Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Ass Handed Back To Me!

Hey Loves!!!!! Happy Saturday! =) I hope you guys are having a great weekend thus far…and if NOT, go out and do something that makes you happy =)

The past few days have consisted of a lot of Studying…I mean A LOT! and also yummy food!

Thursday Night I met up with Missy for din din at 5 Burros…she was having a bad day and I needed a study break lol. We both had the Grilled Veggie Salad so that we could enjoy our drinks with ZERO guilt lol…(BALANCE PEOPLE! ha)


Piña Colada….DSCN6845

Oh and of course some TLC….DSCN6847 

I also consumed some of these while studying…

DSCN6836 Chocolate and Banana Protein Muffin with Chocolate Chips and Peanut Butter

And some Greens…



And like any typical person who is studying for hours and hours, sometimes you don’t want to cook and like to enjoy some frozen meals…

Amy’s Cheese Enchilada with Trader Joe’s Meatless Corndog…can I just say how much this Corndog satisfied my meat urge…Thanks Joe!


First Spinning Experience…the day I got my ass handed back to me

About a few weeks ago, I mentioned that Jess was hosting a Spin Class at Flywheel…well today was the lucky day!

I have never been to a spin class before and my only point of reference are the bikes at the gym which I loathe! So I was not sure if I was going to like this class BUT I wanted to go and support my home girl =) and I never miss an opportunity to meet fellow bloggies like Alison (SUCH a sweetheart!) and Gym Belle (it was great meeting you honey!!!!)

Mo and I were the first to arrive and the girl at the front desk said that we could have the first two bikes, we graciously declined and took two bikes in the back of the room…like I said before this was my first time in a Spin Class and I didn't want to be at the head of the class lol (do you remember that show? I loved it)

I loved the set up of the class…stadium seating with the Instructor in front. The lights were dim which was fabulous, this way no one could see the pain in my eyes hahaha.

Studio-shot-to-use Picture Courtesy of Pretty Connected

They also had sneakers waiting for us which locked into the bike…they reminded me of Bowling/ Tap Shoes lol


I think the Number 1 factor that makes a class GREAT is the Instructor and we were blessed! Erica was amazing! She had a fabulous energy and her music choice was great! C’mon she finished the class with “Eye of the Tiger” you can’t go wrong with that! I am going to have nightmares of her yelling “Go to Torque 35!”

I think my favorite part of the class was when she added some upper body toning to the mix…she made us petal while we did reps with a weighted bar…my arms were shaking towards the end but I loved every single minute of it….

This is what I looked like AFTER the class was done…

DSCN6859 DSCN6860 DSCN6861(I love that you can see the outline of my sports bra haha)

Can you say “Sweat Session”

Final Thoughts…

I loved loved loved the class and am planning to go back again VERY soon…was it the smartest thing to try a new spin class the day before my race? Time will Tell…

After the class, I went to have brunch with Mo, Jess, Gym Belle, and a couple of Jess’s friends.

I refueled with an Egg White Omelet with Mushrooms and Cheddar Cheese, with a side of Potatoes, and Whole Wheat Toast…


Thanks Jess and Erica for a incredible opportunity!



  1. I was so surprised how much I enjoyed my first spin class. They really are a great workout and create a lot of energy!

  2. i am glad i did it. and i think the trauma has already faded to the point where i will do it again. im so glad you uploaded a post!
    Overall= great time!

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  4. Dude...I just posted with hubby's account. Super creepy, no? I had to delete the comment and everything! Anyways, I said you rocked. That's all. Did you make a new friend as well?

  5. I LOVE spin! And I sweat SO much its awesome haha

  6. Good luck tomorrow babe! I'm so glad that you liked spin're inspiring me to get off my butt and finally get to one!

    Good idea to do 5 burros for a study break...I just wish I was closer so that I could partake!

  7. Yay!! I am so glad you loved spin class! I have a pair of the clip-in shoes and they make a world of a difference. That is nice that the gym offers them for you...
    Oh and that sweat outline...that is seriously something to be proud of! Way to go!

  8. that class looks great! you sure did work up a sweat! Spinning is one of my favorite workouts. Have a great Sunday :)

  9. How FUN!! I would have loved to try out Jess's spin class. I'm so jealous. When I come to visit NYC I'm going to meet all of you and feel like I'm meeting celebrities!!

    I'm glad you got your ass handed to you, and yes, I LOVe that you can see your sports bra outlined on your shirt, that's hilarious.

    Good luck with the studies today. Enjoy yourself, make it fun!

  10. YAY! I'm so glad we are friends in the "real" world now! You and Mo were awesome. Let me know if you want to have a spin date soon!

    Ali :)

  11. sounds awesome!!!!! So glad you got to go- I am a little intimidated by spin but I think you may have convinced me to give it a try :)

    I really want a corn dog now...

    GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR RACE! Oh, and balance = pina colada in each hand.

  12. Glad to see you liked the spin class. They have some classes at the base, but I think it is super early AM so the military peeps can get in their PT before the work day. Ryan and I just go to the gym at lunch. It is funny to meet up mid day and have it be at the gym, not at lunch.

  13. Spinning is truly the best! It's excruciating during the class and the best feeling after. I am addicted and just bought my own cycle shoes. At my gym, the Spin bike pedals are for regular tennis shoes or spin shoes, so I've always just worn my tennies. But, I feel I have graduated to the big leagues of Spin class! Great re-fuel meal after :) Sorry I have been MIA the past few days!

  14. so happy you took a spin class and LOVED it! the sweat is the proof that its a killer workout, right?? and i find spin classes FLY by!

    how is the studying going? do you have a date picked out when you are taking it??


  15. I love spin class!! It's such a good workout. I went to spin yesterday too and had my ass handed to me as well! It's funny how different instructors can be!

  16. YAY I'm so glad you loved the spin class--they're amazing!
    And ummmm WHAT is in your Pina Colada?? lol

  17. Spinning is GREAT--so glad you enjoyed it, girl!!
    <3 jess

  18. I'm so glad you loved spinning! It is seriously an amazing workout, every time! I love that you took pictures, too cute!! And that pina colada has me CRAVING one now!!

  19. You want sweat? Haha! Come to Singapore! All you need to do is stand outside for a few minutes! That said, YAY for finding a kick-ass class! :D

  20. Mari, im sure its good for you, but exercise looks like hard work.

    Think I will stick to cooking, and eating. lol.

  21. good job spinning! the food looks good too :-)

  22. What a great class! I love a workout where you finish and feel sweaty and spent! Glad you got to take some fun study breaks :)

  23. Yay congrats on trying spin finally!! Glad you liked it!! Now come with me!! i am trying Flywheel on Wednesday uh ohhh. Hope your race went well!

  24. Oh my goodness-what a tough workout! I took one spin class once and wanted to lay on the floor after it was all over!

  25. You girls make me so jealous! I so wish I lived even closer so I could join you in your fitness adventures!

  26. Looks like fun! How big of an impact would you say spin would have on someone with bad knees?

  27. spin <3 LOVE it!!! so jeal you got to do flywheel! someday i'll make it to one of those badass classes.

    i've never spun with spin shoes so you for sure got a great first experience! t noad you had a such a good time!!

    i'm actually not doing the 10k this year. i haven't been able to run run since last year when i tore my hip labrum (i actually think i tore it the day of that race haha go figure) but it's such a great race with amazing energy from all the women running!! have fun girl and i hope you get amazing weather!

  28. I love spin! I haven't done it since January and I miss it. I need a new gym, haha.

  29. Now I want to try a spin class. It looks intense!


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