Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hey hey hey! I am sitting here enjoying some much needed rest! My lower body has been in pain like woah! Mostly because I didn’t take it easy when I first felt the pain and now I am paying the price. I have to stop thinking that I am invincible.

Green Monster Challenge

The Challenge is going strong! Friday for din din, I decided to have another, this one consisted of Spinach, 1/2 a Frozen Banana, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Light Muscle Milk, and Splenda


Saturday morning I had one for breakfast with Spinach, Frozen Strawberries, 1/2 a Frozen Banana, Chocolate Light Muscle Milk, Peanut Butter, Coffee, and Splenda


AND this morning it consisted of Spinach, 1/2 a Frozen Banana, Peanut Butter, Coffee, Chocolate Light Muscle Milk, and Splenda


If you joined in the Challenge, how is it going for you????

Other Eats

Ayer for Linner I finally tried the “new” Dominos pizza and honestly it tasted just the old pizza except for the crust at the end which had a garlic taste (which I liked).  I had Mushroom and Olive Slices with Blue Cheese Dressing (btw I had more than 2 slices lol)


I also snacked on a Luna Bar ayer


Last night my mom, sister, niece, and I went to my aunt’s house because my cousin from NJ was there with the boys…including my beautiful godson! It kills me that I am not “allowed” to post his pictures here =(…he is such a cutie. It ended up turning into a mini bday party for two of cousins whom had birthdays this past week. My aunt made one of her fabulous Dominican cakes. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the evening because I was too consumed playing godmomma! lol. We also ordered some food from Caridad which is a  popular Dominican Restaurant and I enjoyed some Tostones (Fried Plantains), Grilled Shrimp, and Fried Cheese. It was a great night! I didn’t get home until 1 in the morning and then stayed up until 2 soaking my foot in Epsom Salt.


Today for lunch  I made a sammie with a Low Carb Wrap, homemade Roman Beans, Salsa, 2% Colby and Monterey Cheese, and Avocado Slices. Something happened with the Avocado Slices while they were in the oven because they tasted FO! I ended up taking them out. Note to self; add Avocados AFTER you cook the sammie.


I also tried the new Silk Light Chocolate Soy Milk with lunch since I loved the samples from the gym. The Original Chocolate Silk was much more thicker than this one but they both taste good. If you were to ask me which one I like more, I would have to say the Original but this one is only 90 calories and satisfies my sweet tooth.



My workouts for the past couple of days have consisted of Stretching with and without the Foam Roller and also Yoga including Jillian’s new Yoga DVD.


Remember how I was going on and on about how easy it has been to give up meat? Well I think the Temptation Gods heard me and decided to throw me some obstacles!

Temptation 1: My sis came over my house with my niece and nephew (cousin’s son) on Friday night and they happened to bring some leftovers with them. They decided to eat the leftovers while they were here and when they opened the box it was about 8 Slider Burgers with BACON from TGIF!  AND it didn’t help that we were watching The Apprentice and they had a diner challenge!

Temptation 2: Ayer when we were at my mom’s and we ordered the Pizza, they also ordered a medium Bacon and Pepperoni Pie.

Temptation 3: Ayer at my aunt’s house when we ordered the food from the Dominican restaurant, we also got a huge tray of various meat specialties including some of my favorites! My cousin kept eating it and looking at me and saying things like “wow this is soooooo good”

I am happy to say that I passed every obstacle with flying colors! I am not sure if I would be able to resist these temptations AFTER Lent but one step at a time, right?


I don’t know why but ayer, a couple of the ladies brought me some gifts.

One lady brought me a St Joseph Pastry. sorry for the crappy picture lol



And then my favorite mom and daughter members brought me an “Ireland” T-Shirt because I am always whining that I want to go there with them and marry an Irish man. The shirt was supposed to be for my 5K but they forgot to bring it but maybe I will wear it next year when I run the Coogan’s race again!


Oh and in case this post was not long enough for you (insert sarcasm here)! Check out my first ever Guest Post on River City Fitness!!!! I was so honored that Sarah asked me to be part of her weekend of guest posts!

I will leave you with my latest song obsession! Bulletproof by La Roux. I wanted to embed the video but the option was disabled…I can’t stop singing this song!




  1. So sorry you are still injured! How are you feeling after some rest? Gah, that sucks. Next time, listen to your body!!!!!!

    Loving the smoothie action...especially with splenda. Hehe, I never 'fess up to my sweetener addiction on my blog. Just assume that everything I eat has either sweetener or ketchup added post-photo.

    Great job resisting temptations! Proud of you :D

    I think you should come to Scotland and snag a Scottish man (I really want an Irish guy in my life- dark hair and blue eyes...!!!)

  2. Great job on your green monster challenge. I might join in, but no se- you know how I can't do challenges!

    I'm also glad you are doing a fabulous job resisting temptations. What's with all the meat?

    Hope you feel better!

  3. You are so awesome for loving Ireland! Love it!!

    Sorry your foot is bugging you. The epsom salts are a good idea. And REST!!!!!

    I'm going to the grocery store soon and I will get some spinach so I can join in with the green smoothie challenge.

  4. I love that song! Take care of yourself, and enjoy some non running activities.

  5. I should really try adding peanut butter to my smoothies sometime. This post really makes me want to go out and try some Silk chocolate soy milk. That sounds really good!

  6. i love chocolate milk for a sweet tooth fix...
    and i used to nanny for a family where the dad did intense bike/running stuff (like, he once did a 24 hour long bike race!) and he said that chocolate milk is actually a perfect post-workout drink. which justifys it sometimes then :-)

  7. too green, I totally don't know why I can't do it, but too green! You go girl with your smoothies!

  8. Good for you!!! Temptations are hard to resist, but you know you have true motivation and self-control when you can say NO or get passed the temptation, several times. Yeah!

    So you LIKED 2012??? Yikes. I mean, it was entertaining, but nothing like my favorite; Independence Day!

  9. I can see why that song would stick in your head; it has a catchy beat.

    That one restaurant with fried bananas sounds great! I love looking at all your pictures.

  10. I'm sorry about the injury, hope the rest makes you feel better!!

    I have been having soooo many green monsters. I'm addicted :-D

  11. I did the same thing with chasing down the dogs! But there were two of them. I picked them up can brough them to the vet. Turns out they were about two doors down from their home! oops.

    P.S. What's up with the dressing and pizza? I had never heard of that till I lived in Vt. I do love me some BC though.

  12. I have never seen the lemon zest flavor! Gah! must try one- does it taste like lemon curd?

  13. Hey lady! You have had a busy few days. The Silk Chocolate Light Soy is my favorite - unfortunately I am finding that (I think) soy is causing me acne flare ups. I am going to cut out the soymilk for the next week to see if it clears up. Good luck with the Green Monsters - yours look great!!! I should experiment more with my add-ins.

  14. I hope you start feeling better,I still think your a super woman! Bummer, hate when you get your hopes up on food and it's not all that.

  15. HEYY SUGA!
    ahh so sorry your are still injured! BOO! love your SMOOOTHIES!! haha i adore your confessions to splenda..muahaha. you rock!

  16. i freakin LOVE LOVE that song! I playe dit in my spin class two weeks ago and it was SO good! now I listen to it non stop!! try finding the remix, its even better! anotehr good one of that same band is "in for the kill" its awesome!

    you are loving your green monsters lately, i see, thats so great!! since I have had a bad stomach bug, i havent' been able to stomach more than plain cereal, toast and eggs but when i am 100% better, some green monsters will be in my future!

    yay resisting temptations!

  17. always did do that...pushing yourself to hard when you should take a day to just let your body heal.stubborn Mari.hehe..i hope you get better quickly so you can get out there and truly enjoy the sun and pavement in the coming weeks =)

  18. I'm sorry you're still hurting. I hope a day of rest has helped.

    I love your smoothies. It is finally warm enough for me to want one again!

  19. Awesome job with the temptations-I'm so proud of you!! So I have a question for you-does the green monster fill you up like a meal would? As the weather is getting nicer, I'm thinking of having green smoothies for breakfast instead of oatmeal, but I'm wondering how long it keeps you full?

  20. I'm sorry your still in pain. Have you tried taking a bath or sitting in a sauna? That helps me with my fibromyalgia.

    Happy Monday!

  21. Aww sorry you are in pain! That really sucks. Great job with the green monsters though! I should really start making my green juices again now that it is warm out! You are going great with Lent! Next week I can't eat bread products! No oatmeal :(

  22. You are rocking those temptations girl! So proud of you.

    I'm now trying to decide what meal I will replace with a green monster tomorrow :)

  23. I can't believe you are still in pain. I hope you feel better soon. Yes, I agree, avocado best after heating the sandwich up.

  24. My daughter ordered the "new" Domino's pizza and it tasted like ass just like the old one!

    So many meat temptations - good for you with sticking with them!!

  25. wooooo! green monster city! i need to get some spinach at costco today so i can jump on the wagon with you :)

  26. I am super proud of you for resisting the meat. LOL! OMG I just made this a XXX rated blog. Sorry. Haha!

    Rest up so you can give it 110% when you're healed.

    Oh, a new Michael is coming onto GH in April. I'm happy about it!

  27. i'm so proud of you!! to be honest, i would not be able to handle those temptations.. i <3 food too much... i think it's an addiction now.


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