Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today I Became a Runner…

Hello loves! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Hump Day!

Even though I have been running for a few months, I never considered myself a runner…I just thought of myself as a girl trying to become a runner…UNTIL today!

I was planning to go running ayer but I had a terrible headache and decided to take it easy. This morning I woke up and it was 45 degrees and raining, I had two options; Run in the Rain OR Run in the humid gym. The choice was easy for me….the rain! My next race is on Sunday and I knew this was going to be my last run until that day…the race is 4 miles and as of yet, I have not done a 4 mile run so I knew today was going to be a toughie.

I headed out the door and before getting discouraged I reminded myself that by 10:30 AM I would be back in my cozy Apartment. I felt the cold rain on my skin but instead of hating it, I welcomed the cool sensation. Every so often I would slide in the mud but that just made me stronger…

This is how my run went…

1st Mile 11’03”/MI

2nd Mile 12’00"/MI

3rd Mile 11’18”/MI

4th Mile 11’11”/ MI

I felt AMAZING when I was done! and every time I would pass a fellow runner on the trail and we did the the “polite wave” I felt this camaraderie…I can honestly say that I loved running in the rain and plan on doing it again.

I can not wait until my race on Sunday!

I AM a runner and these are my badges of honor!

DSCN6824(with mud and all)

Food Review…

The other day I received a coupon in the mail from Foodbuzz for Buitoni Riserva Pasta. Anyone who knows me, KNOWS that I love Italian food so I was super excited to try this! I picked up the Quattro Formaggi Agnolotti…which Agnolotti filled with a blend of four cheeses: Creamy Whipped Ricotta, Fontina, Parmesan, and Italian Grana Padano with Fresh Roasted Garlic.


I topped it with Vodka Sauce…this was amazing! I can honestly say that this was restaurant quality pasta…the cheese was so delish. It didn’t even need the Vodka Sauce on top….


I paired it with a salad; Mixed greens with Pecans, and homemade dressing made with POM Wonderful and Splenda Brown Sugar


This was a perfect din din!


I am off to finally catch up on blogs! Have a great day loves…



  1. I am SO VERY proud of you! You have been a runner and you ARE a runner! I'm amazed at all you have accomplished and you should be too! You will kick booty at your race on Sunday! I KNOW it!

  2. That is awesome! I can totally relate to this post. I think the first time I thoroughly enjoyed a run was running on the west side highway in the rain. There is something so exhilarating about it! Congrats.

  3. I love waiving to other runners outside- it's always a nice little boost of motivation.

    Good luck at your race! (Though you won't really need it because I know you're gonna do great.)

  4. I love the occasional rainy run! I also love when you can feel that shared feeling when you pass a fellow runner.

  5. you are awesome girl!! amazing run! you must have felt strong and powerful...while I am not a fan of running in the rain, I do know people that LOVe runnign in the rain...its raining and they are always out!! gotta find what works for you!

    that pasta sounds so good! 'whipped ricotta" the decription alone makes me want to try it!!

  6. YOu have always been a runner in my eyes! I cant wait to cheer you on (mickey says she wants to come too) and I know you will kick running ass on sunday!
    So proud of you.
    and yes i will dish about hot neighbor. :-)
    later though. ; )
    maybe i should take a rainy walk towards your casa to drop off the pinaple yogurt after work? what do you think???

    that is amazing :) of course you are a runner silly.

  8. Yay congrats!! I won't be joining you this time because I am going on a hike with my sister! Next time I promise (as long as it isn't a marathon lol). Good luck Sunday!

  9. Yay for you being a runner!! I am so proud of you!

  10. Congrats on a good run, I ewould have to pick rain over muggy weather. As long as I have a hat to wear. lol

  11. Damn girl, you've been a runner but yay for it being official in your head! Lol...nice job on the run and always...can't wait to hear about the run this wknd! And wtf is up with the weather there? All my NY coworkers keep complaining and I'm just like "yeahhhh its 80 here!"

    I think I need to make pasta soon yours looks great!

  12. Yes - I would definitely qualify you as a runner if you chose to run in the rain!

    Thanks for your comment on my last post - appreciate chica!

  13. you rock...and I guess I miss alot cuz I didnt know you were doing another run! yay!

    in my opinion, you have been a runner the first time you took those steps to run!

  14. Um hello SO PROUD OF YOU! You are SUCH a real runner now! Not that you weren't before but, this is just an ultimate test of your dedication. :D

    And awesome pasta!

  15. Yayyyy this post made me SO happy for you!!

    Loving that ravioli and salad combo!

  16. Way to make the run (in the rain) a positive one! Running in the COLD rain is different than WARM rain :) Way to go, girl. You're gonna kick that race's butt this weekend! Love the pasta and salad, what an easy meal.

  17. Congratulations on the run! You are a runner! And you're going to do great in the race :)

  18. You're a runner, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    The pasta looks delish. Pasta is my weakness!!

  19. Congrats on the run. You are totally dedicated if you run in the rain. Good luck this weekend.

  20. You are totally a runner Mari! Text me after the 4 mile race!!!

  21. What a joyous post! I'm so glad that you finally admitted to yourself that you ARE a runner!!!

  22. That's so inspiring! :)
    I'm not a really not a runner! So the fact that you pushed yourself and continue to do so is amazing to me!

  23. CONGRATS Mari! See, you can do anything you put your mind to, seriously, you're awesome. Although, I'm still waiting for your diet to be sent to me :) I want to help you!!

    I love your homemade POM dressing. So simple, and healthy. Great idea.

    Have a fabulous weekend, and good luck with the studies.

  24. omg...I just wrote a comment and it vanished :(


    I always thought of you as a runner but am SO PROUD OF YOU. Both for your kick-butt run, but that you recognise that you ARE a runner. True story- I don't consider myself a blogger. Minds are crazy thing.

    Filled pasta looks so good right now.

  25. Woooo! 4 miles!! You're totally a runner! Even though I HATE rain, I do think it'd be long as no one I knew saw me with frizzy hair looking all crazy! ;) The dinner looks wonderful, too! I really need to get hooked up with this FoodBuzz business, it all looks wonderful! And vodka sauce...mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend, Mari! Can't wait to hear about the race, runner!

  26. YAY you Mari! You're making such great progress! You're awesome for the way you push yourself and stick to your goals!

    Hope you're doing's been a while since you last updated! :-)

  27. You ARE a runner, yay! I've struggled with that myself over the years, especially when I have taken a break from running in the past. So proud of you!


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