Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guest Post and I Finally Joined!!!

Hello my loves! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day!

The Fabulous Juliette asked me to write a guest post on her blog about becoming a vegetarian so please check it out =) THANKS! AND while you are over there, please make sure to check out her Giveaway!

Also don’t forget to enter my Oikos Giveaway!!!!! you still have time to enter!

Reminder mañana is my birthday dinner at 5 Burros! We are all meeting at 7 PM so please email me if you planning to attend so that I can get a head count.

AND I finally joined Facebook! I know it took me long enough ha. Here is my Link!

Have a great day loves!!!!! Mañana I will have a lot of pictures to show you, including my birthday eats AND gifts! OH AND I also went on a tour of Mamita’s Ices so stay tuned for that post too!

“Every day, in a very true way, I co-create my reality."




  1. i can't believe you never had an account before! but we are friends, YAY!!!

  2. Have a good birthday dinner. Congrats on the FB account. I'll look you up later.

  3. hahaah you finally have a facebook! YAY!

  4. Yay for Facebook!! Can't wait for dinner tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So glad you finally joined Facebook. Now we need some Face time :) Have fun tonight and thanks again for writing such an amazing guest entry! xo

  6. be careful facebook can be addicting lol

  7. on my way!

    Oh, friend me on Facebook. It'll be good practice :)

  8. I was late jumping on the facebook bandwagon too. I don't use it a lot, but I like to see what other people are doing. I'll be your friend :)

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday dinner!

  9. FB is a tool like anything else, it depends on how you use it!
    some people just use it as a time-waster, and others (like me, i hope!) use it for spreading inspiration & information!
    I know you will, too!

  10. Yay for having a facebook! I'm friending you fight now!


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