Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where to Begin???

Hello my loves! I hope you guys are having a Fabulous Weekend! The past couple of days have been fantastic! I have a lot to show you, so let’s just get right to it.
On Thursday my family and I went to Ginza for “Linner”
We started off with Octopus Salad
And Kani Salad
And then we got a few rolls which included; Godzilla roll, Liki 4, Amanda Roll, and Shrimp Tempura Roll
When I got home later in the evening I did Namaste Yoga for Runners because ever since I went for a run on Wednesday, my leg has been KILLING me
Ayer I woke up and had no idea of what type of workout I wanted to…I started to do Jumping Jacks and literally felt like my leg was going to crack into pieces so instead I did kickboxing moves, kettlebell, and toning from the Self Challenge and burned 589 Calories in 1.5 hrs.
I then went to the mall with mi familia and then we headed to Flushing Queens for Lunch…
I love when I go to Flushing; it’s like a whole different world.
DSCN7355 DSCN7354
We went to the famous Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant for Lunch.
Joe’s is known for their fantastic Dumplings but unfortunately I could not try them because they were Pork but my sister said they were delish!
We got a plate of Shrimp Fried Rice for the Table YUUUUUUUUMS!
I ordered Szechuan Style String Beans…these were so spicy and ohhh sooo good!
My sister ordered Crispy Jumbo Prawns with Meat Sauce
And my mom and home fries enjoyed some Sesame Chicken…
We then walked it off by doing some shopping…great cardio lol
Later in the evening we went to a Carnival being held at a Local Church.
We of course had to check out the Eats!
 DSCN7366DSCN7359 (Do you guys notice that girl giving me a dirty look? ha)
Fried Oreos (Oreos inside of Dough and then fried)
Funnel Cake
Home Fries and I decided to go on the Ferris Wheel (note to self; you are AFRAID of heights!)
DSCN7376 DSCN7380  DSCN7371(Crap! what did I get myself into!)
And then my sister and I went on the “Round Up”
DSCN7387 DSCN7397
Thankfully I decided to enjoy these AFTER I got off of that ride!
We ended the night with Hailey riding the Merry Go Round
Perfect Day…. 
This morning I woke up at 6:20 am for my first day volunteering at River Fund NY. I wanted to be full of energy so I did Kundalini Yoga: Courage…and then fueled up with Overnight Oats; Oikos Greek Yogurt, Oat Bran, Splenda, Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract, Tollhouse Chocolate Chips, and Peanut Butter with my usual Cafe con Leche
I arrived at the Food Pantry at 7:30 am…
DSCN7430 DSCN7413
DSCN7408 DSCN7410
My first task was bagging fresh bread…
DSCN7411 DSCN7412
I then helped hand out items to all the people waiting in line…and then I went inside and helped people fill out applications…you have to have a River Fund Card in order to get access the grub =)
After I was done doing that, I went back outside and gave out PIE! and not just any pie…TRADER JOE’S PIE!
DSCN7422 DSCN7423
I loved that they had people from Cornell University educating people on how to eat healthy and they were even giving out samples…
DSCN7415 DSCN7420 DSCN7424
We finished serving food around 11:30 am but our day didn’t stop there…we then started to stock up for next week…
DSCN7427 DSCN7429
My experience here was amazing! Yes, I was tired…yes, I was hot but I loved every minute of it. All the people were so kind and incredible…I even had an elderly man write me a poem =). I met this one lady who was going through a really hard time in her life and she thanked me for being so sweet to her and said that my presence there is making a difference…(I got a little teary eyed). I decided that I am going to continue volunteering here and I might even take home fries one day so she learns at a young age, to give back.
By the time I got home, I was STARVING and dove right into this plate.
Brown Rice with Black Beans, Onions, and Peppers on a bed of mixed Greens.
I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your Saturday! I think I am going to stay home, enjoy my AC and just be lazy =)

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