Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shin Is a 4 Letter Word!

Hello my loves!!!! thank you so much for all the sweet comments on my last post, you guys are too sweet! It was such an amazing experience and I already have my next race planned! I am so excited! I just hope that my shins cooperate…they have been hurting since ayer…sad panda.

Eats & Workouts

Ayer for Breakfast I had Oikos Honey Yogurt with Tropical Dried Fruit and PB


I was taking a nap, when the mailman woke me up…my fabulous friend Kim sent me a care package…Gum, Chocolate, and Pumpkin Spice! she knows me so well lol


and she sent me a small sign that says “Namaste”!


Since I was awake, I decided to make Lunch; a Low Carb Wrap filled with Amy’s Refried Beans, Onions, Peppers, Avocado, Reduced Fat Sour Cream, and Salsa…you would think I was Mexican with all the “Mexican” food I eat lol.


For Dessert I had Yoplait Caramel Delights Parfait.


For din din I made Stir-fry with Brussels, Mushrooms, and Tofu in Teriyaki Sauce, PB, Hot Szechuan Sauce, and Red Pepper Flakes…


I didn’t workout ayer because my body was still sore…


This morning I woke up and just had one thing on my mind…I WANT TO GO RUN!

First I fueled up with 1 scoop of Chocolate LMM


Before heading to the park I downloaded a free trial of Jobstats on my phone. My run was so bad! My legs were so tired and my shins were in pain and my heart rate was so high! My plan was to run 4.3 miles but I only managed to do 2.6 miles in 30 minutes. I don’t know what was wrong with me today, I felt so discouraged! I should mention that the park I run in is Forest HILLS! lol what was I thinking?

I have a question…what do you guys use to track your pace and distance when you are running? I really liked the program that I used oh my phone but I am not too fond of carrying my phone while I am running and I can’t use my itouch because I don’t have Wifi in the park. I have been using Mapmyrun.com but today I realized that it was off by .2 miles….which is not a lot but I am so neurotic about things lol. Also, what do you do for shin pain?

After my run, I came home and had some Kashi Oatmeal with PB and Dried Fruit and my usual Cafe con Leche…


For Lunch I ordered some Tex-Mex food but I was let down…I had Black Beans with Rice, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Tortilla, and Guacamole…I also ordered Shrimp and assumed they were grilled but instead they were fried and just tasted FO! Don’t get me wrong, I love fried shrimp, I just didn’t love THIS fried shrimp.


I was not that hungry when din din rolled around so I just had a Lemon Zest Luna Bar…


I love that I am rubbing off on my family! My cousin Joseph just sent me a picture of his din din which he made with his Girlfriend Liz…I heart that they snapped a picture of it and thought of me lol

Grilled Pork Chops, with Chopped Turkey Bacon, Onions and Sunny side Eggs over Rice…


If I were eating meat, I would be all over this dish! I hope you two are enjoying it =)

Have a great night everyone!



  1. Me and my roommate eat so so so much Mexican food. I told my roommate she was going to turn into a taco one day. Sounds like maybe your body needs a rest? Usually just a few days off of running can make your next run feel amazing. I carry a cell phone just for safety precautions, but I really try not to worry too much about pace...I love just being out there. The weather's been great lately!

  2. I am sorry your shin's hurt. Lots of ice and stretching. Running on pavements is the worst.

    I love shrimp too but grilled only!

  3. WOW what a great meal! ahh sorry about your shins! my knees are DEAD so thats one of the reasons im stopping running. I LOVE GRILLED SHRIMP! SO GOOD!

  4. ugh shin pain! get a foam roller from Target! I swear it helps a ton!

  5. How nice of your friend to make you that sign. Very sweet idea.

    For shin pain you can try icing it. Put some ice in a plastic bag and then place a cloth around it and then put it on your skin.

    Your shins may also need a little break...unfortunatley. Just what you don't want to hear. But maybe a few days off and you'll feel better.

  6. That's such a great care package- love the sign :D Loving all the tex-mex action!

    Sorry to hear about the shin pain- I am not an expert, but maybe some rest is needed?.. :/

  7. haha my mom soetimes will send me pics of her food or write me an email that she had such a "onefitfoodie" meal and has a picture of it! i love how it rubs off too!!

    sorry about your shins...do you think it could be shin splints! those are the WORST I had them a while back and itcould be due to running outside on different terrains, there are a few things you can do, email me!!

  8. s amazing how some runs can be so painful and others can feel so effortless. Its like I am an entirely different person on some days!

    I used mapmyrun for a long time. Then my hubby got me a Garmin for my birthday last summer and that solved the mileage question.

  9. Don't get discouraged about your run, at least you were out there! Everyone has good and bad days.
    Shins: foam roller and ice.

    When I started running last year I bought a Garmin GPS heart rate monitor. I bought an older model on ebay - it was brand new, just an 'outdated' model for way cheaper than the new ones. It's great! Calculates distance, pace, heart rate, cals burned, etc.

  10. I was wondering how your legs were feeling. First off, rest! Take some time off from running. When you do run try to find a soft surface and avoid hills. Also roll them out and stretch your calves as well.

  11. funny thing about the food.. it was the weirdest thing we threw together using whatever we had.. it was like we defrosted chops.. then chops are boring but we have bacon and everyone loves bacon!! joseph googled Rachael ray and that gave us the onions idea.. then i was like.. hmm.. we have 3 dozen eggs, lets put a sunny side egg on it, sunny side egg tastes good on anything.. ;-)...and it was JOSEPH'S idea to send it to you =P.. surprise!

  12. I have a little trouble with my shins as well... About a week ago, I did a good treadmill run & when I got home, my shins were KILLING me! I filled a storage-sized Ziploc with ice & alternated it on each leg for about an hour or maybe a lil longer. My legs felt good as new the next day! Good luck!

  13. what a great care package! love the sign......i used track it with my runmeter on my iphone....yes very bulky but i have my music on there too.
    sorry your shins hurt!
    have a good day.....

  14. Hope your shins feel better! I always love your food eats...they look so good!

  15. One of the many deterents for me and running is shin pain. I have been told the shin pain is from bad shoes... but in know you have new sneaks... it just might be you are still recovering- dont over do it. Shin pain can lead to more serious injuries.

    I had brown rice with a fried egg on top! brings me back to the Po' days with mom lol.

    did you get the tex mex from the place on Metro? They were pretty good before but they fell "off" recently... and I went to Wing Luck last week. I ordered a lunch special... and then the guy taht worked there coughed (a phlemgy one too) on my food. Fo!

    Looking forward to 5 burro!

  16. Sorry about your shins! Not sure what to do about that! As for tracking your distance..I bought a Nke +Ipod for my ipod touch. It was only like 20 or 30 bucks. Of course it is not as accurant as a 200 dollar Garmin but it was close enough and gave me an idea over the summer when I ran in Corona Flushing Park.

  17. You aren't Mexican. You're from California. Everyone and their mama eats Mexican food here, except for me mostly!

    All I heard from shin pain is ice, advil, breaks with lower impact cross training and rest :) It sucks- hope the pain goes away!

    I love how your family is sending you blog pics- my bro does it too, hehe!

  18. Super yummy looking eats. Oh yes, shin is definitely a 4 letter word. Hope you are feeling better.

  19. Don't apologize for all the Mexican food - that is one of my favorite cuisines and I always crave it after looking at your blog!

    Thanks for your comment on my kids - its still blows me away how much they look alike and they aren't even blood related - Joe is my step-son! :D

  20. Loving that tropical dried fruit! Dried fruit is on my shopping list for this weekend :)

  21. I used to use a Garmin 305 GPS watch for pace, distance and HR. You could get the older model for $150-ish on Amazon. I'm not big on stats so I stopped using it, but when I'll dust it off when I'm in the mood to train towards a specific time goal :)

    As for you shins [oh no!!], R.I.C.E all the way. You don't want stress fractures so rehabilitate now before it gets worse. Do low impact cardio, stretch and strengthen your calf muscles. Do easy runs on soft surfaces. If the pain continues, no running for 2-3 weeks. Heal up girlie :)


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