Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Choo Choo!

I am officially back on track…I mourned the loss of my car but I can’t let this get the best of me. We ALL go through tough times in our life and how we come out on the other side is what matters. I try to be a spiritual person and I believe that there is a bigger plan for us. Again, Thank you to everyone in the blog community, my life is blessed because I know all of you! AND my fabulous friend who has made this transition even easier by giving me rides! THANK YOU TIAGO!! And of course mi familia!

Eats & Workouts

Ayer for Lunch I made a Tofu Salad with Tofu, Laughing Cow Light French Onion Wedge, Garlic Powder, Hot Szechuan Sauce, Honey Mustard, and Salt…and scooped it into a Low Carb Wrap with Avocado Slices.


I also had a cup of Silk Light Chocolate Milk


For Din Din I mad a Green Monster with Spinach, Peanut Butter, 1/2 a Banana, Light Muscle Milk, and Splenda



Am I the only one who is still not adjusted to the time change???? I always set my alarm and for some reason I can’t get up when it goes off. I hit snooze for about an hour and finally roll myself out of bed. This morning I was woken up by my fabulous neighbor screaming at her sons outside “GET OUT OF THE WATER!” Thanks for being the chirping bird on MY window sill…that lady needs some Yoga in her life ASAP! lol

This morning I did and oldie but a goodie DVD! Women’s Health Train For Your Body Type. (sorry for the flash). I only did the Cardio Section of the workout and burned 221 Calories in 22 minutes.

Picture 013

For Breakfast, I refueled with OIAJ! This jar has been sitting in my cabinet for over a week waiting to be devoured! lol. I ran out of Bananas so instead I tossed in some Raisins and paired it with my usual Cafe con Leche…


My body is thanking me for getting back into my zone! I was feeling sluggish for the past couple of days but today I am back to normal =)

Ohhh so home fries started her own “blog” in her notebook and she named it “Hailey’s Corner”! How freaking cute is that!!!!!! I love that kid!

Tattoo Update; the swelling went down for the most part but it still needs to start peeling….


Have a wonderful day loves!



  1. Glad you are feeling back to your fabulous self :) Yay for OIAJ! Do you find green monsters filling enough for dinner? I think I would miss chomping on something.

    So cute about Hailey's Corner- she seems like such a great kid (though no wonder- look at her role models?!)

  2. So glad you are feeling better! Have you ever tried a green monster with chocolate soymilk? I haven't but I bet it would be really good :)

  3. YAY for oiaj! glad you are feeling better lovely! I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR TAT!! it looks aweesome!

  4. Ellie, sometimes it is hard to get full off a Green Monster but I try to have it a little later at night so by the time I am hungry, it is bed time hahaha

  5. I'm glad you're in better spirits. I'm still very sorry about your car.
    I know good things are coming your way soon...keep on smiling!

  6. your tattoo looks SO good!!! I truly love it there on your wrist :)

    eats are delish as always and those pancakes from your last post AHHHHH I want to try to re-create those!!! so so so good!!

    working out truly does do a number for your system, relieving stress and making you feel SO much better, doesn't it? glad you are back to your normal self!! just always think, you may not have a car (material thing) but how you have your amazing family and friends!!!

  7. I am glad you are coping so well! I agree with you about the whole "bigger plan" thing. I mean how else can you explain such random acts!?
    In other news, thanks for the reminder, I have a jar of peanut butter that is just crying to be used for OIAJ!

  8. Love that tattoo! You pull it off. Love what you got!!

    Great eats. YUM! I'm glad you are getting back to yourself :)
    <3 jess

  9. Nice tat! Cool spot! Did it hurt there?

  10. Loving that light silk...might have to give it a try!

  11. I'm glad you are getting back to normal sweetie! good for you for not letting them win!

    It's so adorable how much Hailey looks up to you. What a cutie!

    Alright we do need to pick a date. My life is probably going to keep attacking until spring break, which is the last week of April. I know that totally sucks but would it be okay if we waited until then?

  12. I'm feeling the time change, for sure! I feel like it effects me more the older I get. Great attitude about things that happen in life - especially the ones you have NO control over. Keep your head up girl!

  13. Hey mari! I'm so sorry for not commenting lately but I just wanted to let you know I'm still reading!! I've just been so busy that I've only had time to read but not comment!

    But all your eats look amazing! I need OIAJ!!

  14. LOVING the tat!!! And so glad you're back to being the happy heart that you are!! :)

  15. Great attitude!! Don't let that thief ruin your week, month, year, whatever!! Move on, and live. Good for you.
    So still not adjusted to the time change?? I have to say, I am, although I have been more tired lately, correlation? Who knows.

    LOVE the tattoo!!! It's still rockin. And that wrap...wow! It looks fabulous.

  16. Glad you are feeling better! I love Silk Chocolate Milk-it's awesome!

  17. I loved your "insane" comment on my blog, Thanks!

    Is namaste your real name? What does it mean? I've never heard it before and I like it...don't get excited, we probably won't use for the baby, but I just kind of like it.

    You have such a good attitude about your car. You are right, though, there are some things that happen that we can't control and it's how we react that makes the difference. I really hope something good happens to you in the car department.

  18. Glad you are feeling better! Your wrap looks so good :)

    Don't miss my newest giveaway!

  19. Glad you are feeling better! Lovin the tattoo. One more week till we can go get sushi thanks. Craving rice.

  20. MMM. Tofu Sammie! mmm. did you know that i have been eating less meat these days - BY ACCIDENT! its crazy! but i am rejoicing taht I cna have a plate of veggies for dinner and not miss the meat!

    homefries is too cute!

    Keep those positive vibes coming!

  21. That girl is too freaking cute! I'm so happy to hear that your feeling like your back to your old self!

    Since last week was staycation for me I feel like I'm still adjusting also. Although maybe its the 12-13 hour work days this week that are making it hard.


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