Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thank You!!!

I just want to thank everyone in the blogging community for being so kind to me during this hard time in my life…
Your Comments, Email, Cards, Text Messages, etc. really helped me feel better when I could barely peel myself out of bed. You are all amazing!!!!
I am also lucky to have an amazing family that is ALWAYS there for me…my sister even slept over my house a couple of nights so I wouldn’t feel all alone…
They even took me to the Bronx zoo! and I rode a camel!!!!

And saw some beautiful animals…(this is my probably my favorite picture EVER!)
Another reason that I have been MIA is because Greenleeh, my new notebook was defected and I had to send it back but now I have Casey!!!!!! She is a higher model =)
And you might have noticed my new picture in my header!!!! My fabulous friend Norn created her for me!!!! He was VERY patient with me and got it exactly right! She even has my “Namaste” tattoo on her wrist!!!!! Thanks Norn!!!!!!
I will leave you with my favorite picture of Koko….
Oh and don’t worry I have been staying up to date with all my workouts…I am already up to Week 6 of Turbo Fire and I am Running/Walking twice a week =)…I will be running a 5K in October in Koko’s Memory…(my leg is hurting a little bit but not as bad as before)
Thank you again for everything!!!!!

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