Friday, February 19, 2010

3 F*cking Minutes?!?!?!

Hello loves! I wanted to post earlier today but I thought it would be wise to wait until my mood changed…I had a HORRIBLE morning. Before I give you all the fabulous (insert sarcasm here) details, let’s do a quick recap…

Eats and Workouts

Ayer for lunch I made myself a sammie with a WW Wrap filled with Morningstar Buffalo Wings, Reduces Fat Swiss, Lettuce, Tomatoes, and homemade Guacamole


And my Fruit Salad for Dessert


Later in the evening I went to train my client and managed to burn 145 Calories in 45 minutes. I started to shave time off her workout sessions because she is NEVER ready when I get there. Ayer she had me wait 15 minutes so she only worked out for 45 lol. I let is slide the first couple of times, and even asked her to be on time but it’s been one month and she is STILL doing it. Am I being unfair? like seriously, I am coming to HER and she is not ready? what the heezy?

When I got home I made a quick din din…Tofu, Mushroom, and Brussels Stir-fry with PB, Teriyaki Sauce, Red Pepper Flakes, and Hot Szechuan Sauce.


I was feeling sick again last night so I had some Theraflu before bed…



This morning I woke up at 5:40 am again and headed to the gym with my sister. Before heading out, I had 1 scoop of Chocolate Light Muscle Milk


I had another great workout! Today I did day 1 of Week 6 of C25K which was a Brisk five-minute warm-up walk, then Jog 5 Minutes, Walk 3, Jog 8, Walk 3, Jog 5, Cool down. I jogged on 5.3 with 1 incline and for the last jog, I went up to 5.6 with 1 incline..and walked at 3.8-4. After that I hopped on the elliptical for 10 minutes and then did lower body strength training and burned a total of 640 Calories. I felt GREAT after my workout, until….

When we were walking to my car, I noticed that she was alllllll alone on the block…and when I got closer, I noticed a meter maid giving me a ticket! Street Cleaning started at 7:30 and I go to my car at 7:33! 3 MINUTES cost me 45 DOLLARS! (plus 2 bucks because I paid it online).

I decided to release my tension with some Yoga when I got back home and then had OIAJ for Breakfast…you can’t stay mad when you have this for breakfast!


I felt great again…until…

I went to CVS to fill a prescription, only to find out that they don’t have the medicine…I walked out and somehow from the pharmacy to my car, I lost the prescription! I looked and looked for it but didn’t find it…sad panda. Again, I decide to let it go…until…

I come into the office and someone was parked in my spot! I had to go hunt this person down and when I finally do he gives me a “so” look…MOVE YOUR CAR! At this point, I think God is testing me lol

But Wait it get better…the other day I checked the oil of my car and it was low so I put in a quart and it was still low so I put another quart. Only to find out this morning that you shouldn't check your oil when you just turn the car off or while it’s running. So now my car has 2 extra quarts of oil which is bad (according to my coworker) so I have to run to get an oil change when I leave here lol…

Now you see why I was in a mood this morning…thankfully I can laugh at it NOW…and move on. I paid the ticket off…called the pharmacy 3 times and by the third time, someone found my prescription YAY!

How does someone make themselves feel better???? CARBS! duh! For lunch I had a slice of Pizza with Mushroom, Olives, and Artichoke Hearts and a side of Garlic Knots.


All is right with the world again lol…

Have a great day loves!!!!! and if something ticks you off, today…just let it go =)


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