Friday, October 22, 2010

Blog Pressure Part 2…What YOU had to say…

Last week I wrote a post about blog pressure and I received so many great comments…I decided to share a few with you. Thanks everyone for being so candid!

Sarah said…

I am so glad you wrote about this and it's definitely true for me too. It's pressure I put on myself. I went through a period where I thought I had to keep trying new products or recipes, and that I couldn't eat oats everyday because that would be "boring" for the blog. The pressure I put on myself is one of the many, many reasons I have decided against food journal style blogging, for me personally. I like reading others who do it that way, but it is not for me.

Janetha said…

I really liked this post! When I began blogging, I felt the pressure and actually gained weight. I had a reality check and went back to my eating ways BEFORE the blog. I now eat what I would normally and exercise as I usually would, and if it isn't worth blogging about.. I just don't blog about it. I know all about the pressure you are talking about. It's lame! I am glad you brought it up :)

Angela said…

I know exactly what you're talking about. To be honest, that's why I stopped posting all of my meals. I felt like I had to keep up with everyone else and it wasn't healthy. I was also spending lots of moolah so that I had interesting things. Then I realized that wasn't what I wanted out of my blog so I just stopped. No explanation nothing. I just decided to take a different direction. I'm also thinking about moving to strictly recipes and restaurant reviews with a little health peppered in. I never want to forget that the person I really blog for is me. Not for others.

Tamara said…

GREAT post! I totally know what you're talking about. I used to go through the same thing, but lately, I've been making more of an effort to remind myself that my blog is *my* blog, not anyone else's. It does suck that some people like to judge, but just shrug it off and keep doing the things that make *you* feel awesome. I also know what it's like to read other blogs and feel like I'm running too slow or not eating the right foods, but I've finally realized that it's B.S. If running 10 miles a day at a 7min/mi. pace works for some girls, that's great! It just doesn't work for me. But that doesn't mean I'm any less healthy by squeezing in a 2 mile run at an 11min/mi. pace.

Tricia said…

TOTALLY get this.
I beat myself up over speed all the time because most of the running blogs are faster than me. I rarely post times because I don't feel like they are good enough. BUT we ARE good enough.

Jess said…

Great topic! It probably sounds strange to non-bloggers, but we do get stuck in the "pressure trap" that we place on ourselves as bloggers.
Keep it real, cause we like you whether you ate a banana or a monkey for breakfast. We don't read because we really care about what you had to eat, we read because we like to read about you. =)

Joanne said…

I definitely know what you mean. I constantly feel slightly pressured to keep cooking and that my photos have to be good and the whole shebang. It's stressful but way better than thinking about the anatomy test I have the next week.

Averie said…

i feel pressure about content. If i post anything that's not 100% vegan, if it has trace dairy, i am blasted by the vegan community. I cannot post about going to the zoo w/ my child b/c that's animal cruelty so am blasted some more. It extends far past just spills over into ALL aspects of life. So yes, I feel pressure with what I post, big time. Great post Mari!

Lindsay said…

Great post, Mari! I can totally relate and need to be sure I am using my blog as a means to support my growth and not stifle myself. I don't usually use my readership or shares as a means to create accountability. In other words, if I want to build commitment and discipline in my life there are other ways. Here, I just like to reflect, muse and in some cases share some things I learned and also remember to have fun along the way. That's why I include so many song clips!

Gina said…

I think I feel blog pressure, but for different reasons. I feel that I should blog MORE, and read MORE blogs, but then once I start to feel like that I continue reminding myself that this is a HOBBY, not a JOB. You should remind yourself that too. Once you cross that line where you no longer enjoy blogging, it's just not worth it!

Tiffany said…

This is definitely part of the reasons I don't post every meal like I used to. I think "What if this is boring?" or "What if this doesnt look pretty and such b/c I dont have a nice camera like others?" and such, its kinda sad.
Hope you have a blast tonight on your date. I cna't wait to read ALLL about it!! How is that for some pressure?!

Thank you, for all of your wonderful comments…it is important that everyone knows that well all feel some blog pressure from time to time…have a great weekend!!!!!!


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  1. great feedback girl :) i loved reading what others had to say about the issue too!

    i say just be you and that's perfect!

  2. Loved the original post & all these wonderful comments. Sometimes it makes you feel better just hearing someone else has the same issue. Thanks for posting this!! I have been in a rut lately! This made me open my eyes a bit!!

  3. Wonderful post, Mari. I love you for you and your blog can do whatever you want it to do! What if someone told me they didn't like my reality tv posts? I wouldn't say anything to them-- but I would think they should suck it. :)

    I'm more worried that Jess thinks we should eat monkeys for breakfast. WHAT!?!? :) LOL


  4. The first step for ALL of us is admitting we have a problem! Love that you posted all these comments.

  5. It's so nice to see that everyone is in the same boat, and some point or another. Not that I WANT people to feel "blog pressure" but the community comes together and helps one another out, and I love it!

    I hope you have an awesome weekend MAri. Any man updates???