Friday, July 23, 2010

Birthday Goodies and Eats (and IntenSati)…

Hello my loves!!!!! I hope you guys are having a fabulous Friday! I actually had to think about what day it was…I only had about 4.5 hours of sleep and I am running on empty.

My Birthday was fabulous! Filled with great Company, Eats, and Gifts!

I started my Birthday with some Yoga…it was a great way to start my day.

I then had a Brunch date with my dad; we went to a Dominican Restaurant.

I ordered Mangu (mashed plantains) with Onions and Fried Cheese


After Brunch, my dad and I went to the movies and saw Inception. It was a pretty good movie but a bit too long for this girl who has A.D.D. I like to watch movies at home because I can pause them etc. lol

After the movies, I came back home and got ready for part 2 of my birthday…Linner with my mom, sis, and homefries.

I decided that I wanted to go to P.F. Changs! I know some of you guys are against “chain” restaurants but honestly if the food is good, why not go there?

We started off with Chang’s Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps and Seared Ahi Tuna…my family decided to get meatless appetizers so that I could enjoy them too. Thanks!

 DSCN8860 DSCN8861 DSCN8858

I of course had a Piña Colada!


Homefries had the children’s Chicken Lo Mein


My sister had the Mongolian Beef


My mom had the Honey Shrimp


I had the Orange Shrimp


And we all shared Shrimp Fried Rice


Everything tasted amazing!!!!!

After dinner we went to Cold Stone Creamery! I was overwhelmed by all the different choices but I decided to enjoy myself. Plus, I don’t know if you know this or not BUT Calories Don’t Count On Your BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Since it WAS my birthday I decided to get the Cake Batter Ice Cream and threw in some crushed Waffle Cones and Caramel


And you need Sprinkles!


AND Some Cherries on top!!!!


This was a party in my mouth! (that’s what she said haha)

Birthday Goodies!!!!!

I have been dropping hints EVERYWHERE that I wanted Turbo Fire for my birthday and thankfully my sister was listening!


BUT she went ABOVE AND BEYOND and got me the DELUXE EDITION!


The Deluxe package comes with 4 ADDITIONAL Workout DVD’s (15 in total), P90X Recovery Formula, Resistance Bands and all the goodies from the basic package. I can’t wait to start this program in August!!!!!!

I have a confession…even though I try to be green by not eating meat, using recyclable bags when I go shopping and by recycling etc…I have a small addiction; BOTTLED WATER! BUT it is time to kick the habit to the curb soooooo I asked for a water filter for my birthday =) and my mom got it for me!


And just when I thought things could not get ANY better, the UPS man arrived! My “sista from another motha” in the west coast, Mansana (known to you as One Healthy Apple) sent me a FABULOUS GIFT!


Can you say “PEANUTBUTTERGASM!” Thanks chica!!!!!!

AND I won a giveaway on Missy’s page too!!!!!


I won a Omron Pace and Distance Tracker! along with some other goodies….


IntenSati Challenge!

My workouts are going strong! I have made it 16 classes so far!!!! Last night Missy and I attended Natalia’s class and it was super hot and sweaty. I was already not feeling that well and I thought I was going to pass out but thankfully someone was looking over me because I got through it, in one piece!

After the class we went to Whole Foods in Union Square for din din. I got a Spicy Shrimp Roll with Avocado and Brown Rice.


We were both craving something sweet so we decided to go to TLC for dessert; unfortunately the one we walked to was closed down because of electrical problems. We decided to walk even further to another one on 23rd street, I told ya’ll we were craving something sweet lol. Finally after another 10 blocks I was able to enjoy a small Piña Colada Soft Serve

DSCN8937 Definitely worth the walk!

But we decided to keep walking to 42nd street! We ended up walking about 1.55 miles which was great because we got to people watch. We even passed a dance studio and stopped to watch them shake their groove thang! lol

I was pretty wired last night and didn’t knock out until midnight which sucked because I had to wake up at 4:30 for some more IntenSati! Today Natalia had HCB on the calendar! which stands for HIGH CALORIE BURN! I’m sorry but isn't that what we HAVE been doing?!?! hmmm not so much! Natalia kicked our ASSES today but it felt great. I know I keep saying this but that  woman is so inspiring and so freaking nice too! Missy and I stayed a little longer to do some upper body strength training and also to pick at Natalia’s brain a little lol. FYI Missy and I are hanging out WAY too much! To the point that we accidently matched this morning lol.

After my workout, I came and refueled with a Green Monster (I have been having these quite a lot!). This one consisted of Spinach, 2 scoops of the P90X Powder, Coffee, FF Milk, and Splenda.


Okay it is time for a nap! I need my energy for tonight’s din din at 5 burros!


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