Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Day of Shopping…

Hey everyone! Sorry for being MIA ayer but I spent the entire day with my family and did ALOT of shopping! We started at 1pm and I did not get home until 8ish lol. I will show you all the goodies I got but first let’s do a quick a little recap…

Eats and Workouts

The last time we “spoke” I showed you Monday’s breakfast which was not that eventful but lunch spiced things up.

Homemade Black Bean and Cheese Quesadilla with Sour Cream, Salsa, and homemade Guacamole; all on a bed of lettuce…


Din din was Tofu, Brussels, and Mushrooms Stir-fry with Red Pepper Flakes, Szechuan Hot Sauce, PB, and Teriyaki Sauce.



Monday morning I went to the gym with my sister and had an AMAZING workout! I love going to the gym early in the morning or afternoon, it is pretty quiet and I don’t have to wait for machines etc…I might switch around my workout schedule to do this more often because it is less stressful. I did day 2 of week 5 of C25K which was warm-up, jog for 8 minutes, walk for 5, jog for 8, and cool down…it was SO HARD to get through the jogging but I kept thinking of my grandmother and that gave me the umph I needed.  I stayed on treadmill for 15 extra minutes, and then did the Captain Chair, Elliptical, and Ab machine and ended up burning 635 Calories in 70 minutes.

I then came home and refueled with Oikos Honey Yogurt with PB and a Banana and my usual Cafe con Leche


I relaxed for a bit and then met my mom, sis, and niece for a day of shopping…we hit up Tar-Jay, Old Navy, The Gap, Famous Footwear, and ended with some more Tar-Jay lol…it’s so nice that we went there twice lol

For Linner we went to TGIF…I started off with two pieces of Chicken and Quesadilla…


For my main course I had a Jack Daniel’s Flat Iron Steak with Baked Beans and Mashed Potatoes…This was a perfect way to say “good-bye” to meat for next few days lol.


And a couple of bites of Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie for Dessert…


Now to my goodies…of course I got the essentials at Tar-Jay…Lemon Zest Luna Bars and Dried Fruit lol (not pictured). And the movie he’s just not that into you”…I heart this flick!


The Gap was having a kick ass President’s Day Sale! I got a new dress for my nephew’s Baptism (I will be the godmother)


The pic on their website does it more justice…I am going to wear it with a grey cardigan…

gp696652-00p01v01 “ A stylish spin on the little black dress, with a cool twist-neck, a sexy cinched waist, and ruched sides. Try it with a chic blazer or refined cardi for go-to office looks, then shed the layer and go flirty for after work drinks.” Courtesy of Gap

A pair of Sunglasses…




And I also got some new shoes at Famous Footwear to go with the dress…



It is snowing over here again so my day will consist of Muriel’s Wedding, The Holiday, and he’s just not that into you…

Oh and I just had breakfast…Oikos Honey Yogurt with Dried Fruit and PB and cafe con leche…


Have a great day everyone!



  1. I really love the dress and shoes! I may be taking a little trip to Gap now! That TGIF dessert looks amazing. I haven't been there in forever! Nice meaty meal before Lent!

  2. I have that dress. We're twins!

  3. I love shopping! I love seeing all of the fun stuff you got too!

  4. Sounds like a kick-ass workout! Rock on!

    Yay Target! I've only been once- the one in Brooklyn. Loved it. And love your dress!!!!

    My mom is obsessed with the TGI Friday's Jack Daniel's sauce...(I am obsessed with the ice cream cocktails *shhhhh*)

  5. I cant wait to go shopping for new clothes!

    but judging by what I have been eating and how little i have been working out its not gonna be any day soon.

    Your steak looks so good!

  6. LOVE that dress and those shoes!! HOTTIE!! beautiful!!! love your meal and that quesidilla!

  7. The boots and dress are hawt! We are twin shoppers- I got a dress too!

    I don't know why- but when I see your steak, it makes me want to have one!

  8. I love Muriels Wedding!! Great chick flick. BTW, the boots are awesome.

  9. Awesome shopping! That dress is so cute!

    Love the Holiday movie!!

  10. This is great! I'm not the only blogger that pulls out her camera, as if it was an undercover weapon, at a restaurant to take a picture of the food! That cheesecake looks wonderful.

    I love this whole innger tiger idea. Maybe we should name our tigers. Ha, Ha.

    That dress and pair of boots is great. I've thought of posting clothes pictures too just for the fun of it.

  11. Super cute dress! That PB pie looks decadent!

  12. Chocolate peanut butter pie!?!?! My favorite!

  13. Movies are the best cure for crappy weather. And so is SHOPPING. That's what I should have done this weekend.

    Super cute dress! You had better take many many pictures of yourself in it!

  14. LOVe the finds! so cuteee! that dress will look great on youuuu!

    omg that dessert, can I have a bite nowww

  15. Hello chocolate peanut butter pie! Can you say YUM!

  16. I need to go shopping for new black shoes ASAP! Your shopping finds are so cute. I LOVE that dress. I need to go shopping with you :)

  17. I hope you enjoyed your snow day! Looks like you had a successful shopping trip! Can't wait to see how the dress looks on.

  18. Very cute dress! I love productive shopping trips :)

  19. Hmm, this post reminds me, I haven't been shopping in FOREVER!! All of your buys are great. I LOVE the purse, I'm such a purse person. Glad you got your "meat fix" in, and it looks like you made some good food choices (other than that pie, of course) but hey, you worked out AND walked all day at the mall! So that's good. Glad you had a nice weekend Mari! HAve a great Wednesday.

  20. That's awesome that you spent the day with family! It's one of my favorite things to do.

  21. I absolutely love all of those movies you mentioned, especially the first two!


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