Monday, June 28, 2010

Green Monster Sunday and IntenSati Challenge…

Hey loves!!!! TGI Monday!!!!!! I am allowed to say that since I am home lol….

Did you guys have a fun weekend? Mine was pretty relaxing…it consisted of working out, volunteering, and a lot of studying!

Saturday I woke up at 6 AM and did my Crunch Pilates DVD before heading to the Pantry. For breakfast I had a Green Monster with Spinach, Blueberries, LMM, FF Milk, and Splenda


I volunteered until 2ish and by the time I got home I was starving…I dove into this Trader Joe’s Salad…


I also had some of this pie…


Okay Confession time… I ate this WHOLE pie through out the day!!! It was just so good and refreshing…I had no willpower lol


For din din I had a black bean burger again but this time I used Nature’s Pride 100% Country White Buns…

DSCN8461 DSCN8463

These buns and black bean burgers are going to get me through the summer!

I snacked on Wasabi Peas later in the evening…these things are addictive!



Sunday Morning, I woke up and did 40 minutes of Jillian’s Boost Your Metabolism but I had to modify some of the moves because my leg was killing me and I also did some upper body strength training with lower weights and high reps (about 32 reps)

I decided to do a little detox ayer since I ate that pie and felt guilty like crap…

For Breakfast I had a Green Monster with Blueberries, Spinach, FF Milk, LMM, and Splenda


For Lunch I had one with Spinach, Banana, Peanut Butter, LMM, FF Milk, and Splenda


For din din I made another one but this time instead of using Milk, I used Zico Passion Fruit Coconut Water with Blueberries, Spinach, LMM, and Splenda

 DSCN8473 DSCN8480

I was so proud of myself for sticking to the Green Monsters…has anyone ever done a week of just Green Monsters??? or maybe 2 Green Monsters a day???


This morning I did Level 2 of Jillian’s 30 Day Shred and Namaste Yoga…

For Breakfast I had Oikos Honey Yogurt with a Chocolate and Banana Protein Muffin, PB, and my usual Cafe Con Leche…


For Lunch I just had another Green Monster with Blueberries, Spinach, FF Milk, Coconut Water, Splenda…


I was Accepted!!!! I am so happy! last week I sent an email to IntenSati to participate in their Rise and Shine Warrior Challenge…and I was ACCEPTED!

Here is the challenge. For the month of July, you commit to 4 intenSati workouts a week... 2 of them MUST be 6:30am classes, no matter what and 2 other sati classes you want--a total of 4 per week. CoreSati only counts as 1/2 a class.

I am really excited about this…I needed something new to take my mind off of not running…

Speaking of running, I am going to a seminar mañana at Lululemon about running! “The Total Runner Series: Know before you go”. This should be interesting =)

Ohhh and on Wednesday Evening I might check out a Yoga class in the park…And Thursday morning I will participate in a conference call for the River Fund…they want me to join the PR Team…and Friday Morning will be my first IntenSati class! this is going to be a fabulous WEEK and it concludes with a bloggie meet up with Tiffany and Mo on Saturday!!!!!

Have a great day loves!



  1. MMM that pie does look good. I would have ate the whole thing too! You do have willpower!! You drank green monsters the next day! That is very impressive to me! Can't wait for intensati!!!!!!

  2. GIRL you be the GREEN MONSTA QUEEEN! love it!! that pie looks freaking good!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you got in- and I bought some wasabi peas after I got home from my trip!

    You are a green monster princess- go you!

  4. Good luck in the intensati challenge!

    I think someone would die if they only ate green monsters for a week. That would only be about 600-800 calories a day right? Not a good idea.

  5. if only i was that excited about mondays!!! wtf! i'm glad your keeping busy, it's much better then i am sitting in front of the computer just trying to figure out why these other scientists suck at life. :-).. what is this acceptance thingy??? i don't speak uber fitness.. lol.

    ps: joseph and i picked up fireworks and he was very excited, reminiscing about the last time he did it was when he was little with you guys at your house. ::tear::

  6. I think I need a GM detox day...maybe that will make my tummy happier, because the McDonald's I ingested surely did not!!


  7. congrats!! thats so exciting! i think you will have the best time!

    you have been a green monster QUEEN!!! wowza...I had a smoothie today that was delicious just what I needed in this heat!!

  8. Babe. I've had that pie. That pie is dangerous. I commend you for not buying too. That takes willpower.

    Three green monsters! You are crazy!

    Intensati sounds awesome. Let me know how it goes!

  9. That pie looked delishhh!!!! And I hear rhubarb helps with menopause!!! Not that your are QUITE there yet! haha
    And coconut water is soooo good in smoothies!!! Sweetens it in a more healthy way!!!
    And I really really need to try a green monster..... the spinach in it scares me though...

  10. Congrats on being accepted into that challenge, that sounds pretty freaking awesome!

    I could never go a whole day with just GM's.. that takes some serious willpower! I need to crunch!

  11. Disregard my email question about the challenge!! That is so cool and will totally get your mind off running and motivated. A challenge for sure! Wow a TON of GM's! Way to go on the veggies girl!

  12. Hmm maybe a crazy thought, but when does a green monster become something else. Surely at least being well, "green" must be the minimum requirement?

    Given im the only male partcipant on these comments, I feel that was quite an intelligent, lucid and valuable observation, before you shoot me down, and say shut-up. LOL!

    And yes what you eat still terrifies me, ALOT. :)

  13. Congrats on being chosen to do the challenge! i have never heard of this before but it sounds like something that you would LOVE (and I would too, accept for those 6:30 classes).

    I never have green monsters more than once a day, but hey, I love that you do! I think that may be a great way to lose weight actually, as long as you include some fat in those smoothies and have some whole grains on the side ;)

  14. Congrats to you!! That's so awesome!!

  15. Sounds like a fun week, what is the river fund and what is that about?? very cool. go YOU! ;)

    as you know I am very free, so I hope we can make some plans, although I know I suck at them so let me know


  16. Your green monsters look tasty. Can you imagine that I haven't even tried one yet? I going to use you as inspiration and make one soon.

    Congratulations on intensati! You are seriously committed to working out so I know you'll be awesome!

  17. Damn Diva you are working it! I am so proud of you. Look at your schedule filling up!
    and that pie looks good... next time you feel an urge to eat a whole pie you can call me that way you wont eat the whole pie... i will eat some too lmao.
    cant wait till saturday... is it wrong that i totally envision us running through the sprinklers at washington sq park???

  18. rhubarb pie!? TOTALLY worth the splurgskies :)

    you're gonna have such an awesome time doing the intensati challenge :) can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  19. So excited that you got accepted into the Intensati challenge! It sounds like you applied just before the cut off.

  20. That pie does look good! I love the strawberry rhubarb flavor combo. Green monsters for a week, that'd be crazy! But probably a great cleanse for the body.

  21. Dang lady! You've got a lot going on! Firstly, congrats on being accepted! I think that will definitely help ease out of running and hopefully keep you loving your workouts! As for the blogger meet-up, I'm jealous! I think I'm the only person you haven't met ;) And I'd sure like to make that happen some day! :) Enjoy your busy week and those GM's :)


    all of your smoothies look so good. I need to get some frozen fruit to kill the craving I have now. haha

  23. Congrats on getting accepted to do that challenge---it sounds like super fun and will be something different!! I can't wait to hear more about how it goes. And Lululemon tomorrow, details needed as well!

    Your gm's are so pretty :)You must bring me a GM on Saturday, just sayin......

  24. That sounds like something I would do. Take down a pie in a day! My will power is not so powerful either!

  25. That sounds like something I would do. Take down a pie in a day! My will power is not so powerful either!

  26. That pie does look insulin worthy! :D

    I think I am the last food blogger on the planet who hasn't tried a green monster yet - maybe soon? :D


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