Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hitting The Pavement…

Hello my Loves!!!!!!!! How is everyone doing! I feel fabulous! Today is a good day =)

Eats And Workouts…

Tuesday Afternoon I had leftover Veggie Lasagna with Oikos Caramel Yogurt…Why is pasta, always better on the next day? YUMS!

DSCN9519 DSCN9521

For din din I had a BIG MAC ATTACK! But I decided to make my own “big mac”. I searched for the secret sauce online and came up with this combo; Thousand Island Dressing, Mayo, Sweet Relish, and Splenda. I put the sauce on a Black Bean Burger with Lettuce and Arnold Thin with Sweet Potato Fries


It didn’t taste exactly like the special sauce but it was still good.


Wednesday Morning I was planning to go for a run but it was pouring so instead I popped in my IntenSati dvd but I wasn't really feeling it since all I wanted to do was run so I stopped after 20 minutes.

For Breakfast I had Oat bran with Strawberries, PB & Co Dark Chocolate with my usual cafe con leche


I studied for most of the afternoon and then decided to give my workout another shot. This time I did Turbo Fire HIIT 20 followed by Namaste Yoga for Distance Runners.

For lunch I decided to give my big mac sauce another try; this time I used MUCH less Mayo, Thousand Island Dressing, Sweet Relish, Minced Onion, and Ketchup…once again I placed it on my Black Bean Burger with 2% Sharp Cheddar, Lettuce, and a Arnold Thin. 


This tasted a little more like the sauce but still not exactly the same. I searched again online and found some other recipes. Do you have any???

I studied a little more, and then for din din I made myself a Green Monster with Spinach, Strawberries, Chocolate LMM, FF Milk, and Splenda



This morning I woke up and the sun was shining! I put on my NEW sneakers


And Achilles Tendon Strap

DSCN9544 DSCN9542

And headed out for my first run in 2 MONTHS! OMG It felt amazing! I decided to just run on the streets instead of heading to the park. I didn’t want to aggravate my foot even more by walking an extra 2 miles just to run on the trail (which is probably muddy from all the rain). I walked/ran a total of 2.23 miles. When I got back home I did Turbo Fire Sculpt and stretched…great way to start the day!

I refueled with a Green Monster made with Oats, Spinach, 1/2 a Banana, FF Milk, P90X Orange Recovery Formula, Coffee, and Splenda


I feel so great! it is amazing what a good run can you do for your soul!



  1. Yay glad your run went well! You just got me craving a burger big time! Miss you!

  2. Runs always put me in a better mood! The "big mac" is making me hungry!

  3. Glad youhad such a good run after taking a break. I'm nervous to run again after my baby is born...what if I've lost all my running stamina! But at the same time, I can't wait.

    Love the new sneakers :)

  4. A good run does indeed do wonders for the soul (sole too, lol)!

    I love when I feel like it's going to be a good day -- it's the best feeling eva!

  5. nice job on the run, Mari!! you are ROCKING! those sneaks are super cute too!!

  6. hahah Big Mac attack. I used to crave them all the time so I decided to just get one. It was nasty. So not what I remembered!

    I bet your version was better!

    I love the new kicks Mari! I have new ones too. I need to take a picture.

    Way to go on the run! I'm starting physical therapy in a few days so I'm going to work on running again too. I miss it!

  7. woot woot! yay for getting back to running. now look who's inspiring ME!

  8. I love running - its the best stress reliever ever. And it definitely helps break up the studying. I'm always more focused when I give myself a break.

    Your burgers look good, I need to make some at home. I haven't had a homemade veggie burger since you came for dinner!

  9. Great job on the run! I can't believe how many workouts you do in one day...

  10. congrats on your running again!!! as much as i stated before how much i hate it, i'm actually ready to go on a few run this fall, especially after such a harsh summer of heat!!

    glad your getting back to the pavement! miss you!

  11. Welcome back to the streets! Running missed you :)

  12. yay for getting to run!!!!

  13. Good for you having a "Big Mac Attack" and making your own at home, with sweet potato fries no less. That's awesome. I don't know of any good recipes for "special sauce" but I bet you could find the ingredients for their sauce on the website.

    Glad to hear you are back on the streets and running again! I hope the new contraption works well for you.

  14. I am so proud of you!
    and even though the mac sauce wasnt spot on, it looks pretty amazing! My friend alexis orders bigmacs without the meat... to be honest, if you lost focus (and im sure you wont) the McDs stuff might upset your belly BIG time... taht was me at BlogHer LOL

  15. Awesome job on the run Mari! I bet it felt good to get back out there and I hope you can run pain free. Whenever I read your posts I want green monsters!

  16. Hey Love! I hope this goes through on your comments...crossing fingers! - still reading and lovin' your eats...God I WISH I had your healthy eats and attitude...instead of drinking a healthy smoothie for dinner, I eat an arm and a leg right until bed...yeah, I please don't tell me :(

  17. Awesome first run back!!! Lasagna hits the spot ANY day!

  18. love the "big mac!" there's a place near me in l.a. that makes a macrobiotic version called "the big macro" - amazing stuff!

  19. awww glad you got in your run finally! those new kicks are smokin girl :)

    i wish i had a big mac recipe! but i don't but i think you should taste the real thing to realllly find out what's in it ;)


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