Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sushi Lesson?

Hello My Loves!!!! I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!!!!

It is a sun shiny day here in the N Y C! We needed this weather…it has been FO for the past couple of days.

Green Monster Challenge…

My challenge is sadly coming to an end but I have been holding strong!

For Lunch on Friday I had a Green Monster with Light Silk Chocolate Soy Milk, Spinach, Strawberries, Light Chocolate Muscle Milk, and Splenda


I enjoyed another one on Saturday for lunch while I studied…this one had 1/2 a banana mixed into it.


AND another one this morning for Breakfast with Peanut Butter, Light Silk Chocolate Milk, 1 scoop of Light Muscle Milk, Frozen Spinach, Frozen 1/2 a Banana, and of course Spinach!


Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge and I was just looking back on my Journal to see how many days I missed…

  • March 24th; the day my car was stolen
  • March 28th: I wrote in journal “still upset about my car”
  • April 10th: No reason
  • April 14th: I was planning to have it for lunch but then went shopping all day with family and didn’t get home until 8

Technically I failed my Green Monster Challenge but I don’t see it as a failure…I only missed 4 days out of the Month…to me, it was a success.


Sushi Lesson!

Friday night I walked to Mo’s apartment in the pouring rain for my Sushi Lesson but once I got there, I knew we were going to have a problem. And that problems name is MICKY! Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I love animals, especially dogs…so while poor Mo was trying to teach me, I kept getting distracted by this lovable pup…


Mo was hard at work…

DSCN6373 DSCN6374   DSCN6384 DSCN6385 DSCN6386 DSCN6378DSCN6388DSCN6379

She almost tried to eat them while she was cooking… “NO MO!” haDSCN6387

I wanted to pretend that I helped so I made Mo take a picture of me “Cooking”


We ate some while she was preparing them but then sat down like civilized people to fully enjoy them lol


Mo made some California Rolls, Spicy Kani Rolls, and Veggie Rolls…they ALL tasted amazing! thanks Chica!!!!!

AND I am sorry for doing THIS for most of the evening lol…we really bonded =)…she fell asleep on top of me.


Later in the evening, Mo’s friend Patty came over with some wine and cupcakes but I resisted them which was hard because they looked delish! but I did enjoy one of these…


More Eats and Workouts…

Ayer for Breakfast I had a Banana and Chocolate Protein Muffin with Caramel Oikos and PB!

It looks pretty like this…DSCN6398

BUT tastes better like THIS! hahaDSCN6403

I had a Chocolate Apple Cinnamon Protein muffin while I studied…I hit the books for about 5 hours ayer!


After working on my Brains, it was time to focus on my Brawns! I did Tae Bo Sculpt and cooled down with a a Foam Roller Stretch and burned 354 Calories.

I was planning to bake and relax for the rest of the evening but then my sister called and asked me to help her paint her new apartment so I was there until midnight….did I mention that I didn’t have din din?

When I got home, I may or may not have had 3-4 bowls of Peanut Butter Puffins with FF milk! (It is all blurry lol). Usually I feel guilty about these mini binges but obviously my body was hungry and I was too tired to make anything.


This morning I still managed to wake up early and headed to park for a run. I walked to the park and then enjoyed a nice trail run for 2.52 Miles and then hiked a little more (had to get out of there lol)…walked back home and stretched with my Foam Roller and burned 963 Calories.

I decided that I will start running on the trails from now on instead of the track. I finally got my SPIbelt in the mail, so I will carry my cellphone with me (safety first). Who would want to run on a track when you can run in here? I love hearing my feet when they hit the trail; such a relaxing sound. It is pretty secluded in the trails but every so often, I bump into other runners or people riding horses which I LOVE! Maybe I should carry my Mace with me, just incase…


I have a killer migraine, so I will bid your farewell!


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