Sunday, October 24, 2010

5 Years In The Making…

I don’t usually blog on a Sunday evening but once in a while something so epic happens that I just have to throw caution into the wind. What is that you ask???? I finally got to hangout with my Mansana!!!!! Known to many of you as One Healthy Apple lol. We have been internet friends for about 5 years and I consider her one of my closest friends…so when she told me that she was coming to NYC for business, I was like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning.

Even though I had about 3 hours of sleep and was slightly hung over; I woke up, did a quick workout and headed into the city with Missy to pick up Mansana from her hotel. When we walked into the lobby, I looked around anxiously and when I finally saw her…I think I squealed like a piggy! I was so happy to finally see her in the flesh! After a quick hug; we headed to Soho to meet Gabriela at Spring Street Natural for Brunch. Spring Street has a fabulous menu but one thing was calling my name….


(with Napa Cabbage, Brown sage butter, Hazelnut crunch)

DSCN5905 DSCN5901

This was divine!!!!! I think I said “mmmmm” during every bite lol.

I even ignored this beautiful bread basket just to save room for the Ravioli


It wouldn’t be a blog meet up without some pictures at the restaurant…(Thanks Gabriela for sharing these!!!!)

Me and Missy


Mansana and Gabriela  IMG_3785

Group Shot


AND you can’t have a blog meet up without giving each other chocolate…Mansana brought all of us Ghirardelli Chocolates (I think great minds think alike because I brought her Godiva chocolates hahaha)


After Brunch Missy and I decided to give Mansana a tour but then we got lost took the scenic route and our quick walk turned into a 1 hour cardio workout! haha. I swear we make the worse tour guides EVER! lol.

I waited 5 years for this picture!!!!

 DSCN5908 DSCN5909

Sadly Missy had to go bye bye but Mansana and I kept the party rolling and you can’t have party without…


Talk about location location…Magnolia Bakery was right near her hotel! DSCN5911 DSCN5910

We both wanted Red Velvet cupcakes and enjoyed them while we people watched


DSCN5918 DSCN5917

They were deelish but I must have been full from brunch because I ended up sharing mine with the pigeons…

After we finished our cupcakes, we shared a cab back into Queens and continued chatting and giving our cab driver directions (he was clueless!). This was such a perfect day!!!!! Now we just have to repeat it…in the west coast!


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