get to rest and have a nice evening at home! but first I will workout lol,

Have a fabulous day loves! One more day until Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday lol



  1. so sorry you are having cramps and migraines! GIRL Thats the worst combo, you deserve some rest and some ice cream and/or chocolate!! :) :)

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  3. Sorry that you are feeling crummy! After a tough workout, all I want to do is sleep! lol

  4. i feel for you! Im so sorry that you arent feeling well!

    Glad we busted it out at the gym yesterday! lookign forward to "taking it easy" with EA Active tonight... and greys, and jersey shore, and 30 rock and (dammit i watch too much tv!)

    and mickey snuggles. i should do laundry but i dont wanna.

  5. Believe me, it's okay to be angry and grumpy about the job situation! I was! Eventually it shakes off and it feels wonderful when it finally does.

    I am an emotional eater too and I have to try really hard not to succumb to it!

    4.0 is a brisk walk! Go you! I'm doing the last day of Day 1 today.

  6. Sorry it's been one of those days. As for working out at night, this is what I prefer, but I usually do it after work. I like to know I am all done with everything before I work out so I cam not compelled to stop early and finish my work up for the day.

  7. I've never tried peanut butter in yogurt. I'm assuming it's delicious? But I love me some banana and PB, so sounds like I might give it a try!

  8. Ahh hope you feel better! I need to be like you and only eat a protein shake after such an intense workout! So impressive! Tongiht when I start snacking I am going to bother you haha.

  9. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope it's just a case of the lady vapors and nothing serious.

  10. Sorry you are feeling crappy but good work staying on track with the good eats and workouts! I'm impressed because I usually head right to the candy in those situations ;-)

  11. I'm sorry you're feeling so lousy. One more day 'til Friday!

    Good for you for staying healthy through the stress. That's when I'm most vulnerable to falling off the wagon too.

  12. Do you take anything for your migraines?? I can't believe it's still lingering!! I feel bad, really bad, that must really not be fun.

    I've read that working out late at night will cause you to not be able to sleep at night. SO as much as it probably sucked to be up at 12, it probably did have to do with your late night workout. Just like workouts give you energy during the day...they also give you energy at night!

  13. Shake Shake Shake that negativity off! Smile

  14. Aww I hope your feeling better right now!! Eat lots of dessert or protein cookie dough! ;)

  15. aww, i hope you have a good night tonight!

  16. I hope everything is going better tonight!!

    I have cramps too...feel your pain!
    <3 jess

  17. awe im sorry you feel so down.

    your lunch sounds rad though :)
    good job to sticking to your healthy routines <3

  18. Ahhhh - I hope your Friday goes better girl...somedays even breathing or trying to think/be "yogic" just doesn't just need to vent and beat the crap out of something...haha ;) that Shiva Rhea your talking about - yoga instructor?? She's uber-popular but honestly I tried a routine by her before and was ...uh confused?? she's very flowy and just wants you to "go with it" --- i felt weird - like i was doing some kind of a rain-dance or something :0

  19. Hope you are feeling a little better today!

    I have tried to do two Shiva Rea programs before and it is either too confusing or too challenging for me.

    Great workouts and eats yesterday. It always feels good to stay in control when you are upset or stressed out about things. :)


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