Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tofu Guisado…

Hey loves!!!!! I hope you guys are having a wonderful Thursday…the weekend is almost upon us!

Thanks for all the sweet comments in regards to my new adventure…it is great to see that ya’ll love to volunteer too =)

One of my Dominican dishes that I love is Pollo Guisado but not because of the chicken. I love the gravy and veggies over rice. I decided to make my own version but with Tofu instead…

Tofu Guisado

First I heated up a little bit of Oil and added some Splenda and Garlic. When it heated up, I tossed in slices of Extra Firm Tofu. (be careful when you do this because Oil will start flying out because of the water in the tofu)


I browned the Tofu; flipping a couple of times.


I then added Onion and Peppers and sautéed a little longer; until the onions browned too.


I then added some Tomato Paste, Salt, and little bit of water…and cooked a little longer.


I served it with some Brown rice and Spanish Style Black Beans (both homemade)

DSCN7300 DSCN7301

This didn’t taste exactly like Pollo Guisado but I am definitely going to make it again.


More Eats…

Last night for dessert I had Protein Cookie Dough with sliced Strawberries and Fat Free Cool Whip


And later on in the evening, I had a Banana and Chocolate Protein Muffin


This Morning for Breakfast I had a mini Veggie and Cheddar Cheese Frittata with a Banana and Chocolate Protein Muffin


And my usual Cafe con Leche


For Lunch I had a Low Carb Wrap with Tofu Salad (Tofu, 2 Laughing Cow French Onion Light Wedges, Hot Sauce, Honey Mustard, Garlic, Salt, and Mixed Greens) with a side of Strawberries


Unfortunately, I do not have any workouts to report because my alarm didn’t go off this morning and I overslept BUT I will do something this evening =)

Have a great day loves!


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