Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today I Became a Runner…

Hello loves! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Hump Day!

Even though I have been running for a few months, I never considered myself a runner…I just thought of myself as a girl trying to become a runner…UNTIL today!

I was planning to go running ayer but I had a terrible headache and decided to take it easy. This morning I woke up and it was 45 degrees and raining, I had two options; Run in the Rain OR Run in the humid gym. The choice was easy for me….the rain! My next race is on Sunday and I knew this was going to be my last run until that day…the race is 4 miles and as of yet, I have not done a 4 mile run so I knew today was going to be a toughie.

I headed out the door and before getting discouraged I reminded myself that by 10:30 AM I would be back in my cozy Apartment. I felt the cold rain on my skin but instead of hating it, I welcomed the cool sensation. Every so often I would slide in the mud but that just made me stronger…

This is how my run went…

1st Mile 11’03”/MI

2nd Mile 12’00"/MI

3rd Mile 11’18”/MI

4th Mile 11’11”/ MI

I felt AMAZING when I was done! and every time I would pass a fellow runner on the trail and we did the the “polite wave” I felt this camaraderie…I can honestly say that I loved running in the rain and plan on doing it again.

I can not wait until my race on Sunday!

I AM a runner and these are my badges of honor!

DSCN6824(with mud and all)

Food Review…

The other day I received a coupon in the mail from Foodbuzz for Buitoni Riserva Pasta. Anyone who knows me, KNOWS that I love Italian food so I was super excited to try this! I picked up the Quattro Formaggi Agnolotti…which Agnolotti filled with a blend of four cheeses: Creamy Whipped Ricotta, Fontina, Parmesan, and Italian Grana Padano with Fresh Roasted Garlic.


I topped it with Vodka Sauce…this was amazing! I can honestly say that this was restaurant quality pasta…the cheese was so delish. It didn’t even need the Vodka Sauce on top….


I paired it with a salad; Mixed greens with Pecans, and homemade dressing made with POM Wonderful and Splenda Brown Sugar


This was a perfect din din!


I am off to finally catch up on blogs! Have a great day loves…


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