Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Press Pause…

Hello loves! I hope you guys are having a great day! We had another tornado watch today…I didn’t get the Memo that NYC was picked up and placed in the middle of Kansas. I might change my name to Dorothy very soon =)

Ayer was a very eventful day…Home Fries tried out her first Karate class! Ya’ll I was so proud of her!!!!!!

DSCN0021 DSCN0015 DSCN0013 DSCN0005 DSCN0001

She even flipped over a boy!!!!!! I am a proud titi! here is a little video of her kicking some ninja butt!

My sister decided to enroll her in more classes and she received her Karate Uniform!

After class we went back to my sister’s house and enjoyed some pizza…we all got slices with chopped tomatoes and fresh mozzarella…we also ordered some Garlic knots but they were yucky and I tossed one out.


Added bonus of not having a car…I walked to and from my sister’s house which was about 3.2 miles…great way to sneak in some cardio!


This morning I woke up at 6:30 and was all ready to do my Turbo Fire workout but my body was not having any of it…my leg felt horrible. I decided to do some Yoga instead for about an hour and felt great when I was done! I came to the conclusion that I am going to put my Turbo Fire workouts on hold for this week because I really want my body to rest before the race. In the past I would have been upset with myself for slacking off but I think it is more important to listen to the warning signs instead of the “no pain no gain” mentality.  For the next few days, I will focus on Yoga and Pilates and I also came across some great videos on the Runner’s World website which I will also incorporate into my routine.

Here are some Eats from the day…

For Breakfast I had a Green Monster with 1 Banana, Spinach, FF Milk, LMM, Splenda, and Coffee.


For Lunch I enjoyed a Amy’s Cheese Enchilada with Applesauce for dessert….


For din din I made my TLT with an Arnold Thin….


Last week I discovered these yummy bars and have been hooked ever since!

DSCN9992 DSCN0050

Well I am off to enjoy a nice Epsom Bath…have a great night loves!



  1. I'm sure home fries will be a black belt before you know it! And it will be so good for her to get some exercise into her day. She's taking after her GORGEOUS aunt! I miss you so much chica. Next weekend we should do dinner.

  2. haha omg that video is too cute!! GO HOMEFRIES!!!

  3. I need those creamsicles! Love that she's taking karate.

  4. I love walking places it's the best form of exercise. That pizza looks good.. too bad the garlic knots weren't.

  5. walking is fantastic! i used to live where it was a painnn to park (street parking, and a popular shopping/eating area = driving for 15 minues to find a spot) not wanting to look for parking made me walk a lot more!

  6. Hope you feel better soon!!!! I bet some 5 burros would help :o)

    You aren't doing the Project Food Blog, are you? I looked for your entry in round one so I could voted for all my buddies but didn't see you!

  7. That is so cool that she's taking karate. Especially at her age. Blog is great as always. Not sure if you've checking out mine. Miss ya....

  8. I hope your leg feels better soon! Rest up!

  9. I'm jealous - I wanted to take karate when I was a kid but I got stuck with the country club sports - swimming and golfing. Boo on that.

    That pizza has my mouth watering. And its only 10. I really need lunch.

  10. Look at homefries go!!! shes amazing that little one.
    and thats an awesome walk to your sisters house!
    (pizza looks soooo good)
    and yay for epsom baths! i think i need one of those.

  11. Aw Homefries is so cute! I love how active she is! Good girl taking some time off from TurboFire. We do not need any more injured Mari's! P.S That pizza looks heavenly!

  12. Karate is awesome. I did that for a few years when I was younger...much younger, but it was a great experience.

  13. I need to call you soon! I just always worry that it's too late for you when I'm home from class.

    Home Fries is adorable. So cute!!

    I think putting Turbo Fire to rest for awhile is a great idea so you can prepare for the race. Smart Mari!

  14. Aww home fries rocks!!! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog...I'm so glad I 'met' you too!

  15. Look at home fries- she's just like her titi!

    I'm proud of you for listening to your body- you brainwashed me into yoga, but so glad to hear when you do it yourself!

  16. Good for Home Fries for doing something like karate!! That's awesome! Great workout, and you also learn a lot of good mental skills. Fabulous. Great video too. YOU GO GIRL!

    Those popsicles looks great. I have had the strawberry kind, but not with CREAM in the middle. I think that's what I see.....Nick would eat that whole box.


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