Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Grown Kids…

Hello Loves!!!! I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend! Mine was a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement lol.
Sunday I headed to Jersey for fist pumping my nephew’s birthday party and you would have thought it was a Twilight Zone episode because the grown “kids” were having just as much fun as the little ones lol
My 30 year old cousin covering her eyes as she came down the slide…

I of course had to go down the slide!

Home fries sliding down!

Michelle, Liz, Gerelyn, and Jennifer
My cousin Joseph…recording me while I took a picture of him lol
While at the Party, I had a Jalapeño and Cheese filled Pretzel
After the party my mom, sis, home fries, and I went to TFIG for Dinner.
I started off with a South West Wedge Salad with Avocado Chipotle Ranch dressing, Black Bean & Corn Pico De Gallo, tortilla strips and Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses
My family had Pot Stickers
Chicken Quesadilla
I also had a couple of bites of Crab Cakes but me no likey lol
For my main course I had Fried Shrimp with Sweet Potato Fries and Jack Daniels Sauce
Home fries and I split a slice of Red Velvet Cake with Ice cream
It was strange going to a restaurant and not seeing the Calories on the menu…I guess NJ didn’t pass that law yet =/
Ayer I woke up and it was soooooo hot! All I wanted was a Green Monster!
DSCN7268 Spinach, Blueberries, Chocolate LMM, Strawberries, and coffee
I then cranked up my AC and started to bake for the week…
First I made Mini Veggie and Cheddar Cheese Frittatas
DSCN7270 Note to self; don’t make Frittatas in cups…they leak out.
And then made some Chocolate and Banana Protein Muffins with Chocolate Chips
For Lunch I had 2 Mini Frittatas with Strawberries
And then snacked on two of these lol
For din din I had brown rice with Spanish Style Roman Beans on a bed of Lettuce
This morning for Breakfast I had 1% Cottage Cheese mixed with Splenda, Cinnamon, and Vanilla Extract and topped with a Muffin and PB
I have been doing all of my workouts at home and they have consisted mostly of Circuit Training which have included Kettlebell Training, Resistance Bands Strength Training and Weights. I still am not running and I really miss it but I hope to be back at it by next week! ::fingers crossed::
June Goals
For the past couple of days I have been thinking about June and some goals that I would like to set for the month. Obviously one of my goals is to lose weight but I don’t want to make it the focus of my month…I want it to come naturally by the things on my list below…
1) Go to sleep earlier
2) Really focus on my studies
3) Try to do some sort of activity every day
4) Pay better attention to my protein intake, since I am not eating meat
5) Eat more “Clean”
6) Just relax and enjoy the summer!
Do you have any goals for June????
Have a great day!


  1. Looks like a fun weekend! Everything you got from Friday's looks wonderful. I've been getting the Cobb salad every time! Your muffins look great too! June goals-workout 6 days a week, more sleep, less gum! lol.

  2. Awww fun weekend! That birthday party looks awesome! Mostly because of that pretzel. I would die for that pretzel.

    Yummo muffins. And awesome goals. My goal is to quit compulsive snacking. That plus the food blog is killing me!

  3. what a fun weekend you had! Whos this david guy huhh? Lol. The pretzel looks fab right now...im at the eye doc tryina to read with one eye. Booooo! Lol.

  4. That salad looks outrageous!!! And the muffins? Yum. Wish I baked...I really should :) We registered for a cupcake pan and that's all I'm waiting for haha!

  5. LOVE all your goals. I'm so glad you guys had fun. I love playing like a kid- it keeps us young :)

  6. OMG, I want that jalapeno pretzel!!

    Yeah, the crab cakes at TGIF kind of suck ass, but I love the Jack Daniels sauce - but I need to take more insulin when I eat that - it has a lot of sugar in it!

    I thought of you this morning - I did a 28 minute yoga on exercise t.v. - although the routine was great, the voiceover was not. She's say things like "go to the triangle position - there are as many different ways to do the triangle position as there are people."

    So I basically got an ab workout from laughing!!

  7. That slide looks so awesome!!!!! As does your dinner- I think it's only a matter of time before nutritional info is nationwide. Times are a-changin'!

    Love love LOVE your goals. I am focusing on protein too- yay for an excuse to eat protein muffins!

  8. That slide looks like so much fun! Great goals. I love the idea of setting goals for the month. I don't have any specific ones set for June yet, other than fitting as much fun activities in as possible!

  9. ohh that pretzel looks SO good!!! doughy pretzels are one of my favorite things ot get on the streets of NYC!! the party looks so fun, I love 'being a kid' again!!! sometimes the rides freak me out too...some kids have much more guts than the older folk!

    im not a crabcake fan either!!


  10. That is weird about the no calories on the menu. They are all over California's restaurants. (Sometimes I wish they weren't!)

    Those frittatas you made look really good. I have silicone cupcake cups, I wonder if that would work.

    My goal for June is to run 50 miles. I wanted to hit that goal in May but didn't. :( Hope you get back to running soon!

  11. june goals:

    1. do research and graduate
    2. enjoy outside as much as possible
    3. read ur blog =P

    good seeing, as always, my pleasure ;-).. i do hope u try to study outside despite ur self-diagnosed ADD. if you can, try to make it down for the 4th weekend in DC :-).. i'll take u to the bar and by u wine and play skeet ball with you all night :-)

  12. That's a good sign when you can go to a children's b-day party and have just as much fun as the kids. Really, it means you know how to have a good time and enjoy life!

    Great goals for June. Mine is quite simple, GET A JOB! hehe, yeah, it's important.

  13. Damn you and your baked goods!! Send some my way :)

    That party looks like soooo much fun--I wanna do all of that, especially the slide.

    I haven't been to TGIF's in forever but all of that looks so good.

    I need to get my goals in check for this month but I love yours--especially go to bed earlier, I soooooo need to work on that!

  14. I love giant pretzels...and that one looks amazing!

    So glad you had such a nice weekend. Its fun to play like a kid!

    My goal for June is to move into our new home, do well in my 6-week organic chem class, maintain an active pregnancy...and remain sane through it all!

  15. I would have been right next to you on that slide and eating that pretzel. My goal for June is to stop procrastinating.

  16. Your weekend looks like it was so fun!

  17. The crab cakes looks good so i am sorry you didn't like them. that slide looks like so much fun. I wanna ride! Love the pretzel too. I may need to track one of those down. My June goal is to maintain my weight while traveling for 2 weeks.

  18. Great goals! I definitely like #6, hehe. Great job on not eating meat :)


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