Wednesday, September 15, 2010

“TLT” Recipe & Am I A Hypocrite?

Hello loves…I hope everyone is having a great hump day! Mine has been fabulous..I had a great run/walk in the park and then spent the afternoon with my fave person in the world…homefries!

The other day my friend Jess wrote a post about labels (vegetarian etc.) and living up to them. When reading this post,  I started to wonder about my label…and am I being a hypocrite for consuming dairy. I didn’t give up meat because of the great things that it would do for my body but mostly because of animal rights…but am I any better? I came across this website when I was doing research on animal cruelty for dairy and it had some interesting points but yet I am still torn….What are you thoughts on this subject? And are you a vegetarian that does or does not consume dairy?

On my quest to a vegetarian lifestyle, I am always looking for ways to satisfy my animal cravings. For the past week or so, I have been craving a BLT sammie like crazy but refused to give into temptation. I searched on the internet for various recipes and pretty much combined a couple a came up with this…

TLT Recipe…

First a I combined Soy Sauce, Dijon Mustard, and Hickory Liquid Smoke (to taste) in a small bowl

DSCN9807 DSCN9808

I then added a serving of sliced Tofu and marinated it for about 1 hour.


After an hour, I heated up a small frying pan with oil and tossed in the Tofu…be careful when you place the tofu in the frying pan, it will start to pop.

DSCN9813 DSCN9816

When it’s done cooking, take them out and place on paper towel to soak up any excess oil.


I enjoyed mine on a toasted Arnold Thin with Lettuce, Tomato, and Mayo….

DSCN9819 DSCN9820

Did it satisfy my craving???? HELL YEA!!!! I will definitely make this again (and again…)



  1. my aunt and uncle used to be vegetarians except for.... bacon! haha
    i think that with food we should just love what we're doing-there's always going to be someone who can one up us, and it doesn't get you anywhere to be caught up in it. as long as you feel right about it, you're good.

  2. Great idea! I make BLT's w. fake bacon but the tofu is a good substiture.

    I am a vegetarian that eats dairy. I have recently cut back solely because it's been upsetting my stomach. I'm a firm believer that every little bit counts!! Even just eating one meatless meal a week!

  3. I LOVE soy sauce!!!! I will put it on anything :)

  4. i absolutely do NOT think you are a hypocrite! Humans have been eating cheese and milk and eggs for centuries. And it is SO good for you. That really can't be said about most meat. But between the calcium and the minerals, I think dairy just can't be beat.

  5. Funky cute little sandwich. Does the tofu taste good when you nuke it back up? I dont know why Im asking this since I dont even have a microwave but I'm curious now.

  6. I'm not vegan, but I try to limit my consumption of dairy as much as possible. I.e. I drink soy milk, ask for the cheese to be left off my sandwiches/salads/etc. But I will occasionally indulge in a slice of really creamy brie or some gouda or even in recipes. I also use eggs and bake with dairy. I know that the dairy industry is nearly as bad as the meat industry. It's such a huge commitment though. I hope one day I can become strong enough to go fully vegan!

    P.S. There's a really good version of Tempeh bacon that makes a pretty good vegetarian BLT.

  7. hmm I really wouldnt be one to judge anyone for calling themselves a vegetarian yet eating dairy...i think its okay to cut out meat and still want the dairy! go for it girl! i could never give up my dairy but I DO think I could give up meat (for a short period of time!!)

  8. Your TLT looks great! One of these days I'll make tofu. Oh and no I don't judge any vegetarian who eats dairy. Do what works for you! I know the dairy industry is bad too but you also only live once and then we could't go out for drunk pizza hahaha jk. You could totally get it without cheese if you decide to do this!

  9. This sandwich looks great!

    Obviously, I know exactly how you feel. =) And yes, I will have at least some candy corn this fall.

  10. Honestly, I HATE labels. I think you can always declare your beliefs in animal different degrees. Just because you're for animal rights, doesn't mean you have to make drastic measures. You can show it in different ways. So if dairy makes you happy, it's okay to continue with it, and heck, even okay if you eat the occasional bacon.

  11. Lady, your sandwich looks great- it's fabulous :)

    You know how I feel about labels. I am not a vegetarian because I eat chicken or turkey like once or twice a month. I also eat seafood maybe once a week and I consider fishies animals, while others don't.

    My point is everyone is different and you are not a hypocrite. Don't label yourself- Mari doesn't fit into a label!

  12. I am just happy that you enjoy looking at my meat I grill! :D

    I don't think you need to label your diet - just a person who doesn't eat meat!

    Have a great day!

  13. I don't think that your a hypocrite, but why not ditch the label? Not so you can give up being veggie but labels can be hypocritical in general. When you lose the label I think you are more focused on why you are really doing it anyway.

    BTW I'm so glad your back posting. Let's meet up soon. Maybe a big(ger) group of us this time.

  14. i dont think you are being a hyporite.
    I still enjoy meat and what not but now i make a conscious decision (and costly) to buy free range and grass fed products. The milk i buy is organic and comes from local farms that are humane to their milk cows... and on days i cant swing the price tag, i drink almond milk.
    if it still is making you feel guilty i would try to wean myself off of the dairy and what not... but this lifestyle isnt cheap...and wish society would realize that!
    oh well.
    the TLT look sensaysh! i think you should make this for me. :-)

  15. I do think it's easier for me to not consume dairy because it would cause me stomach aches, but I am glad that I have because what I've learned about animal cruelty in the dairy industry is very disturbing. While I originally went vegan for health reasons (and those great things it does for my body, lol) I cannot turn off the images I have seen since then or tune out the things I have read. Just do what you are doing -- reading up about it, thinking it over, etc. And just do what your heart tells you. You are not a hypocrite so don't be so hard on yourself. It's awesome that you even care! :)

  16. I use my label to make sure when I am eating out I do not get served something by accident that I choose not to eat, but otherwise labels are not necessary. I tell people I am a vegetarian, although I am a lacto-ovo-pesco vegetarian (or pescatarian, which may also imply just fish), because if I tell someone I am vegetarian they will not serve me meat or something I don't eat. I like that people use caution and often do not serve me dairy or eggs or at least ask. I am picky about my fish too (maybe not so much on the island) so when I label myself in a restaurant it helps a chef or server understand my requests and take them seriously. I just don't want to get served meat. But, I feel a person can make their own food preferences and have no need to label themselves. A food pref is a food pref any way you look at it. A label can be helpful when someone is serving you food. It's only hypocritical if you use the label to make others feel bad about their food choices...and then you do something against what you have labelled yourself as. If you are open about your label and what it includes, that is not hypocritical. I always say "I'm a vegetarian, but I do eat fish". I did not eat fish for a good 6 or so years, so adding it back in was a big step and I have said vegetarian since I was 12 so I stick with it. Ok, I have rambled long enough...have a good night.

  17. I MUST try tofu! I am always so afraid to try it, because I never have cooked it before! But this looks delicious :)

  18. Mmmm, a TLT sounds so good right now -- you can also do it with tempeh bacon! And no, I do not think you are being a hypocrite at all!

  19. I tried to be vegetarian for about a year, but then I thought about it and I didn't really know why I Was I quit. I don't think it's necessary to give up dairy though, because it's not killing an animal...BUT after reading the Omnivore's Dilemma, and learning about the living situations of these animals, I can see why it may sound hypocritical to not give up dairy.

    The tofu looks great. Love the prepping method you used! Soy sauce is my friend :)

  20. I used to be a vegetarian that consumed dairy. I don't think it's being hypocritical. Hope you have a great weekend, love!

  21. I thought a vegan was someone who didn't consume any dairy or meat?

    It is a matter of your personal choice, and it doesn't make you a hypocrite in my opinion! do what makes you happy :)

    by the way, just passing by to say hello and to send a hug. thinking of you.


  22. That looks delicious. And it's vegan, right? I may have to make this!!!

  23. I don't think you're a hypocrite, I think everyone has their own reasons for eating the way that they do. I think it's best to avoid "labels" and to just go with your body's instincts. Maybe your body would've been even happier with bacon on the TLT? ;) Kidding, kidding! For what it's worth, if I were to give up meat, I'd also give up dairy...simply because if I ever gave up meat, it would be for humanitarian reasons. But that's just me!! I love both way too much to give them up...and I think they're vital to a balanced diet.


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