Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bar Method and Old Friends…

Hello my Loves! I hope everyone is having a great week =) WOW it is so nice to be able to type again with all my keys working again…I am one happy Mari.

This morning I started my day with a couple of Strawberries (I didn’t eat ALL of these) and my usual Cafe Con Leche….


I then headed into the city to meet Jess who invited me to a Bar Method class…here is a little info about Bar Method, for those of you who have never heard about it.

“The Bar Method™workout creates a uniquely lean, firm, sculpted body by combining the muscle-shaping principles of isometrics, the body-elongating practice of dance conditioning, the science of physical therapy and the intense pace of interval training into a powerful exercise format that quickly and safely reshapes and elongates muscles.” Click Here for More Info.

This was my first taking a Bar Method class but I did have some knowledge of this sort of exercise because I have done routines from one of my favorite books “Raise The Bar” which was written by Richard Giorla the creator of Cardio Barre which is similar to Bar Method.

I arrived to the studio and was greeted by Robin and Amanda who were both going to teach the class. Jess made a special request and asked Robin to teach me “the tuck” before class…this is when you tuck your pelvic bone under while you keep your back straight. You have to focus on this posture throughout the workout.

It looks something like this

image004Picture: Courtesy of Bar Method 

We started off with some arm workouts with light weights and high reps (I am a big fan of this). We then moved to the bars and the instructors asked me to stay in the middle by the mirror so that I could really focus on my positioning. This is when things got tricky for me, we had to do a lot of various leg workouts and I never knew that my body could shake so much! I literally looked like a Vibrator! But then I looked around the room and it was a room of Vibrators! We were all shaking! The whole point is to work your muscles until they are completely fatigued and then stretch them out. I liked (and hated) that the instructors kept correcting my form but after a while I think the other people must have hated my name “Mariette try to keep the tuck positioning and bend your knees…”.

My favorite part of the class was when focused on my abs…I may not have a 6 Pack but I think my core is pretty strong so I loved challenging it. All in all, I really loved the class and the whole staff was incredibly friendly. They reassured me that even though they kept correcting me; I was strong and did great. I am sure they were just being nice lol.

Thanks Jess for the Invite and thanks Bar Method for a great class!

After the class, I headed back into Queens and I was starving! I looked around my bag and found this at the bottom…SCORE!


I then ran some errands and surprised my mom and niece who were doing laundry…I love when I get to see my niece’s face when I totally catch her off guard.

While in my old neighborhood (my mom has lived in the same place for 32 years) I bumped into a couple of friends, including Mario!!!!!

Mario owns the local Pizzeria “John's” (mentioned in Daily News) and I have known him for more than I would like to admit lol


Whenever I run into him, we usually spend hours catching up; this time it cost me 5 dollars in quarters so that someone could enjoy herself too!


While I was there, I enjoyed a veggie slice…so delish!!!! Ya’ll know that I don’t usually crave meat but today I was craving a pepperoni slice! It looked so fresh and cheesy but thankfully this satisfied my urge…


Besides fresh pizza, they also have fresh home made TIRAMISU! And it is sinfully good which is ironic because it is made by a sweet “old school” CATHOLIC lady…Mario’s MOM!


Great Workout, Great Eats, and FABULOUS Company!!!! This was a WIN WIN day!



  1. Tirimisu reminds me of going on dates with my daddy when I was younger :) We'd always order that for dessert!!
    <3 jess

  2. i used to do ballet-i always judged how good my teacher was on how often they corrected me-i want them to tell me when i'm wrong so i don't injure myself!

  3. That bar class sounds awesome! Posture is super important in a lot of class. I take this one body conditioning class at my gym which is filled with squats and all the instructor does is focus on our chests and backs and how they are aligned. It's rough!

  4. LOL vibrators? LOL LOL LOL!!


    Pepperoni pizza would have tempted me too. I love it.

  5. I really want to try the bar method! It seems like the new craze, and a challenging one too.

  6. You are hilarious! So glad you enjoyed the class!

  7. I have heard of the Bar Method, but never tried it. Interesting though. That pizza looks unreal. I must have a slice of that one day.

  8. A room full of vibrators?!? OMG what kind of exercise is that. I will say no more!! LOL!

    That Tiramisu looks amazing! I could eat that right now.
    No roman beans? No peamnut butter? Whats going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sounds like such a fun day! The bar class sounds really interesting!

  10. You are so funny but you are totally right! It really is like being a vibrator in those barre classes! Now I want tiramisu for breakfast.

  11. Not a bad deal to have a friend who owns a top-knotch pizza place! Looks wonderful :)

    I have never tried a Bar Method class, but I've definitely heard about it more and more.

  12. sounds like you had a great day!
    I hate that shaking feeling when im working my muscles... its unnerving.

    great slice of pizza too! love it. and glad you fought the urge!
    the tiramisu looks fab!

  13. shaky feeling while working out is the BEST! love it! glad you enjoyued the class...I agree, although no 6 pack, I think I have a pretty strong core!!

    that pizza looks SO good right now! thankfully I am not a tiramisu lover, so that isn't as tempting as the pizza LOL

  14. You new yorkers take the best classes!

    I love veggie pizza!

  15. Jesu Christo, get me a slice of the Tiramisu :)

    And ummm, vibrators? Where is this class again? lolz

  16. So fun! I really want to try bar method, even if its just to compare it to Core Fusion. You are so good about trying different workout routines. I need some more variety, variety is the spice of life afterall, plus its so good to keep your muscles guessing.

    Your pizza looks delicious. I could really go for a slice right about now.

  17. Oh know me and pizza! I wish we had that Bar Method class here in Michigan - it looks great!

  18. gahh i LOVE tirimasu!! i haven't had it in forever though :( so sad.

    what a great day! and thank the good lord for emergency handbag snacks!

  19. Oh yeah, that pizza looks perfect. I love tomatoes on my pizza.

    Glad you found a great new workout that you enjoy! It sounds like a lot of fun (and quite a challenge).

    Have a wonderful weekend MAri!

  20. What a great day Mari! :D

  21. You and Missy always go to the best workout classes! This is for sure another one I would want to try if given the opportunity. Fun fun!

  22. Holy smokes does that pizza look AMAZING!!!!!!! I'm half tempted to drive from Michigan just to get a slice ;)



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