Monday, September 20, 2010

A Twister in NYC and Are YOU Game???

It has been a crazy couple of days….some good and some bad but all memorable! I am sure most of you heard that we had a Tornado in NYC on Thursday. Right before the tornado struck I was enjoying some of this with my family…

We then headed to our car and got stuck in the heart of the tornado! The car kept swaying and the lightning and thunder were horrific…I remember my niece crying out “let it be a nightmare…let it be a nightmare” and once it cleared up this is what all around us…
DSCN9837 DSCN9839 DSCN9840 DSCN9841 DSCN9842 DSCN9843
Thankfully we were not injured…I think God or my grandmother was watching over us…
But like I said there were also some good things this weekend including Women’s Health Magazine “Are You Game” Event which I attended with Missy!
Before we could get to the event, we had to wait for these Harleys to get through…
DSCN9853  DSCN9857 DSCN9858 

We finally made it to the park and it was a wonderful day for some outdoor activities! 
DSCN9860 DSCN9861 DSCN9868 DSCN9869 DSCN9863 DSCN9870

The line was a little long but it just meant that we could take more pictures of ourselves haha
heeeeeey Missy miss!DSCN9864  DSCN9867
We finally made our way into the event and we were greeted with some yummy goodies…but You have to wait to see those lol. They had a variety of activities going on which included:
Special K Breakfast & Snack Bar
Muscle Milk Light Sampling Station

DSCN9875 DSCN9876
we passed on this because we had a special “date” later on lol…
Mechanical Bull
DSCN9912  DSCN9916 DSCN9918
DSCN9878 DSCN9879
Hip Hop Workout…
DSCN9893 DSCN9894  DSCN9896
Subaru Virtual Kayak
Basketball Shootout…
I WON!!!!! lol
Did I mention the cute DJ????
DSCN9905 DSCN9906
And one of the best things about living in NYC is bumping into friends!!!!! We both met Sandy during the IntenSati Challenge!
This turned out to be a good event and we enjoyed ourselves even though we did not participate in the workouts…but we DID take a 1 hour walk to go on our special “date”. A lot of you guys might remember that Missy and I would always go to Whole Foods for din din during the IntenSati Challange, and I was missing my WF “fix”
We both were craving sushi…Spicy Shrimp Tempura Brown Rice Roll to be exact…
And we split a small bag of Stacy’s Chip…we needed something sweet to balance out the wasabi going up our nose! haha
And just when we thought our day could not get any better, we came across this baby…I am one of those people that just has to play with puppies…
Disclaimer: JUST because I HAVE to go inside pet stores to play with puppies does not mean I will purchase one…ADOPTION IS BEST! (had to say that since I got hammered on facebook when I mentioned that I was in there…calm down people!)
Great day (CHECK), Sushi (CHECK), Puppy Therapy (CHECK), AND GOODIE BAG! (CHECK!)
Before I go, here are some short videos that I took from the event…
Ohhhhh also my workouts are going great! I started week 8 of Turbo Fire today! AND I have been running/walking twice a week. My run ayer was a tad interesting because it turned into a obstacle course…Forest Park was hit hard on Thursday…I basically ran/walked/crawled/climbed/jumped during my “run”
Before the Tornado…
CIMG0376 CIMG0377 CIMG0378
And After…
CIMG0393 CIMG0395 CIMG0396 CIMG0397 CIMG0398 CIMG0399
Sad panda =/

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