Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Big Sister

Today is my sister’s 32nd Birthday and in honor of that, I decided to dedicate today's post to her…

Since she was born, she was the center of attention…

Picture 008

Sis and my mom…

Picture 004 Picture 006

She wanted to be the little girl on top of the Birthday Cake…

Picture 010

But like every other Star, she soon grew tired of the Paparazzi 

Picture 005

She does NOT like the taste of candles…

Picture 011

She invented the Baby-T

Picture 007

She allows me to be silly and takes pictures with stupid hats on….

Picture 009

SHE brought back the Poof…

Picture 001

She thought that taking pics of our tongue rings in front of a Church was a good idea…See you in Hell…

Picture 012

We are all about product placement…

Picture 002

You will always find her face behind a book or her Kindle

Picture 003

She was the best Trick or Treat Partner!!!!!


Happy Birthday Jenn!!!!!! I love you!!!!



  1. Aw happy birthday to your sis! That was so cute!

  2. happpy birfday do your sister girl! take her out to partayyyyy :)

    ...and get her a big old birthday cake!!

  3. Happy birthday to your sister! I love the picture of her on top of the bday cake ;-)

  4. What a sweet dedication to your sister. I hope she has a great b-day!

  5. Oh my god- those pictures totally made my morning! You guys were so cute!

    Happy Birthday Mari's sister!

  6. Happy birthday Jenn!!!!! That Baby-T pic is priceless...hope you guys do something awesome to celebrate!

  7. r u sure that's not hailey in all the photos =P?

  8. How adorable is this post??? You are a wonderful sis!! Wishing your sister a very happy b'day!!!

  9. This was an awesome post. I loved it. You see what I keep telling you? Hailey lloks just like Jenn. Look at the pics you posted. Wow, 32 yrs old. Thats' great.....

  10. Happy birthday to your sis! What adorable pictures you have. Those must make such awesome memories.

  11. happy birthday sis!!!

    love the pics

  12. Aww happy birthday to your sister! Give her a big hug for me :D

  13. Aw, such a sweet post! I'm sure your sister will love it!

  14. So cute! I love sibling love! Happy Birthday to your sissy!

  15. Such a cute post!

    Happy birthday to your sis!

  16. Your sister's name is Jenn! Happy Birthday Jenn!! Haha, does she know you posted all these old pictures of her?

  17. Sisters are awesome ... most of the time ;) Btw, thks for stopping by my blog and sending your best wishes for my new baby boy!

  18. awww love this! happy bday to your sis :)

  19. Happy birthday sister!! I don't like the taste of candles either.

  20. Awww! Such a sweet post. Happy bday to your sis!
    <3 jess

  21. Happy birthday to your sister! I always wished I had a big sister :)

  22. Awww, what a sweet post!! Your sister probably loved this. I really wish I had a sister that was close in age to me, or even just a sister, period! I love the one of her "on top of the cake", classic.

    Have a great Friday Mari! I hope you enjoyed the Cheesecake Factory.

  23. This is so cool!!
    homefries looks just like her!

    Happy Bday Jen

  24. Aww happy birthday to your sister! This is such a sweet post!

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