Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Have a New Boyfriend!

Ha did I get your attention?!?! I was kidding about the boyfriend part BUT I DO have a new partner! A running partner!

The rain finally stopped today and I was able to go outside for a jog on the track. I have been so anxious to use my new Nike+ and finally got the chance to! Before I went on my run, I wanted to calibrate my walk and run so that it could be more accurate. Each calibration was a distance of 400 meters and after that I was able to start my workout.

My run this morning was a little painful because I think I injured my left foot on Saturday night walking a mile in my Ugg boots…these boots are definitely NOT made for walking lol. The ball of my foot has been in pain ever since that night.

I jogged 1.92 Miles at a pace of 10’57” and according to this I burned a total of 229 Calories but that does not include the calibration and stretching. I won’t use this for calories; I think my HR monitor is much more accurate for that.


I ended up doing a total of 2.66 Miles …


I am a little confused though…I did the calibration for both walking and running but for some reason it is telling me that my run is “uncalibrated” but I am positive that I did it this morning…I hope that it’s not defective. I will do it again, the next time I go for a run. I ended up burning a total of 397 Calories in 35 minutes, including stretch. When I got home I did 10 more minutes of stretching with my Foam Roller and burned an additional 54 Calories.


Ayer for din din I made a delicious Tofu Salad which consisted of Tofu, 2 French Onion Laughing Cow Wedges, Garlic Powder, Hot Szechuan Sauce, Honey Mustard, and Salt (thanks Naomi for introducing this to me!). I then tossed it into a a low carb wrap with Avocado slices. OMG this was so good!


I paired the sammie with Silk Chocolate Soymilk…we had samples of these at the gym and I just had to grab one and thank God that I did because it tasted delish!



This morning I had 1/2 a Banana before my jog.


After my workout I had Kashi Oatmeal with the other 1/2 of my Banana, PB, and a Sprinkle of Chocolate LMM and my usual cafe con leche on the side.


For Lunch I had the Tofu Sammie again, but with only 1 Laughing Cow Wedge…the secret to this Tofu Salad is Garlic! Lots and Lots of Garlic lol


Temptation Challenge

This afternoon I went to Tar-Jay and Old Navy with my family and by the time we were done shopping it was already dinner time. My sister decided to get McDonald's but I fought the urge and instead made din din when I got home. I did steal some of her fries when we were in the car lol…I am only human.

For din din I made Pumpkin Spiced Pancakes with PB, Lite Syrup and a small Banana. Sometimes breakfast for din din is all you need to complete your day =)


Damn where did the time go? it’s already 9 pm….

Have a great night loves!



  1. LOL "These boots were definitely not made for walking" I cracked up at that part! Sorry about your foot though. :(

  2. ooooh. i got a lil jealous wen you said you had a running partner lol... i was like let me find out!
    but seriously you are kicking ass with your running self. your eats are amazing as usual!
    would totally text u right now bt i lost my cell

  3. Aw you made a southern reference! I had problems with my Nike + and finally gave up on it. It wouldn't calibrate correctly. Hope you're able to figure yours out.

  4. bahaha u are such a tease!!! aww a running partner! YAY!

  5. Chocolate Silk is so good. It also makes a great "hot" chocolate. I love that you put avocado in your wrap. I love avocado.

    Great job on the run! You are kicking butt!

  6. ask baby brother if the nike+ gives you trouble! he's a helper for things like that.

  7. Hmmm I wonder why your thing won't calibrate. I'll think on it.

    Those pancakes look fantabulastic! I would love to wake up to those. And yay for not giving into temptation. I'm sure your home-cooked dinner was way more satisfying than the McD's.

  8. I would have stolen some fries too. Have you SMELLED them fresh out of the fryer? Holy.

    Haha, Mari, I'm surprised you don't have a boyfriend yet? What are those guys thinking? Or is it because your standards are high? But that's ok...boys have cooties!

    I wanna run with you in Central Park! :D

  9. Girl I'm so proud of you for facing your temptation and not giving in! You're a rockstar!

    Great job on your run. I almost went all 'jealous friend' on you when I saw the title. This novio can definitely stay!

  10. I wanna run with you :(
    how ya doin?
    miss my bloggy friends!!
    Uggs are not made for much, hate those boots, lol!
    hope you are having a great week!!
    text me...
    I miss your witty comments. :)
    have you ever made protein pancakes?
    Angel made them with vanilla protein and I liked them a lot!

  11. Awww, your BF is SO ADORABLE!! What a cutie ;)
    Yes, we can have a blog party for my house warming. Are oyu coming in town?? It would only be a party with you here!

  12. It is so fun to have a new fitness gadget. It can spice things up and reinvigorate a workout.

    I hope you foot feels better.

  13. I think breakfast for dinner is better than mcd's any day! Yum :-)

  14. Hmm weird about your Nike thing. Hopefully the next time you callibrate it works! That wrap looks so good. And those pancakes mmm. Good job not getting that fast food!

  15. I've been looking into the idea of getting a Nike+ for helping me train for some races. I don't have Nike shoes though...

  16. The tofu salad looks interesting. Again, scared of tofu, although I did buy it the other day, it's in the fridge and I have yet to cook it. I'm thinking tofu stir fry tonight, can't mess that up, right?! Nice job on the run - this warm weather is irresistible!

  17. Love your new running partner!

  18. Tofu salad = love. Have you ever tried the pre-made one called power-fu? It's only available in NY but SO good. I eat it everyday when I am in the city.

    I learned about Ugg's the hard way too :( Get some rain boots, girl!

    I don't really understand what a Nike+ is?

    OOOOH...the pro-yoats. For most protein powders I add them after cooking with a wee bit extra liquid. The powder I am using right now seems to work best added right at the beginning for some reason.

  19. Oh my gosh - you totally got me on your blog post!!

    Sorry about your foot - hope it feels better!

    As always, love your eats!

  20. the tofu salad is SO SO GOOD! I love making it and testing new mix in's with it too, sometimes spicy, sometimes sweet ahh its so good!

    awsome job on the run and lovin your new BF :)

    love uggs they keep my feet nice and toasty but not so much for the rain!!

  21. Those pancakes look awesome. I always used to put PB on pancakes, and french toast and waffles too. It just tastes good.

  22. Hi darlin'. Uggs are horrible for walking in, I agree. Hope your foot feels better soon!

  23. So happy you love real mayo :) Girl after my own heart!!

  24. The Nike system looks really cool-- it really helps for training to have a tracker like that. Then again, sometimes nice to not really know what you ran!

    Hope your feet feel better. I am such a 20-something going on grandma because my feet kill me when I walk around in anything but sneakers!

    Happy st. patrick's day!!

  25. Haha, I love the title! Your posts always crack me up!

    The day did FLY by, I agree! I need to get to bed!

  26. Yuck to McDonalds! Unless it's a hot fudge sundae...that's okay.

    The tofu salad looks great!

  27. I love your eats, your pancakes and YOU!! Thank you so much for your support ;) I'm trying to just "forget" but it's hard when all these false lies and asusmptions are being said about me and written like they're fact - she actually believes it...no matter what I say or do...she even again wrote another comment on Jenna's blog yesterday about me again...why can't she live her own life and take responsibility for herself and leave me out of it and stop placing 'blame'...

    blah - anyways! better things right? you can't rationalize with an irrational person...she's sick...

    AND I LOVE CHOCOLATE SOYMILK!!! I guzzle it like no tommorow haha :)


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