Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baptism, Hibachi, and 5K Training!!!!

Hello my loves! Oh how I have missed you all! I am sorry for being MIA but I had a pretty busy weekend. I don’t know if you guys remember me telling you about a few weeks ago that I was going Baptize my sobrino, well the weekend finally arrived.

I want to show you the pictures of the actual ceremony but my cousin does not feel comfortable with my nephews on the internet so unfortunately I can’t share them with you…sad panda =/

But here is a picture of me during the ceremony…


My sister, Home fries, and me after the ceremony


And my cousin’s girlfriend, Liz and me….


After the ceremony we took a looong drive into NJ to eat Hibachi…this was the longest drive EVER! if you guys follow me on twitter, you KNOW I was HUNGRY and just wanted to get there already!

When we got to the restaurant, my cousin and her hubs reserved our own private room which was great because I think there was about 40 of us lol.


This was the first time I have ever been to Hibachi restaurant and I only wanted two things…to catch food in my mouth! (I DID!) and see FIRE FIRE FIRE! (insert beavis and butthead voice here)

DSCN5437 DSCN5438 

First we started with some buffet…


I got some cold Noodles, Sushi, and Veggies…


And Salad with Sesame Dressing


I loved the fact that they used SMALL plates for the buffet section…fabulous for portion control.

Then our chef started to chop it up…look at all those veggies!!!! yuuuuuums!






We had a choice of (two) Steak, Chicken, Scallops, Salmon, and Shrimp…I chose the Shrimp and Scallops with Veggies and some fried BROWN rice!

DSCN5455DSCN5463  DSCN5460

I also had a couple of sips of Piña Colada…it was not that great so I gave it to my cousin…why waste the calories?


Towards the end of the night they brought this out…


With dessert…I chose Orange Sherbet and only had about 2 spoons of it.


I had such an amazing time with my family…


This morning for breakfast I had Kashi Oatmeal with Jif Natural PB…I ran out of Bananas so had to eat it solo but it still tasted amazing!


For lunch I had a Zucchini Fritters Gyro in a WW Pita


Later on in the afternoon, I headed to the gym with my sister and it felt soooo great to train again for my 5K! Ever since the crappy weather, I have not been able to train so I had to skip week 7 completely and I jumped to week 8 day 2 which was 5 minute warm-up, 28 minutes Jog, and 5 minute cool down. I kept an steady pace of 5.2 with 1 incline and completed 3.12 miles. We then did some arms and I burned a total of 678 calories.

You guys would have been so proud of me today! Before I say why, can I just say that I HATE nasty people! After we finished our workout, I was enjoying my Euphoric High and this BITCH ruined it! I was stretching in the locker room and I was in a section with my sis and one other girl. We ALL had our things on the bench and this BITCH walks in with the NASTIEST attitude and says “Can we do something about these things, do they BELONG to one person?” instead of “Excuse me, can I just get a little space?”. I just looked at her and instead of saying something nasty back or even moving my things, I just continued my stretch and acted like she was not even there. The OLD Mari, would have said something very VERY nasty but instead I kept my Zen lol. What is wrong with people? Is it SO hard to be friendly?

After the gym, we ran to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping and I picked up a can of Amy’s Organic Refried Beans for din din.


I made myself a Quesadilla with Salsa, Sour cream, and Refried Beans on the side…These were soooooo delish! and only 140 calories per 1/2 a cup. Amy you can do no wrong in my eyes! lol


I know you're thinking, “Hey Mari where are the veggies????”  INSIDE! lol. I added Onions, Peppers, and Avocado with the Cheese =)


Before I go I want to congratulate my “Big Bro” Luigi, on being a new daddy!!!!! I know you are going to be a wonderful father!!!! congrats to you and your other half!!!!!!! Congratulazioni per essere un papá nuovo!

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  1. glad to know you are ok =) lucky for that girl in the locker you werent in a bad mood yourself.lmao.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. and good dress choice. you look fabulous!

  4. Urgh...hate when people are so mean for no reason. I always want to put some prozac in their drink or something.

    The baptism looks great! LOVE your dress!!!!!! Hibachi always sounds like so much fun- I saw your tweets though. Haha. Sorry about the looooooooooong drive!

    And now who is taunting ME?! I want that gyro!!!!!! ROAR!

  5. Congrats to your family on the baptism and it looks like an amazing celebratory dinner. yumyum!

  6. "had a couple of sips of Piña Colada…it was not that great so I gave it to my cousin" HILLARIOUS!! Your so funny sometimes!

    Baptism huh, another child forced into religion before being old enough to choose. lol.

    Im a resentful Catholic. lol.

  7. YUMM I LOVE hibachi it is so fun, and the chefs are so talented! i went a while back adn shared pics, I LOVe the food there! thats great abotu the small buffet plates! perfect that they were small for portion control!!

    congrats on the baptism, you look beautiful!!

  8. What a fun, action-packed weekend! With the exception of the rude person at the gym. Some people just look for opportunities to spread their bad attitude around.

  9. What a fun day with your family! I was wondering where you were hiding out.

    I know, I can't stand it when people are rude, but hey we do live in NYC! =)

    BTW some of my peeps at the gym convinced me to sign up for Coogan's also. Apparently there's beer after the race. =) Not that I really like beer, but it sounds fun!

  10. That burrito looks like cheesy aweseomeness.

    Just love all you food pictures too. Wow, that place you went to put on quite a show with all that fire. How fun!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE getting shrimp and scallops at those "Japanese Steakhouse" restuarants!
    Glad you had a nice and exciting weekend. You look fantastic in all these pics!

  12. Hibachi grills are always so much fun! Especially when the person next to you gets bopped in the head with shrimp :)

  13. Love your outfit! I want your shoes haha. MMM hibachi! So great that they had brown fried rice! We need to reset our sushi date :)

  14. I actually was thinking "what's in the quesadilla?". Then I scrolled down!

  15. Good to see you back on your blog grind... Good read as always, and nice pics of you and the fam. That hibachi spot looks good. I need to take the fam to one soon.... I sent you a tweet the other day, but never got a resonse. Oh well, at least I can see you're fine. And that's what matters...

  16. yum!!! The hibachi looks so good. I love getting hibachi shrimp! It is soo delicious.

    Nasty people drive me insane. I have a hard time not lashing out at them. Good for you being calm and carrying on!

  17. Love the pics, and what a fantastic dress!

  18. girl i WOULD enter your giveaway but i got a whole container of popchips to eat!!!
    you look so pretty in those pics!
    what a GREAT meal! yay for baptisms!

  19. Good for you for keeping your oool in that situation. I always think to myself, how sad that person must be if they think being rude to people is appropriate.

    I've been a hibachi a few times and it is always entertaining. Glad you enjoyed it!

  20. why is the man still talking?? hmmm.

  21. That baptism looks like so much fun! Congrats on being a godmommy! you look so adorable.

    That hibachi looks amazing. You've got me craving sushi something fierce.

    Congrats on keeping your cool in that locker room girl! I highly doubt I would be able to.

    And can you BELIEVE Luigi didn't even mention that his wife was pregnant. He mentioned that he was a dad now on my blog like a week ago, as if it were nothing.

  22. Looks like a great time! All the food looks fabulous!

    I loved your outfit. Also, do you and your hermana coordinate parts? Ya'll have exact opposite hair parts :)

  23. Omg I am DROOLING over that hibachi! ughh so jealous!

  24. Love that you had such a great time with your family!!

    And my kids used to love those hibachi places when they were little - til we figured out the kids basically were only eating the teriyaki chicken and nothing else that came with it - for $29 per person!

  25. Great Picture of you at the baptism. Congrats to your family.

    I love Hibachi. One of our favorite gluten free dining experiences.

    Best of luck on the 5k. I know you will do well.

  26. Thank god you kept your cool....or there might have been a cat fight! On second thoughts....haha, just kidding, girl.

    I know what you mean about keeping your temper with nasty people. But I find that when you smile and be unexpectedly nice back, that person is put to such shame, oh holy! Haha, that is the NASTIEST you can ever be to them! Kill them with kindness, baby!

  27. I love hibachi. I especially love the shrimp, so that made me drool. Looks like you all had a great time.

  28. Is that hibachi restaurant Kiku by any chance? Love me some hibachi!

    And wow, what gerbil crawled up that lady's ass?


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