Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yoga At The Great Lawn and The Zen Den…

Hello loves! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!!! I want to give a Birthday shout out to my girl Katherine!!! Happy 20th love!

A week ago, I mentioned a great event that was going to take place in NYC; Yoga At Great Lawn which was being hosted by Flavorpill and JetBlue TrueBlue. The whole purpose of this event was to bring 10,000 people together at once to do a Yoga session in Central Park and break the world record…how could I say no to this event? AND I was lucky enough to win tickets!

I met up with my girls Jess and Alison at Columbus Circle a little earlier to grab a quick snack and walk over together…(we met Erica a little later at the line)

DSCN8266 DSCN8267

It was drizzling but by the time we got to the line it had cleared up…


We knew that it was going to be a HUGE turnout so we played it safe and got there around 5 so that we could secure a great spot…and before we knew it, we were grabbing our free mats!


Alison was really excited to get her Zen on!


We were pretty close to the stage and got to have a couple of laughs, courtesy of Reggie Watts! This guy is funny! “Yoga Tacos”


We patiently waited for everyone to get into the Great Lawn…

DSCN8289 (Jess, Erica, Me, and Alison)

At first I thought the turnout was not going to be that great because of the weather…


But a little rain does not scare us New Yorkers!


The crowd grew larger…


But unfortunately so did the clouds…


We had a late start and by the time Elena Brower hit the stage, the rain started up again. I didn’t think much of the rain because prior to getting there, Flavorpill sent out an email stating that event would go on…RAIN or SHINE! But I think they forgot to tell Central Park Officials this because after 10 minutes of “slippery” Yoga, we were SHUT DOWN! But you know what? I still had an amazing time…the energy at the park was amazing and if you are a true Yogi, you don’t let the little things get you down. Yes they promised that the event would go on without interruption but Mother Nature had her own plans…I am blessed for experiencing something so amazing and I will be there again when they try to do it again!

The Best part of the event was this Brownie from Otarian which I devoured when I got home! This was my din din and Yup Jess it WAS moist from the rain! ha


Here is a video of the event…


This morning I was planning to sleep in but I woke up to this Text Message “Hey Hailey’s Yoga demonstration is today from 9-10 and she is upset that I’m not going. Can you make it?

My 1st thought was “Shit it is already 7:49” and then “Why did she wait UNTIL now to tell me!”. I jumped out of bed, took a quick shower…got dressed and ate a small breakfast before heading out…


I hauled ass to the school and made it just in time for The Zen Den. Hailey’s school started a new program this year called the Cluster Enrichment Program, where the students can join clubs based on their interests…and of course Home Fries chose Yoga! which worked out great because her teacher was running this activity!


They were lucky because it was being held in the Gym AND it was Sunny!

 DSCN8325 DSCN8329 DSCN8362 DSCN8331

Check her out doing Tree Pose! 


She has Great Form! DSCN8344 DSCN8345

Yoga Jumping Jacks…


Upward Facing Dog…


And of course they completed the Practice with Savasana…


I was such a proud titi!!!!! and it cracked me up because after the demonstration her teacher was like “do you have a website or something? because she is always talking about it” lol she is a proud niece!



Tuesday Din Din; Salad with Shrimp Cooked in Minced Garlic and Light I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter


And for dessert, Protein Cookie Dough with sliced Strawberries…


Ayer for breakfast I had OIAJ with a Banana and my usual Cafe con Leche…


Before heading the park ayer, I had a Green Monster with Blueberries, cup of FF Milk, Spinach, and Splenda…


Today for lunch I had 1/2 an Order of Calamari and Shrimp in Marinara Sauce with a Side Salad…


And 1/2 a cup of Rainbow Cookie Ice


For din din, I just had a Green Monster with 1 Banana, 1/2 cup of Blueberries, 1 cup of FF Milk, Spinach, and Splenda


I was still hungry so I had leftovers from lunch (not pictured)


Ayer: Walking around the City…a little under 2 hours (burned 467 Calories)

Today: Walk to and from Hailey’s School…55 Minutes (burned 388 Calories)

Running Update…I decided to stop running for at least 1 month so that my leg can fully heal…I hope to start running again on my Birthday which is on July 20th!

Well that is all for tonight…have a great night loves!



  1. Your niece is TOO cute!!

  2. I heard about this event a little bit ago and really wanted to go! That's great you got to partake, even if it was just for 10 minutes. I bet the energy was AMAZING. I can't believe they shut it down! And I love watching kids do yoga. It's so cute and wonderful to see such youthful spirits doing such a youthful-spirited practice.

  3. Yoga for kids is so great! Start them young! Shrimpy salad...yum!! Rest is the best healing power. You will come back better than ever!

  4. I'm glad to hear you had a much better time than some of the other people that went! So nice of you to go to your nieces yoga thing, and how awesome is that that they had that event?

    Good idea not to run for a bit, I bet you will feel much better after a month off.

  5. rainbow cookie ice!!! is that for real!!!

    that yoga event sounds like so much fun but SO crowded! good call on getting there early mama and way to keep your spirits up about it being cancelled :)

  6. I love it when kids do yoga!! And that yoga at the great lawn looks AMAZING!!
    <3 jess

  7. OMG those kids doing yoga is the cutest thing ever! So glad you enjoyed your moist brownie!

  8. Who needs to run when you got yourself some yoga on the lawn! That's awesome. Hoda Kotb was talking about this today on the Today show. I figured you would probably go! So glad you posted about it. And ewww, moist muffin thingy?? Yuck. But hey, free and delicious so who cares!

    I love that your neice is doing yoga at school. I hope that becomes a trend in schools.

  9. I'm so sorry about the rain! I can't believe they shut it down...don't they know that New Yorkers are TOUGH. At least you got to have a blogger meet up anyway!

    Home Fries is adorable! She's going to make an awesome yogi.

    Um what is this rainbow cookie ice? And where can I get some?

  10. Hey hun! I am so glad you made the best of the yoga event. I don't know if I would have been so happy in the rain because it makes me melt!

    I loved seeing the pictures of Hailey doing yoga. You should be a very proud titi. I think it's time for me to get Benny into yoga :)

    Hope you are well! I miss you!

  11. NYC is such an amazing like that sound like so much fun! (even if it did rain)

    I love hearing about your niece. She obviously looks up to you so much!

    Thank you, as always, for such sweet comments you leave me on my blog. Makes me smile :)

  12. You and my hubby are only 7 days apart, his 30th is on July 27th!

    Your niece's school sounds awesome. It's nice to see kids getting to try different things at school.

    Sorry it rained on your yoga! That sure looked like an awesome event. I really want to live in NYC, lol.

  13. Your niece is adorable!!! The yoga event looked like so much fun! They should do stuff like that in Philly!

  14. I love all the pictures of those little tots doing yoga! That is beyond adorable!

  15. Glad you were able to have fun at the yoga event! You had a much different experience than me! Your niece is so cute. I love that they practice yoga. They need to do that in every school!

  16. aww thats so cute of haileys class to do!! what a turn out for yoga!

    I saw that yoga on the lawn review on missys sight, and they didn't get mats! good thing you made in in there!!

  17. wow thats really cool that there was such a huge group of people for yoga outside!! sucks that the weather didn't cooperate!

    aww those kids are SOO CUTE!!

  18. I love the pics! I had such a good time hanging out with you!!!!

    Ali :)

  19. Aw, sorry the event was a wash - so many people! Did you at least keep your mat?!

    Your niece is so cute - love her balance!

    Thanks too for your sweet comment on my last post - you rock!

  20. i am so glad you got to gowith the girls. Ben was being a MAJ stick in the mud and we had a lovely roommate discush... which prompted me to run away to patti's house for dinner and then mickey peed on her couch cuz she didnt want to pee int he rain and then hot neighbor was outside when i came out of pattis and he wouldnt leave my side... what im trying to say is - i would have been better off with you.
    i laughed out loud about the website comment from HF's teach. that is sooo cute! she is proud of her tia.
    i walked by your place yesterday... i think mickey and i need to visit you again. For hugs and kisses.

  21. Man oh man I really wanted to go to yoga in the park but I had something else. Too bad it rained, but I'm glad you had fun anyways! A true yogini :)

  22. That yoga event sounded so neat! I think doing yoga outside.... especially on the beach, is the most amazing thing! Studios are nice because you can do it in any weather.... but there's something so refreshing and wonderful about being outside while doing it.
    Your niece is adorable, by the way!!!

  23. How cool is the yoga for children! The park event looks like the energy would be incredible!

  24. Yoga At Great Lawn sounds like an amazing event! Bummer about it being shut down because of the rain though :-(. Glad you still enjoyed yourself!


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