Friday, July 9, 2010


Hello my loves! TGIF! Is it me or did this week FLY by? I guess it is true, time does fly by when you are having fun! This has been an amazing week…

The last time we spoke, I was raving about my IntenSati classes and yup I am still in love with them! C’mon I have to be if I woke up at 4:30 to make it to my 6:30 class this morning ha…I even got a shout out from Natalia when I was doing punches. Oh speaking of punches, I went to a boxing gym ayer am I am thinking of taking a class but IF I do, it will be in August…I will keep you guys updated.

The last time we spoke, I was at home waiting for the UPS guy which ended up coming to my house around 4! Totally ruined my day but thankfully it got better when my niece came over. I promised her that we would have a sleepover and even though I was up since 4:30 and exhausted…I wanted to keep my promise.

For din din we ordered Chinese food while we watched Kung Fu Panda lol…I got Hunan Shrimp


I was also craving Crab Rangoons


We then played with my Wii, well she played while I watched. For the rest of the night we watched Disney Channel and just chilled out…oh and I also made muffins per her request but I waited until the sun went down.

The next morning, we woke up and I made us Chocolate Protein Pancakes with Peanut Butter, Light Syrup, and Strawberries.


We then headed to the park with my mom…

DSCN8631 DSCN8632

The kids turn the regular slide into a water slide! They kept flying down, it was too cute.

DSCN8636 DSCN8640

She kept trying to drag me into the Sprinklers and I am so glad she did…the water felt great.

 DSCN8641 DSCN8644 DSCN8652

My mom lives near JFK so we kept seeing planes fly by…

 DSCN8654 DSCN8655

After the park we went back to my mom’s house for lunch. She made Mangu (mashed plantains) with fried light Cheese, Onions, and Avocado


We then headed to Bed Bath and Beyond and I got some goodies…including this water bottle…

Purple Solstice 32-Ounce Water Bottle, BPA Free

Perfect for traveling and outdoor events, this Solstice freezer water bottle features a freezer stick that keeps your beverage cool throughout the day without the use of blocks of ice. It is BPA-free and pthalate free while remaining healthy for the environment in reducing the need for plastic bottles. Dishwasher safe. Holds 32-ounces.


I used it this morning and LOVE it!

I got home around 8:30 and didn’t want to have anything too heavy so I made a Green Monster with Spinach, Strawberries, and Zico Passion Fruit Coconut Water

This morning I woke up at 4:30 and headed to my class, when I got back home I had Oikos Honey Yogurt with a Chocolate and Banana Protein Muffin and PB with my usual Cafe con Leche


For Lunch I just had Tofu Salad with Lettuce, slice of Tomato,  Nature’s Pride WW bun.


Ohhh look what I saw this morning! These guys were breaking out of prison and got BUSTED!

DSCN8675 DSCN8676



  1. I said it before, but I'll say it again...your niece is so lucky to have an aunt who does such fun things with her. I'm sure she really looks forward to her time with you. She'll remember her sleepovers with you when she is all grown up very fondly :)

  2. What a fun time with your niece! I didn't know Zico makes Passion Fruit flavor, I haven't seen that one around here. Oh and the water bottles with freezer sticks in them are necessary right now!

  3. I agree- your niece is so blessed that you invest so much time into her!! so awesome, girl :) LOVE playing in sprinklers :) hehe so fun!

  4. are those statues new?? they're adorable!! hailey, or should i say, lil jen, looks adorable enjoying the sprinklers.. we'll be in town this weekend, let us know if your free :-). not leaving nyc till 10pm sunday night.

  5. i love those little guys~

    Homefries is getting tall (and looks thinner!) shes so beautiful!

    Love the sleep over idea~ wish my niece and nephew lived closer! we'd be having sleepovers All the Time!

  6. Glad you had such a good time with your niece! Did you say fried cheese - yum!

    Thanks for the review of that water bottle - I need a new one - I have a 34 ounce bubba keg, but it has a small bottom (like to fit in a cup holder in a car) and when it gets on the empty side, it always falls over.

    Happy Friday Mari!

  7. Dude you are seriously an Intensati TROOPER. I still can't believe you get up that early.

    You are the best aunt ever! So much fun with home fries :P

  8. Is intensati like kickboxing? Get it girl! I'm glad you've found a workout that's inspiring you!

  9. Aw, you two really are bffs! You girls always have fun! Glad you're still loving the early morning workouts.

  10. Glad you had some nice quality time with your adorable niece. I love being a kid again :)

    The mashed plantains sound very interesting. I love plantains but have never had them mashed. The idea sounds very intriguing and I may have to steal it!

    Have a great weekend Mari!

  11. You are such a fun aunty :) I think my own nieces and nephews would prefer you over their M.I.A aunt lol

    Are those little guys a new art installment in NYC? Me lovies!

  12. God bless you waking up at 430A-I don't know how you do it!

    I was lmao @ the fact y'all were eating Chinese food while watching Kung Fu Panda! I like themed meals though so bring it on :)

    When you have a minute-can you send me the stuff you put in the tofu salad? I was thinking about it this wknd and remembered LC, Honey Mustard and hot sauce but couldn't remember what else you mixed in. Hope you had a fabulous wknd!!

  13. Girl you are nuts in the best possible way to get up at 4:30- much better than I would ever be ;) Love all the motivation lately.

    I also want Little Lady's hair. It's sooooo long!

  14. Looks like you had a great time with your niece. She's so lucky to have you!!

  15. Mmmmm, mangu. Very nice. I haven't had any in a while. The pics were so great. Hailey is getting so big and beautiful. You look great as well. Love reading your posts. Love ya.


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