Monday, May 17, 2010

2 Under My Belt…

HEY LOVES! I am so sorry that it took me this long to write my race recap. I was waiting for the Organizers to post the official times which they finally did!

The race started at 10 AM and thankfully it was held at Forest Park which is where I run at all the time. My mom and niece went with me…I love that my family is so supportive.


It was a pretty nice turnout…I expected to only see about 200 people there (last year 203 participated) but there were at least 300 people.


The race started on the track…

DSCN6873 DSCN6874 I am in Gray t-shirt

And then headed to the asphalt and trails…


When I was getting towards the 2nd mile mark, I ran into Mo and Mickey! They came to support me =) (thanks honey)


For the most part I felt strong but every time we would hit a damn hill, I felt like my heart was going to pop out my chest and do a little Tap Dance!

My leg started to really hurt after the 3rd mile but God must have been watching over me because we took a turn and ended up where I run at allllll the time so I whispered “you are home” and that gave me the push that I needed!

The race ended where it began which kind of sucked because at the time, the sun was beaming down and you could feel the heat rising from the track…those last 400 meters were horrible.


The guy in red was the first to complete the race (20:55)

I crossed the finish line at 41:41! My personal goal was under 45 minutes so this made me VERY happy. My average pace was 10:25/M

DSCN6885 (thanks mommy for snapping pictures)

My Nike+ is a little off (4th mile) since I forgot to turn it off right after the race but here are the stats:

Mile 1: 10’19”/MI

Mile 2: 10’53”/MI

Mile 3: 10’33”MI

Mile 4: 27’22”MI (way off because I left it on after I was done…oops)

After the race I sat down for a little bit with mi familia and Mo and watched other runners cross the finish line…


They had trophies for the winners but I was too hungry tired to stick around for the ceremony.


After the race, I went to go my see my sister since I knew she was sad that she couldn't be there to see me run.  And then I came home and ATE! My post race meal was inspired by Naomi, I saw this recipe on her blog the night before and I knew I had to try it!

First I made Egg Whites and then topped them with sliced Strawberries and placed all of it in a Low Carb Whole Wheat Tortilla.


I folded it and placed it back on the skillet and cooked both sides. I then topped it with Oikos Honey Yogurt, Cinnamon, Light Syrup, and Peanut Butter


OMG this was a party in my mouth!!!!! Thanks Naomi for another fabulous recipe!

Asian Hispanic Fusion!

Later on in the evening my mom invited me over for din din.

She made Homemade Shrimp Fried Rice…I loved all the fresh veggies.


With Homemade Shrimp and Broccoli


My plate with a Trader Joe’s Vegetarian Egg Roll


For Dessert she made Pastelitos with Guava and Cheese

Before being fried…DSCN6898

I had two pieces…


Inside…I love these so much!



About a week ago I was tweeting that I wanted to get Core Fusion DVDs and Melissa replied that she had some extra ones that she was looking to sell…SCORE! Thanks Chica!!!!!


Core Fusion is like the Green Monster…you see it ALL OVER the blog world and I could not wait to get my hands on the DVDs. I tried it before on Fit TV and wanted to get my own copies…I’m a brat like that lol.

This morning I tried the Lean & Toned DVD…I skipped the lower body routines since my legs were sore from ayer. I really enjoyed the workout but need to work on my technique. I’m thinking about going to a live class so they can assist me with my form.

After my workout I had OIAJ with a Banana and my usual Cafe con Leche


For Lunch I had Amy’s Burrito Especial with a Chocolate and Banana Protein Muffin with Chocolate Chips


Flip Side…

I have been craving a burger like crazy and you all know that I am trying desperately to give up meat. Thankfully about a few months ago they opened a new restaurant in my neighborhood called Flip Side. It is a small burger joint which also offer Salads, Paninis, Flat Breads, and of course Shakes!

I ordered the Veggie Burger which comes on a Whole Wheat Bun and side of homemade potato chips.


One thing that I found strange was that when I asked for American Cheese on it, the girl stated that they only had Swiss or Provolone…and I just saw on Yelp that someone else wanted American Cheese and they also said no…for some reason they refuse to put American Cheese on their vegetarian burger…are Vegetarians NOT American too???? I am going to call them mañana and complain about that…

I DID like the burger though, it tasted fresh and you could tell that it was not overly processed. It will filled with Carrots, Peas, Corn, etc…


Inside DSCN6919

They also had Sweet Potatoes Fries which would have been great IF they weren't sooooooo soggy. I ended up eating about 6 and tossing the rest out. I hate wasting food but I hate eating crappy calories even more lol.


The star of the show…Strawberry Milk Shake with Whipped Cream and a Cherry on top.


Will I order from here again??? It depends on what they tell me about the American Cheese lol

Is it me or is that just strange? Why can they put Provolone and Swiss Cheese on the veggie burger but NOT American?

Have a great night loves!



  1. You're looking fit in those race photos! Way to go! Your times for each split were great. You should be really proud of yourself!

  2. You look fantastic in your pictures Mari! You look like a serious runner. So proud of you!

    WTF- no american cheese? Do they have it but just refuse to put it on the veggie burger? I wonder why!

  3. hehe your funny!! gahh I hate soggy fries too and totally not worth the calories when they taste so bad!! CONGRATS ON THE TIME!! you did so amazing and love the pics!!! did you out up your trophy right in your bedroom?!?!

    YAY glad you liked the strawberry eggwhite omelet! it is a good one isnt it?! I finished it in about 40 seconds flat it was so darn good!!

    tahts crazy they didnt allow you to put on chese?!?! i would call and complain!

  4. Awesome job on the race! Those are some great photos, your family took.

    I hate to say this, but I don't even remember the last time I had american cheese. Do they still make it? LOL

  5. you should be very proud, and keep running, if you stop it is hard to start over!!

  6. Can I tell you how CRAZY PROUD I am of you! I am jumping around my room. Right. Now. Screaming. (Okay silently screaming but only because my roommate is still asleep.)

    You look awesome! I'm telling you, we'll be doing a half marathon together before you know it. You've got the bug.

  7. CONGRATS MARI!!! Wow, what an accomplishment, and you finished in record time?! Good for you, I'm giving you a virtual hug :)

    All your food afterwards (this weekend) looks delicious. And yes, very strange that they wouldn't give you American cheese, although maybe it's a health thing?? I know swiss and provolone are healthier, but not by much. Interesting....

  8. Amazing job in your race! You go!

    I'm so glad you like the dvds :)

  9. Congrats on the race!! You look phenomonal!

  10. Congrats on the race! That trail section looks super fun. All of you wonderful bloggers make me want to get racing!

  11. I've been a lot of places that don't have American cheese, which wasn't a big deal because it was never my favorite, the other cheese have more flavor to me.

    But now that I don't eat cheese it's definitely not a problem, haha. I'm glad the veggie burger was good though.

    Congrats on the race, you kicked butt!!

  12. I forgot to say, Mickey looks like my Suzie! Awww...

  13. Awesome job on the race and meeting your personal time goal!

    And I would've thrown a fit about the American cheese thing; that's crazy!

  14. Yay so proud of you! You look great in all of the pictures. Naomi's wrap looks amazing. Must make that! Oh and that's nuts about the American Cheese! Just weird!

  15. Good review on Flip side! I think i will be giving them a try when i need a burger!

    and WHOA those eggs are insane!!! i never thought of sweet eggs... i might be up for challenging myself!

  16. Congratulations, Mari! Its wonderful how involved and supportive your family is. What a feeling to cross the finish line and see so many smiling faces :)

  17. Fabulous girl! I'm so very proud of all you have accomplished, and I have to agree- you look really fit and strong.

    What's with the American cheese conspiracy? I don't get it either! I would go back though because I love swiss!

  18. SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!! AAAAAAH...big hugs coming your way. Congrats, lady!

    I want that wrap and burger...and milkshake. What's the deal with the cheese? So odd. Maybe it isn't vegetarian so they just have it as a rule so employees don't get confused?

  19. Yay Mari!! The race season is so much fun. You look great :)

  20. congrats on your other race!! you've been in more races then me!! I'm so proud of you and your perseverance!! Extra props for Hailey and mama dukes supporting :-).

    I'll see you next sunday, i'm assuming??

    ps: american cheese i bad for you!!! its super processed..

  21. Congrats on the race!!

    That's so weird about the American cheese, I would think that would be the most common? The veggie burger does look delicious though! What a fun weekend!

  22. So I typed out a huge comment this morning and it never posted--annoying!

    Awesome pics of the fun and great job on the run!!! So nice that you had friends and fam there to cheer you on! And is that Ted Danson running in front of you? LOL

    That's really weird about the cheese, I say they're communists because they don't carry it :) But that does look like one mean burger (and shake) though so maybe they redeemed themselves there.

    And sweet deal on the DVD's. I just can't get into the workout tapes, I have ADHD and get distracted them just quit.

    Will your mom send me some pastelitos (sp)??

  23. Way to go on the race Mari!! You are accomplishing your goals - I'm proud of you! Your food looks soooo good, and it's only 5:45 AM! Have a great day :)

  24. Congrats on your race!!! I would love for P to surprise me and bring Molly to watch! So sweet!

    wow you are a freaking beast-i am SOO proud of you!!! great job!!! thank you for being so awesome and so encouraging.
    I love your eats as always girl!!! the egg/strawberry wrap.. now THAT IS CREATIVE! love you!

  26. congrats on killin that race girl :) you're gonna rock the one this weekend too!

    love that you snapped a pic of mo & her pups along the way! so perfect for memories!

    um can your mom cook me dinner tonight?

  27. The eggs and tortilla look SO good. I totally want one right NOW! Congrats on your race. That is so awesome that your family is supportive. I have had so many clients where the family sabotages them in anything healthy they try to do. Most of the time it is not even on purpose, but it happens.

  28. Congrats on the PR chica! You looked so strong in those pictures. I'd sa someone is ready for a 10k *wink wink* Love that Egg white tortilla recipe. Looks uber delish!

    lol @ "are Vegetarians NOT American too????" To some people, we're not even human. lol

  29. Personally I would have gone for the provolone or swiss - much more flavor than American!

    Awesome race recap chica! That is a terrific time and so glad your family was able to be there!

  30. Those pastelitos look really good.

    But I wanted to say congratulations on your race, and I swear those last 400 meters always are the hardest part of the race aren't they? You're trying to "pick it up" and man it just hurts. Good for you. I've never seen a track like that.

    I am just so enjoying your food pictures. I'm not sure if I could do the strawberries on eggs, but you never know.

  31. Huge congratulations on an awesome race! I loved the "you are home" reassurance that you gave yourself to power through. Running can be so mental-- not to mention physical, and from the pictures and your time splits, you rocked it! :) Way to go runner!

  32. Hot stuff!!! Congrats on the race :) I think it is such an accomplishment :)

    Your food looks tasty as per usual ;)



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