Thursday, April 8, 2010

Papa Namaste’s Pasta

Mansana is my favorite dork in the whole wide world (besides myself) and we thought it would be funny to blog about the same thing and have the same title…I DID say we were dorks right? lol

Ayer my dad called me

“Hey you want to come over, I am throwing some steaks on the grill”.

“daddy I don’t eat meat anymore”.

“You are a cheap date” ((((chuckles)))))

Calls me back…”I have a great recipe for you! Throw some Spinach in the Blender with some Parmesan Cheese, Olive Oil, and Garlic. Mix it with some pasta and then enjoy!”

Hmmm This DOES sound good….as I was talking to my dad, I was chatting with Mansana on Aim and she also agreed that it sounded delish so we both made it for din din. Check out her version!

I got all my ingredients ready…



While the pasta boiled…I threw the items into the blender (with a little bit of water)

DSCN6130 (Yes, I use my Stove as counter…small NY apartment lol)


Mixed it all up…



And then tossed it with the Pasta and Sautéed Mushrooms.


This was soooo good! I totally recommend Papa Namaste’s Pasta =)


Eats and Workouts

My fridge was finally fixed ayer!!! It feels so good to have all my food back home, safe and sound


For Lunch I decided to try another product from Amy’s…Cheese Enchilada


I usually use my oven to make these frozen meals but since it was already 4PM and it took about an hour to cook, I decided to use my Microwave instead.

Seriously Amy, Can you do no wrong?! This was the SHIT! Look at that Ooey Gooey Cheese! I can’t wait to try


For Dessert I made a Chocolate Protein Cake and topped it with SF Raspberry Preserves…yuuuums!


After I digested, I did Rael Pilates 27 and burned 154 Calories in 45 minutes.


This morning I woke up at 6:15 for an early workout session at the gym with my friend Renata. She used to be a member at the gym I worked at but stopped going because it interfered with School and Work. I talked her into joining my gym since they are 24 Hours and she can go there whenever she wants =)

Before heading to the gym, I had a glass of Silk Chocolate Light Milk



  • Walk to Gym
  • 2 mile Jog on Treadmill…varied from 5.5-6.5
  • .5 mile walk with 4 Incline
  • Lower Body
  • Upper Body
  • Walk back home
  • Total Time: 1 Hour and 35 Minutes
  • Calories Burned 767

After my workout, I Refueled with a brown Green Monster made with Spinach, 8 Strawberries, 1 scoop of Light Muscle Milk, Coffee, Light Silk Chocolate Milk, and Splenda…this tasted like dessert!


Have a great day loves!



  1. Thanks for the shout! I wear my dork badge proudly :)

    Your version is pretty- and that's the only food I can get to be green when I blend spinach. I was scared to have swamp pasta!

  2. Cute idea you two. You're not dorky at all. AT ALL. ;) The pasta did look good...and Mari, I love your Brown Monster. Red strawberries with green spinach make the perfect color-wheel-example of a Brown Monster! Have a good afternoon!

  3. I'm going to try "Papa Namaste’s Pasta'' later this week. I love an easy recipe.

  4. LOL I love that you both blogged about the same pasta. It sounds pretty delicious to me!

    That protein cake looks good! I haven't tried making it yet.

    Dude 767 cals? Damn girl! You are awesome!

  5. Yum, that pasta dish looks so good and I love sneaking in spinach wherever I can :) I might have to try that with nutritional yeast or vegan parmesan. Glad you got your fridge fixed!

  6. you had a pesto without the nuts! looks soooooo yummY!

    i love dorks!

    and wow! i thought my walk to the gym was long! you are my hero! i was there yesterday for the G and T... i stayed in the tanning booth too long.. my booty and back are burned :-( HURT panda.

  7. This is genius! I will be making this! It's like green monster pasta wooh wooh!

  8. Its sort of like a spinach pesto. Sounds yummy! I think Rick would even like it.

  9. I love pasta! I never thought to do something like that but it would be so delicious! Usually I just eat mine plain or with some veggies in it. Thanks girl! Glad your fridge is up and running!

  10. I love Amy's Enchiladas. And that pasta sounds and looks great!

  11. Hah I love the phrase "cheap date". I am a "cheap date" because I am an alcohol lightweight- one drink gets me plenty buzzed, so I never need to buy more!

  12. NICE pesto! love that!! what a great idea your dad had!! you would be a cheap date LOL

    you are a calorie torcher girl! awesome workout and still loveing the green monsters I see!

    happy almost weekend!!

  13. Hooray for your fridge back so you don't have to go back to the creepy empty unit!

    That pasta looks delicious!

  14. you are cute, not a dork! very healthy stuff there in your fridge! :)
    thanks again for your opinions today!

  15. Your dad is funny. If only he knew how expensive vegetarian restaurants around here could be...considering you could grab a burger at McD's for a dollar.

    Yay for getting your fridge back! Don't know how you survived these past few days.

  16. Amy and your dad are both culinary geniuses, eh? Your papa's pasta sounds delicious..a spinach pesto, basically! Mmmmm!!

    I love Amy's foods too...especially all the Indian dishes!

  17. I love how the pasta dish looks. As for the Amy's I can honestly say I am so happy we have that exact meal at our commissary.

  18. I would have loved to have met up, so next time when I am there longer than a day, we will have to get together. I wish I had more time, but I did get to spend 24 hours with my aunt. I can't believe how hot it was yesterday.

  19. The sauce sounds great. I'll have to make it soon!

  20. "You are a cheap date"- hahahahaha! My dad says the same thing to me when I tell him I don't drink. The pasta sounds awesome- kind of pesto like? I heart spinach.

    Amy's are the BEST. OMG, all of their stuff is so good...the Palak Paneer is out of this world.

  21. That pasta looks FABULOUS! And easy. Yum!

  22. Love your rainbow of colors of food! Yum yum! Awesome for walking to the gym and adding an extra little workout--I know I count hustling across a crosswalk balancing my tote and groceries as a speedwork! Haha.

  23. hee, didn't know your dad is such a creative cook! Also, how sweet of him to call you back to tell you abt this recipe..obviously, he's been cooking it up specially for you! >.<

  24. Great recipe!! And you sold your father on it?? Even better. Actually, I have that recipe on my fridge, for a mock pesto sauce. I got it out of a book called SuperFoods, and it's basically the exact same!! I need to try it, clearly.

    Have you tried the Silk Almond Milk yet?? It's a must try! The best almond milk I've ever had.

    Have a great weekend Mari!


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