Friday, July 30, 2010


Damn 3 consecutive days of blogging? What is wrong with me???? I guess only having 15 hours of sleep in 3 days, makes me do crazy things lol.

So ayer I went to IntenSati with Missy and Jenny (girl from my neighborhood) and something crazy happened. We were in the middle of the routine and I felt so happy! So happy that I thought I was going to burst with emotions and I did but instead of smiling, I ended up tearing. It hit me that in a few days, this will soon end! I went to the back of the room and tried to compose myself and blow my nose and shake of the sadness. I regrouped and instead of mourning the loss of this amazing month, I embraced the moment and dove right in and yes I was still tearing but they were tears of joy. “I choose gratitude. FOREVER!

After class, Missy and I headed to Whole Foods for din din (it’s tradition lol). We both got Spicy Shrimp Rolls with Avocado, Brown Rice, and Sweet Sauce


Missy paired her sushi with seaweed salad and I paired mine with Split Pea Soup. I have a confession…the reason I love this soup so much is because it tastes like Baby Food! Here is a interesting little fact about me…I never stopped eating baby food and nope I don’t do it because it is trendy or to lose weight, I just love it and never stopped. I remember the neighborhood kids making fun of me when we would come home from grocery shopping and I was carrying my bag filled with Gerber and Beech Nut! haha


Now the smart thing would have been to go home after dinner since we both had to wake up at 4:20 in the morning for today’s class but smart is not something we claim to be HA. Instead we ended up walking another two miles around the city and of course we stopped at TLC for dessert! AND of course I had the Piña Colada (why mess with a good thing!)


I finally got home around 10:45 and fell asleep around midnight…when the alarm went off this morning, I thought it was a cruel joke but I knew that the challenge was coming to an end so I leaped out of bed!

I met my friend on the bus and we headed into the city together and met Missy at the Gym. Before the class Jenny (btw her name IS Jenny, I thought it was short for Jennifer but nope not so much lol) and I took a couple of pictures with Norn (another challenger) who is such an amazing person! He radiates such positive energy, actually EVERYONE that is involved in the challenge is incredible! I remember the first day, we were all in our own little cocoons and pretty much avoided eye contact and now we are hugging, giving each other high fives and just SO happy to see one another and we even notice when someone is missing…”hmmm I wonder if she is okay?”. I hope I don’t lose contact with these people…I actually thought of setting up monthly Warrior Classes with them but we need one of the leaders to host the event…hmm I should ask someone…((((thinking cap))))). Oh and yup I got emotional AGAIN today when I was thanking Natalia for an amazing month…shit I am tearing just writing this sentence! I am going to be a mess on Monday! It will be our last class and it’s going to be 2 HOURS! AND Patricia, Natalia, AND Darbi will all be there! Note to self: bring a box of kleenex!

After the class I bumped into some friends….

DSCN9078 DSCN9079 DSCN9080

Oh and I made a new friend! Everyone meet Luna!

DSCN9081 We bonded on our train ride back to Queens…well I stared and she napped…ha


Ayer when I was heading into the city I bumped into one of the volunteers whom was super sweaty and distressed…


“HUH what are you talking about????”

“We got over a ton of bananas and we need to get rid of them! I just took some to the fire house and the police dept….come get a case”

::Standing at the bus stop:: “Well I would BUT I am going into the city”

“so take them with you!”

“are you nuts?”

::sweating and staring at me:: “fine come tomorrow and get them”

AND I DID! I even dragged my friend with me after class since she said she liked bananas lol. When we got there I was in shock by how many boxes we had; I thought the other volunteer was exaggerating but nope we seriously have like 20,000 Bananas AND Tomatoes! We grabbed a couple of bags and stocked up…


We are going to make a lot of families happy mañana with all this fresh produce!

I already froze about 2 bunches and I sense some muffins in my NEAR Future lol….I even used them for Breakfast this morning.

Chocolate Protein Pancakes with Bananas with Peanut Butter and Light Syrup…


You might be wondering where the bananas are…INSIDE The Pancakes!

DSCN9093 DSCN9092

It might not look that great but trust me, it tasted delish!

Well I am off to take a nap and catch up on blogs!!!! I am so freaking behind.

Have a great weekend loves!


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