Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Christmas in March!

Hello my loves! today has been such a great day. I started the day early with an amazing yogurt mess…Oikos Honey Yogurt, with Banana, PB and my usual cafe con leche. How can something so simple taste so good?


I then simmered some beans, paid bills, and did laundry; a very productive morning. My sis then called me to tell me she was getting out of work early which meant an early gym session! WOOHOO but then I was like “hey wait, let’s go to the track instead” and thankfully she was cool with that. I iced my shins for about 1/2 an hour and then got ready to go.

Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the track in Forest Hills Park! I felt so great on it; my legs hurt just a tad but not as bad as ayer, Thank You Jesus! I took it easy and walked and jogged around the track 15 times which equals around 3.7 miles depending on which lane you use, I used this to figure it out. I then did a nice looooong stretch and burned 583 Calories in 55 minutes.

After our workout, we headed to Sports Authority since almost everyone has been telling me to invest in a foam roller to help my legs out. Sidenote: the people that work there need a crash course in fitness! I asked about 3 different people to point me to the foam rollers and they all looked at me like I had a penis growing out of my forehead! Thank god my sis was there whom is tall and found it! Thanks Jenn =)

Melissa look it’s Bebbeh’s cousin! Maybe I should dress him up in fancy outfits too lol.


I also invested in a Nike + iPod Sports Kit to track my runs! Thanks Missy for the recommendation =) and since I am an Asics Girl, I also got a little pouch to attach it to my kicks =). I can not wait to use it!!!!


After shopping, I came back home and made lunch; Low Carb Wrap filled with homemade Black Beans with Onions and Peppers, 2% Colby and Monterey Cheese, Avocado Slices, and Salsa.


After lunch, I put my new foam roller to good use with the help of some youtube videos. I managed to stretch my shins out but it was a little painful BUT the guy in the video said that it is supposed to hurt a little. Do you guys have foam rollers? and if so, do you have any tips????

For din din I just had my usual stir-fry!


I am so sorry for the repetitive meals but when I like something, I stick with it lol.

Time to go ice my shins and catch up on some blogs, have a great night loves!


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