Tuesday, August 17, 2010

13 13 13

When Missy invited me to a baseball game on Friday, I was a tad hesitant since it was Friday the 13th and I am a VERY superstitious person but I said “F It” and went to the game…but then she gave me my ticket….

ROW 13 SEAT 13! Seriously?!?!DSCN9391

  Despite all the 13’s, this turned out to be a fabulous day!

On the train, heading to the game. (Missy is a brave girl rocking that hat on train that goes to see Citi Field.)


Perfect day for a baseball game!

 DSCN9300 DSCN9326 DSCN9345 

But wait there WAS something unlucky about this game…I paid 12 dollars for a Kahlua Iced Coffee and I did not taste any of the Kahlua! What a rip off!


But I did enjoy a Knish!


Gotta love the Dog Days of Summer!



Eats for the past couple of days…

Whole Wheat Pasta with Vodka Sauce, Chopped Tomato, and Grated Reduced Fat Parm


Papa Namaste Pasta with Grilled Shrimp and Buitoni 4 Cheese Raviolu


Check out my new wooden bowl! I have been saying that I wanted one for the looooongest time (my grandma used to have these and I loved them) and my mom brought me one!

I have been on a Pancake Kick for the past couple of days…

DSCN9292 DSCN9353

Green Monster


Raisin Bran with Skim Plus


I was craving THIS all weekend!

DSCN9357 DSCN9360

Which was a perfect for some comfort food…Corn on the Cobb with Salt and Light I Can’t Believe it’s not Butter, Black Bean Burger cooked in BBQ Sauce, and Mashed Potatoes with 1 small Potato, LICBINB, Salt, and Skim Plus


I also made a yummy Fajita rice bowl!

First I sautéed Tofu in some Oil


I then added Onions and Peppers


I then added my FAVORITE SEASONING EVER! It is so hard to find this in the stores now =/


Let it simmer for about 5-10 minutes…


And Serve it over a bowl of brown rice…

DSCN9384 DSCN9385

I made enough to have leftovers during the week =)

I have a confession; all of my eats were not so “healthy”… on Sunday night I was craving Onion Rings with Cheese Fries and ordered it from the local Diner…



Friday- Turbo Fire 55 EZ workout and 10 Minute Stretch

Saturday – Turbo Fire Core 20 Minute Workout

Sunday- I tried to do Turbo Fire 45 Minute Workout but I was only able to do 25 minutes…I felt like crap because of the Diner food….

Monday- I kicked it into high gear and did Turbo Fire 45 Minute workout, 45 EZ workout, and 10 minute Stretch.

This morning I did 25 HIIT Workout and at first my DVD player was not able to read the DVD and I was having a mini panic attack lol but thankfully it all worked out and I was able to do my workout..I also did the 10 minute Stretch.

For Breakfast I had a Green Monster with Spinach, 1/2 a Banana, Coffee, 1 scoop of Chocolate LMM, 1 cup of FF Milk, and Splenda


May I introduce everyone to my new BFF!!!!!!!! GreenLeeh (H is silent)




  1. Yeah row 13! I hope we can go again next month! Yay for your new baby! She is pretty! Now I am craving corn on the cob! It's been so long!

  2. Yay! Your new little one is very cute! Lots of blogging ahead, right? I love all the cooking and leftovers too! I'm coming over!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Can your dad come and cook me some pasta? That seriously looks AMAZING.

  5. That looks like so much fun! I would have been seriously angry about the drink though.

    Your food looks delicious. I would never call corn on the cob a comfort food but it totally is! Especially in summer, it reminds me of my mom, she could live on that stuff.

    We need to get together soon! It's been way too long.

  6. 13 might be LUCKY for you! thats a crazy coincidence

    love your new BFF!

    and your eats look awesome! love love love !

  7. 13 has always been my lucky number. lol! Yay for a Phillies v. Mets game (me being the Philly girl that I am!) I love the new addition to your life-she's so pretty!

  8. lol. ur name is very cute. glad things are back to normally waiting btwn thurs and tuesday is a LONG ASS TIME!!! miss you!! keep me posted on what ur doing. joseph went to see his nephews last weekend; this weekend we'll be home (nyc) until sunday afternoon probably. next weekend we're doing road trip to the ATL for a wedding and labor day weekend we'll be going to Puerto rico =D..

    PS: did you find a store where you can buy alfajores?? b/c we found an argentinan restaurant/mom and pop shop that sells them..?? would u like some?

  9. Glad you had fun at the game, even with all those 13s!

    Loved all your food pics, that is until I got to all those onions! I'll pretend I don't see them. :D

    Hooray for your new laptop!!

  10. Missy is awesome! So cool that you got to hang out with her. Now, uh, can we talk about those lovely-looking pancakes??

  11. pretty computer WELCOME :) hehe

    yummy eats for the weekend, that papa namaste pasta is SO green and pretty!

    glad you are liking turbo fire! have you done the core workout yet? its aweosme! i love it because its mostly standing!

  12. The triple 13's would freak me out too!!!

    They have knish at the games? That's crazy!!! I've never had one in my life.

    Yay for your new netbook :)

  13. Baseball games are so fun! That's pretty crazy about all the 13's....I'd be freaked out too :) Your food always looks so great - the tofu fajitas especially!!

  14. The Mets game looks like so much fun! Jealous...I haven't been to Citifield yet!

    Oh if you could have seen all the crap I ate at blogher, you would not be upset over onion rings. Trust me.

  15. She's a beauty!
    Speaking of beautys, your papa made an amazing looking shrimp dish, YUM! And of course you successfully made tofu look really tasty, once again. That dish looks amazing, and I agree taco bell seasoning is fabulous.

    The 13, 13, 13 thing is so creepy. I'm glad nothing bad happened (other than the rip off kahlua)!

  16. Ok, I seriously want one of everything you just posted! Especially the Kahlua coffee and papa namsate dish.. looks delicious!! Congrats on the new comp!

  17. Yay for your new toy!! Now you can type without having to swear :)

  18. Omg, that is so crazy to get all those 13's but it looks like that didn't get in the way of a fab game.

  19. Looks like a fun game!

    I want to do Turbo Fire so bad! Is it a lot of jumping around?

  20. looks like you had an AWESOME time with missy! haha i think you should have just bought a bottle of kaluha instead of the drink. no?

  21. I haven't made it to HIIT 25 on my schedule, yet. I'm in week 7 and loving TurboFire. Chalene Johnson is an awesome trainer. Screen name at twitter is JustGetMeFit and my blog is http://JustGetMeFit.com - hope you'll stop by to say hello. My goal is to lose 20 pounds with TF. So far, I'm on track.

  22. Yay for the new computer!

    And you don't like 13? I love the number 13 so I am jealous of all the 13's.

    I want a knish. And eff those people who made your drink, thats just wrong!


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