Monday, February 8, 2010

Tofu Quesadilla…

I am so sorry for scaring some of you ayer with the title of my post lol… I was trying to be funny haha. But I must say it is so nice to know that I am loved lol.

After my horrible Saturday, I tried really hard to “behave” ayer and I think I did a good job. First with a kick ass workout and then a great day of eats…

For Lunch I had a pastele with Ketchup (sorry Mo) and Protein Cookie Dough for Dessert.

DSCN4996 DSCN4997

I was chatting with my sister and she told me that she was making Steak Quesadillas for din din and I wanted to make my own healthier version with Tofu.

First I cooked the Tofu with a little bit of Oil…


Until they turned golden brown…


I then tossed in some Onions and Red Peppers and seasoned it with Garlic, Salt, Paprika, and Szechuan Hot Paste.


I then tossed it all into a Tortilla with Reduced Fat Mexican Blend Cheese and cooked it on a skillet.


I paired it with Reduced Fat Sour cream and Salsa…this was delish!


Next time I will make some guacamole to go with it =)


This morning I did Jillian’s Kickboxing DVD, Turbo Jam 20 minute workout, and Namaste Yoga for Distance Runners and burned 496 Calories.

For Breakfast I had Kashi Oatmeal, with PB, and 1/2 a Banana with my usual Café con Leche


I was supposed to go to Tar-Jay with my momma this morning but she is not feeling well, so I get to loaf around until I have to go train my client tonight.

I am also planning to hit the gym mañana dark and early to get my run on since we are expecting a snow storm in the evening. I don’t want to mess up my C25K Training…

Have a fabulous day chickies!!!!!!!


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  1. I love the idea of a tofu quesadilla! Sounds delish! What is a pastele?.. (I would put ketchup on it too- ketchup makes everything better!)

    Have a great Monday!

  2. Boo to the snowstorm! But it looks like you had a awesome day full of good eats and a great workout! I am going to try to do a Jillian video now. Wish me luck!

  3. you're tofu quesadilla looks like a well executed plan! mmmm!

  4. The tofu quesadilla looks great! I must copy that one.

  5. I dont' believe in snowstorms anymore. They just never seem to happen.

    Tofu quesadilla sounds awesome! Way less expensive and healthier than steak.

  6. i have so experienced the tofu quesadilla its AWESOME!!!!

    have a wonderful day Mari :)

  7. Tofu quesadillas, yum! Tacos are like a vegetarian go-to because anything with salsa and sauteed veggies is bound to taste good, and add some guacamole and you know it's going to be killer!

  8. The tofu quesadilla looks yummy.

    I hope your mama is feeling better soon!

  9. Great idea to use tofu!! I think this will be my lunch tomorrow - but I may add taco seasoning and of course my beloved Tabasco for seasonings.

    Thanks for the great idea - I'll be sure to give you props on my post :D

  10. I wish I could eat tofu! This looks so delicious and creative. :)

  11. AWW, learned something new today! Tofu in quesadilla...looks great!

  12. SNOW DAY!!!! I really hope all this talk about snow isn't going to jinx us. I mean I'll still have to go to work, but hopefully I'll also get to play in the snow.

  13. That looks so tasty. I love tofu and I have never used it in a quesadilla.

  14. sorry, I'm just not a fan of tofu at all...ack, how can you eat that stuff? Haha! But if you put some kabocha and cheese in there....;-)

  15. Nice workout and that tofu looks soooo good! Every time I "fry" my tofu my husband makes fun of me, but I love it all toasty brown like that!

    Glad you liked Lily pictures!!! : )

  16. MAri, this looks fantastic! Good for you being a good influence on your sister :) Tofu is definitely healthier than steak, although for me I'd probably stick to the steak so I don't end up stinking up the room (tofu=BAD GAS for me). Keep up the good work, and have a wonderful day!

    haha, I actually made a bean and chicken quesadilla for Nick the other day and he requested that I make it everyday. I should add tofu next time :) muahaha

  17. Augghhhh I can never post on blogspot anymore!!! I just tried here @ work though - and I can - is it my stupid computer??! Anyways - I'm still reading ;)...and LOVE your eats and ketchup -yes - mine would be covered in it!!! Thanks for always keeping me smiling - I can't always comment - but I'm out here reading !!!

  18. I'm really enjoying all the things you are doing with tofu!