Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 4

Hey Loves! Week 4 of C25K is kicking my bum! My legs are so tight and I swear I must have asthma because I sound like Darth Vader when I am on the treadmill ha. BUT I have managed to complete the workouts thus far so that’s a good thing! WOOHOOO

Eats and Workouts

For some reason, I have been craving Mexican food like crazy, first with my Tofu Quesadilla and now with my Mexican Pizza. This pizza consisted of my Black Beans, 2% Mexican Blend Cheese, Rudi’s Wholegrain Wrap, Salsa, and Reduced Fat Sour cream.


(I am still on the Mexican kick; tonight I am making fresh guac! yuuuuuums.)

Later in the evening, I trained my client and only burned 147 Calories while I trained her; I was spotting her for most of it.

For din din I made my usual stir fry but with some tweaks. First I fried the Tofu in a little bit of Oil and then I tossed in some Brussels, Mushrooms, Red Pepper Flakes, Szechuan Hot Paste, Sesame Teriyaki, and PB…this was soooooo freaking good! I would have paid to have this delivered lol


and for dessert some Protein Cookie Dough


This morning I went to the gym and completed day 2 of C25K and did 10 minutes of Elliptical and burned 497 Calories.

For Breakfast I had OIAJ!


I hope everyone has a great afternoon. I am off to snag a good parking spot before the storm hits…Stay safe AND Warm!



  1. I am SO proud of you with all this running! Just you wait. You'll be running a half marathon in your lifetime. I promise.

    Love the Mexican pizza! Great idea.

  2. You are kicking 5 K ass.

    I am LMAO at the darth Vader comment. hahahahaha!

    Your stir-fry looks amazing!

    Dude, last year I was living on turkey sausage and egg quesadillas! cheap and delish! i should try it with tofu since I have such an abundance in my frdige!

  3. YAY for oiaj!
    youve done so awesome w. your plan girl!!

  4. Sighhh, isn't all of this snow so lovely... boo! Stay safe!

    Congratulations on 4th week of Couch to 5k! That's so awesome.

  5. VERY COOL!! :0) GO MARI!

    I am on a mexican kick too! I get on kicks, love it! :)

  6. Your Mexican pizza looks great! I had Mexican AGAIN at 5 Burro last night haha. I am an addict!

  7. mmm mexican pizza yum!

    I struggle with my breathing while running too. I try to focus on it and it helps a lot. It also makes the time go by faster!

  8. I've actually been thinking of making some mexican pizza soon. Looks delish!

  9. I've actually been thinking of making some mexican pizza soon. Looks delish!

  10. The fact that you can breathe at the same time as run, wheezing or not, puts you waaaaaaaaaay ahead of me. You are doing great!

    I would pay to have that delivered too- want to ship me some tofu goodness? :P

  11. Even though we're super far apart, we still are in sync! I've been eating nothing but Mexican lately...healthy nachos, tacos, and black bean salads w/ salsa. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I read your blog today. :)

  12. i made guac for the super bowl-sooo good! i was sad everyone ate it all :-)
    if you have an immersion blender it makes guac soooo easily!

  13. Great job with the running girl! It will get easier, just keep going. I love your protein dough, always looks yummy.

  14. I am starting C25K next week! Glad to hear it is working for you- I am going to be doing it OUTSIDE. Sigh. :)

    Alison :)

  15. Awesome work on the couch to 5k AND conquering your treadmill fear! Hope you get a good spot before the snow starts!

  16. That pizza looks amazing!! And congrats on the running.. our track coach actually forced us to go out and run in the blizzard today and it wasn't half bad!

  17. You are doing so well on the Couch to 5K plan. I am so proud of you :) Watch out 5k in a few weeks.

    I have not made Mexican Pizza in such a long time. Yours looks soooo good. Do you deliver?

  18. Protein Cookie Dough??? what is this, love?? I think I need some!

    You always make me smile!


  19. These meals look amazing! Keep up the good work with the running! You won't sound like darth vader for long!

  20. Great job with your running.
    The pizza looks yummy!

  21. I'm so going to add red pepper flakes to my stir fry next time! :)

    Sometimes training does kick ones butt, but I'm sure you'll get over the hump soon enough!


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