Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Christmas in March!

Hello my loves! today has been such a great day. I started the day early with an amazing yogurt mess…Oikos Honey Yogurt, with Banana, PB and my usual cafe con leche. How can something so simple taste so good?


I then simmered some beans, paid bills, and did laundry; a very productive morning. My sis then called me to tell me she was getting out of work early which meant an early gym session! WOOHOO but then I was like “hey wait, let’s go to the track instead” and thankfully she was cool with that. I iced my shins for about 1/2 an hour and then got ready to go.

Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the track in Forest Hills Park! I felt so great on it; my legs hurt just a tad but not as bad as ayer, Thank You Jesus! I took it easy and walked and jogged around the track 15 times which equals around 3.7 miles depending on which lane you use, I used this to figure it out. I then did a nice looooong stretch and burned 583 Calories in 55 minutes.

After our workout, we headed to Sports Authority since almost everyone has been telling me to invest in a foam roller to help my legs out. Sidenote: the people that work there need a crash course in fitness! I asked about 3 different people to point me to the foam rollers and they all looked at me like I had a penis growing out of my forehead! Thank god my sis was there whom is tall and found it! Thanks Jenn =)

Melissa look it’s Bebbeh’s cousin! Maybe I should dress him up in fancy outfits too lol.


I also invested in a Nike + iPod Sports Kit to track my runs! Thanks Missy for the recommendation =) and since I am an Asics Girl, I also got a little pouch to attach it to my kicks =). I can not wait to use it!!!!


After shopping, I came back home and made lunch; Low Carb Wrap filled with homemade Black Beans with Onions and Peppers, 2% Colby and Monterey Cheese, Avocado Slices, and Salsa.


After lunch, I put my new foam roller to good use with the help of some youtube videos. I managed to stretch my shins out but it was a little painful BUT the guy in the video said that it is supposed to hurt a little. Do you guys have foam rollers? and if so, do you have any tips????

For din din I just had my usual stir-fry!


I am so sorry for the repetitive meals but when I like something, I stick with it lol.

Time to go ice my shins and catch up on some blogs, have a great night loves!



  1. Good job at the park today..hey..that stir-fry looks seriously up the great work =)

  2. Your park run sounds so good. I am really interested in the Nike Ipod thing. What a great invention!

    Yummy lunch :) I love black beans.

  3. Hooray for park runs! And new nike running tools--make sure and calibrate it!!
    <3 jess

  4. Never tried the roller let us know if it helped your shins!

    And I use RunKeeper on my iPhone. Hope you like Nike+ hear great things :)

  5. Ok I am soooo jealous of all of your fun new running things! I'm going to go to a running store tomorrow and check out that Nike stuff and hopefully find some new shoes. My heels are killing me today!

  6. I wanna run with you!! Time goes so fast when you run with a friend. Can you talk while running? Hee.

  7. Ohh new gadgets are fun! Let us know how they work out for you, ok? I have just started trying to run so I would be interested in knowing your experience!

  8. Never apologize for good food! Ever.

    I never ran on the track in Forest Hills. Sounds like you did amazingly! I've never used a foam roller either but maybe that would help with my groin issues...hmmm...

    As for your dinner. I'm thinking possibly some form of butternut squash infused lasagna. Let me know what you think.

  9. You're not repetitive! If it ain't broke, don't fix it, yo!

    I was told that the best way to work with a foam roller is roll and then hold where you feel tension. I roll my hips and gluts at the gym- I feel less creepy when others do it too!

    Thank you for the sweet comments doll! You always make my day :)

    You're a popular girl...lots of visitors on el blog!

  10. Breakfast and quesadilla = LOOOOOOOOVE.

    Great job on the track! I haven't run on a real track since high school...never knew they had some just for runners to use. Good luck with the foam roller- have heard it's supposed to be painful :(

  11. I love my foam roller. It saved me last summer and got me back into running.

  12. I'm with you on the meals-if it's good, it's getting repeated ! lol Way to go running at the park!

  13. Of everything I read on this post, all I really want to comment on is that I had a HUGE laugh at the "penis coming out of your forehead" part. WAHAHAHA!!!

  14. Yep I need to try out the Forest Hills park. I need to learn the bus system so I can meet you there one day haha. Glad you got the Nike +Ipod. Make sure you callibrate it before using it so that it is accurate. Enjoy the Burro!

  15. I am so glad you were able to find a place to comfortably jog. It does look like bebbehs cousin! I was curious about the nike ipod thing, so you'll have to let me know how it works.

  16. the nike+ ipod things are SOOOOO cool!

  17. I wanted u to know, my mom went ahead and bought the Wii Fit, and now she loves it! Is totally in to it! So thks for the inspiration :)

  18. I love the track too! I have never ran on it but its a great surface for running! Now that its nice out i might be taking walks to the track!

    my mom swears by the roller! I need to get one!

    hope your shins feel better ))))shin splints((((

  19. I've been loving running outside lately! The weather has been so nice. I've heard about those rollers...curious to see how you like it!

  20. I've been loving running outside lately! The weather has been so nice. I've heard about those rollers...curious to see how you like it!

  21. sending you over foam rollign tips!

    awesome job on the run on the track!

  22. I love my foam roller. I bought it originally for IT band issues and now use it every night as a body massager while watching tv!

  23. Im so excited to try Oikos Honey--Im trying it tomorrow and never had it before.

    Im so in need of a foam roller, Ive heard good stuff about it and cant wait to hear how you're using it. LMAO at your remark abt how they were looking at you like you had a penis sticking out of your head, love it!

  24. Hey, didn't get to comment earlier... but congratulations on your awesome 5k! That is so amazing! Also, love that you woke up ready for more running today. 3.7?! Wow! Unstoppable! :)

    Also, foam rollers save my knees and legs from running. Good move on investing!

  25. I hope you in enjoy your Nike+! You'll have to write a review on it. I had one and couldn't get it to work. Hopefully, you'll have better luck.

  26. I've never used a foam roller, but Jess from Fit Chick said they are a really good investment!! I was thinking about getting one for Nick actually, because his shins are always sore.
    Your eats look YUMMMY! I especially love that killer wrap with the avocado. mmmm mmm good.

  27. I really need to start making my Mexi wraps like yours!


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