Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Yum Factor…

Hello loves! Sorry for being MIA! I have not had a chance to post in a couple of days because I have been going and going. It’s funny, you would think that now since I don’t have a full time job, I would have more to time to post but it has been just the opposite.

I don’t want to bore you with all the details and endless pictures of eats so instead I am going show you the Yum Factor of some of my food highlights on a scale of 1 to 5

Rudi’s English Muffin sammie with Salt and Vinegar Popchips..5!!!!!


Luna Caramel Nut Brownie…if you are a Chocolate lover then this would be a 5 but it was way too much chocolate for me so I gave it a 2 and the rest of the box to my sister, whom loves it.

 DSCN4897 DSCN4898

Chinese Takeout; House Special Fried Rice with Szechuan Shrimp and Mixed veggies….definitely a 5 lol. My tummy would give this a 1 lol.


The Lite Choice Almond Butter Bar…I loved this bar! an Almond Butter fan would love this and would give it a 5.


Chobani Pomegranate Yogurt; I enjoyed this Yogurt but did not like the seeds at the bottom. It should say Fruit AND Seeds at the bottom. Flavor is a 4 and texture is a 2.


OIAJ… Do I even have to rate this?


Luna Lemon Zest Bar…I freaking love this bar! it gets a 10 ha


Calamari and Shrimp in Marinara Sauce sauce from my fave Italian Restaurant, Lenny’s. Ya’ll know this is my fave dish ever so of course it gets a 5.


And the Mozzarella Sticks get a 3.5. DSCN4925

Rudi’s Honey Sweet Wheat Bagel with Reduced Fat Cream Cheese…5! DSCN4927

I am off to workout before I head out to my friends house and then training my client tonight. I promise to catch up on blogs tonight when I get home.

Oh before I go, I started week 3 of C25K and I am running at 6-6.3 =). Ayer I did the program, and then continued to run until I hit a 5k and so far I can do it in 40 minutes.


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