Thursday, August 12, 2010


You may be wondering what the hell my title is all about…if you notice the two letters are H and G which are the two letters that went bye bye on my notebook soooooo instead of driving myself nuts, I ordered a new NOTEBOOK! I am so excited! I should have it by next week. I love getting new gadgets!

Eats and Workouts

On Tuesday night I had some leftovers…Tempeh Sloppy Joe but this time I mixed it up with some BBQ Sauce and Melted the 2% Sharp Cheddar Cheese into the mix and had it in a Nature’s Pride WW Bun with Lettuce & Tomato and paired it with a Trader Joe’s Veggie Corn Dog


Wednesday Morning I started the day with Protein Banana Pancakes; 1/2 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder, 1/2 Banana, and 1/2 a cup Fiber one Pancake Mix, topped with PB & Company Smooth Operator and Light Syrup. And Cafe con Leche…


It was my scheduled off day on my Turbo Fire calendar so I decided to walk around while I ran some errands…I ended up walking for over 1 hour and by the time I got home, I was SOAKED and had a little tan! score =)

I refueled with a Green Monster made with Spinach, Strawberries, 1 scoop of Chocolate Light Muscle Milk, Splenda, and Water


and some Wasabi Peas


For din din I had some more leftovers (I am on a budget since I am buying this new notebook so nothing is going to waste). I had some more Tempeh Sloppy Joe with BBQ Sauce, and 2% Sharp Cheddar (I think that the bbq sauce and melted cheese really make this taste 100% better) in a Nature’s Pride WW Bun and Lettuce and Tomato.



This morning I slept in because I was up a little late studying…I was supposed to do Turbo Fire HIIT 15 and Strength 30 but only had enough time to do the HIIT 15 (I plan to do Strength 30 this evening).

I had a quick breakfast which consisted of Oikos Caramel Yogurt and sliced Strawberries with my usual Cafe con Leche


And for Lunch I had Amy’s Cheese Enchilada with Oikos Caramel Yogurt.


Here is a little sneak peak of my new baby….


I have to think of a name for her….::thinkingcap::



  1. Her name should definitely contain an "H" and a "G" hahaha! Glad you are getting a new one so it won't drive you crazy anymore :)

  2. Yay for a new laptop! Looks like you are out of wasabi peas. Looks like you need to go to Whole Foods. Looks like you need to come to intensati next Tues or Thurs night haha. I'm going to annoy you every week about it.

  3. I call my netbook mini or baby!

  4. Yay for a new labtop :) What kind is it?

  5. ahh congrats on the computer! shes a beauty!!! you are going to LOVE IT! you should call it Princess :)

  6. I am totally jealous of all the Trader Joe's goodies!! That is the one thing I miss the most about NY. Unfortunately there are no TJ's in FL :(

  7. Getting a new laptop is like Christmas in July. You must be so excited.

  8. See it was a sign, you needed a new laptop. Very cool. Enjoy it.

  9. That's the laptop they gave me for work! It's really nice (although I'm a total Mac snob). I am getting used to it and I think you will like it.

    I still want to try making those tempeh sloppy joes! Gotta get to Trader Joe's soon, I already picked up the sloppy joe mix :) I really hope Nick will try it!

  10. Hooray for a new notebook! I personally like Nellie the notebook, hehe. Maybe not...

    <3 jess

  11. you know, i never named my current computer
    my last one before it i bought while i still had an old, semifunctioning one... they lived side by side for a few weeks, and i named the new one bradley, like the sublime song "you're on the only one, but you're the best bradley"
    i like the H and G idea :-)

  12. yay for a new notebook! I have an ipad on my list of wants... and least a netbook... lol so i can blog anywhere!
    I love it
    I know all about the on one too... but you know why lol.

    miss you!

  13. you should totally name your new toy after the dancer that you love!! i forget her name but the one from self workout in the park!

    now you can be a Happy Girl. hahaha sorry i had to

  14. I can't believe you are posting w/out the H and G. That has got to be such a pain- true dedication :) Excited for you and your new computer!

  15. Score on the new notebook! I'm sure it will be worth a few tempeh joe burgers in your future. SO EXCITED for you!

  16. Hooray for the new gadget! I'd love to have a laptop and a DSLR - still on my wish list! :D

  17. I loveeee new gadgets! I'm so pumped for you!! woohoo!

  18. No H and no G, well in that case just call me Luii :)

    Mari it is very reassuring that even after me being missing for ages, you can still SCARE me, with your eats.

  19. yay for new gadgets girl! I have been wanting a notebook forever. I love how portable they are.

  20. Yay for new notebooks!!

  21. u should name it turbo fire!!! (no H or G in it :-)

  22. Nice new computer!

    I love the randomness of your meals, save that money girl!!

  23. I'm kind of waiting for your next leftover creation! I'm sure it's worth getting your new baby though!

    Every time I come on here, I want wasabi peas- including now!

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  25. Yay on the new laptop!!!! I have been playing catch-up on your blog since I can't read it at work. Loving the delicious eats and writing down a couple to try. Seriously your meals look so good!


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