Monday, June 21, 2010


It is officially SUMMER! That makes this Monday a little more tolerable lol.

I am experiencing some bloggers block so instead of boring you with my ramblings…I will amuse you with some food porn =)


 Purple Green Monster with a Chocolate and Banana Protein MuffinDSCN8210

My left Gland has been super swollen for the past couple of days and my usual “go to” soup is Hot & Sour


Of course I had to get some Shrimp Fried Rice and Hunan Shrimp to go with it…


Another Green Monster…


On Saturday after I was done volunteering, I tried two new (to me) things from Trader Joe’s

Gorgonzola and Walnut Salad


and Four Cheese Pizza on Ciabatta Bread


I had 1/2 of each and loved them both. The only adjustment I made was instead of using the Dressing that came with the salad, I made my own with POM Wonderful and Splenda


Sunday morning I had Oat Bran with Cinnamon and Splenda with a small Banana and Peanut Butter…


I went to my dad’s house for a Father’s Day BBQ but I knew I was not going to eat much of the food so I went to Subways and picked up a 6 inch Honey Wheat Sub (inside scooped out) with Veggies, Swiss Cheese, Chipotle Dressing, and Sweet Onion Dressing…


I also enjoyed some Salad while I was there…


While I was at my dad’s I tried to catch a small tan on my legs…they are PALE!


I don’t know if you know this about me but I have a slight obsession with clouds…I could not stop snapping pictures of them ayer…

DSCN8233 DSCN8235 DSCN8238 DSCN8244

I am also obsessed with my niece eating healthy! Here she is enjoying a salad…I am so happy that she is eating a salad that I don’t even care that she is using her hands! haha


This Morning I enjoyed another Green Monster with Strawberries, Coffee, Spinach, 2 scoops of Chocolate Light Muscle Milk, and Splenda. I really have been craving Green Monsters lately, I am sure it has something to do with the heat…



Friday: Lean and Defined Yoga on Exercise TV (186 Calories)

Saturday: I didn’t workout because I felt really sick (swollen glands) but I did volunteer for most of the morning/early afternoon and I was on my feet the whole time.

Sunday: Pilates routine on Exercise TV (123 Calories). 30 minute walk to Subways and then to my dad’s house (238 Calories). 25 Minute Walk back home (208 Calories)

Today: I am trying to ease myself back into running and honestly it is becoming an uphill battle. First my leg still hurts and secondly, the park where I train, is all damn HILLS and it makes it so much harder. Today I did light jog/walk intervals and I managed to do 3 miles with an average pace of 12’32”/MI (SUCKS!)… I also walked 2 miles to and from the park and enjoyed a nice long stretch (1037 Calories).

After I was done with my workout, I felt so discouraged…It took everything I had not to cry when I was walking back home. I don’t get how these people on biggest loser can run marathons and here I am struggling with a few miles…it is NOT fair! In my heart I AM a runner but my body needs to catch up with my heart…


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