Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Running On Empty…

I know I have said this before but damn I am ti-ired! I slept for about 4 hours last night and have been chugging coffee all morning and I still feel like ass lol.

On Monday I went to Red Lobster with mi familia for Linner…I love this place even if some people call it “Ghetto Seafood” lol…

We started off with some Biscuits…


And to this day, they still make the BEST Piña Colada…”hello lova”


I then had a Garden Salad with French Dressing…


And for my Main Course, I had Crab-Crusted Tilapia; Fresh tilapia topped with a creamy blend of sweet crabmeat, Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs, then baked crispy and golden. Served with fresh broccoli and Baked Potatoe. This was an amazing dish! Oh and I also enjoyed some of my sister’s leftovers! Thanks Jenn!



Ayer I woke up early and decided to make some Muffins…and I enjoyed one with Oikos Honey Yogurt in a Peanut Butter Jar with my usual cafe con leche


I studied for most of the day and then had a Green Monster before heading into the city for an Intensati class. This GM consisted of Spinach, 1/2 a Banana, P90X Orange Recovery Powder, Coffee, Splenda, and FF Milk


I had another amazing IntenSati class ayer! It was Patricia’s and it was fabulous! I thought I was at a house party, we even did some “fist pumping!” I was looking around for Snookie! ha

After class, Missy and I did our usual Whole Foods run and of course I got some sushi. This time I ordered Spicy Tuna Roll with Avocado and Brown Rice…I always tell them to make it EXTRA SPICY and they always make it mild…”I can handle the heat!”


I mentioned on Facebook ayer that I was making muffins and Missy “hinted” that she would love to have one so I obliged and brought some for dessert…and she LOVED IT!



This morning my alarm went off at 4:20 and I wanted to hit snooze but instead I sat up and started to read emails…anything to make my body wake up.

Don’t you guys love making new friends??? I met this girl a couple of weeks ago (she is doing the IntenSati Challenge too) and it turns out that she lives a couple of blocks away from me! Small world. We bumped into each other on the bus this morning and it was nice to chat with someone during our hour long commute into the city.

Today it was Natalia’s class! Have I mentioned how much I am going to miss this woman =/ sad panda. Today Natalia was talking about how this weekend she would talk to various people in her life that were doing great things and she was happy for them but still felt a little twinge of jealousy. And I could totally relate to this…I try NOT to compare myself to others but every so often that little voice creeps into my head. Do you ever feel this way?

After class, Jenny (new friend) and I headed back into Queens…we stopped off at Starbucks for some Iced coffee and a little more girl talk. I ordered a grande Skinny Vanilla Latte which I enjoyed with one of my muffins…

DSCN8995 DSCN8996

I then walked to Forest Park to see my niece and little sisters. They signed up for a Track and Field Summer Program. Before I show you the pictures…can I just say how hard it was to walk in the park and NOT run! I kept looking at all the people running and I just wanted to throw my purse on the ground and join them but instead I walked in the park for about 30 minutes.

Now to the pictures! lol

Hailey and Hannah (orange and green)DSCN8997






DSCN9018 DSCN9023 DSCN9028DSCN9031DSCN9036


DSCN9019   DSCN9029 

Check out her “Game Face” too cute!  DSCN9034 

I am so proud of all three of them!

In about 2 weeks they will competing against 9 other city park teams! I can already hear the “Rocky” song! I am about to take them to the park myself and train them!!!! hahahahaha

After the park I ran some errands, did laundry, and cleaned up my apartment a little bit.

I was hungry again so I had Breakfast part deux lol which was Oikos Honey Yogurt with one of my muffins and cafe con leche…


I have to start getting ready in a little bit… the fabulous Angela invited me to her housewarming party tonight and I am meeting Missy Miss at 6ish…maybe I should take a nap before I go. Do you find that naps make you feel better or worse?

Oh and one quick thing! I want to thank the sweetest couple, AMANDA and ANDY! for an AMAZING BIRTHDAY GIFT!!!!!!!!


A “NAMASTE” NECKLACE!!!!!!!!!!! DSCN8981

I was so happy when I saw this that I yelled “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!” and squealed like a little piglet lol. THANKS SO MUCH YOU TWO (BOOS)!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I've been thinking about those amazing muffins all day mmm. I've also been running on coffee all day! Lol so worth no sleep for intensati! Can't wait for drinks tonight! See ya in an hour!

  2. ahh I want to try one of your muffins!! do you think those would ship well?!?!?! hehe

    I love the pics of homefries and your sis! so cute! i love seeing active kids, that makes me smile!! Intensati sounds amazing I would love to take a class with you and missy!!

  3. Looks like the kids had fun!

    And your Namaste necklace is gorgeous :-).

  4. I want to try some muffins. I should make them sometime!

    I'm so glad you liked the Namaste necklace. :)

  5. Go home fries! I love that she is so active...she's taking after her aunt I see...

    Mmm Red Lobster. I've only been once but those cheddar bay biscuits bestill my heart.

    Get some sleep girl!

  6. I need to try these muffins!

    You and your sushi... now I want sushi for dinner...

    Love the pics of the summer fun :o)

  7. They'll make the sushi on spot for you? I wish they did that at my whole foods!

  8. Aww homefries and your sis are so adorable!!

    I haven't been to a Red Lobster in forever....and now I'm craving some!

  9. love yo photos homieeeee.. :-). and your sushi always looks so yummy (esp for coming from an american store! =P). hang in there for a lil longer and your legs will get back to normal and you can take your stress out on the pavement soon!!

  10. You should try my garlic cheddar biscuits Mari - they taste just like the red lobster ones!

    Aw, what a great summer program for the girls - teaches them to be so active!

    Hooray for the Two Boos! They are such a cute couple!

  11. Ahh this post reminds me of the Red Lobster that used to be in my town! They shut it down and put an Applebees in place haha

    You and Missy are KILLIN it at intensati!! And your WF dates are making me crave that hot bar action :)

  12. OMG- how is homefries so adorable? I want her outfit.

    Can you bring me one of your muffins when I see you? thanks!

    I still can't believe you run on 4 hours of sleep. You are a monster!

  13. dammit woman, you are so busy. when the hell am i gonna give you your gift? next year maybe.
    your muffins are amazing.
    yay for making friends.
    the girls are looking so cute! hailey is getting tall!

  14. Um, I love naps! They always make me feel 100% better! I wish I could nap every day.

    That is such a cute necklace from Amanda and Andy, I love it!


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