Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Pressure…

Hey loves! I hope everyone is having a fabulous day!

I am usually talking about all the positive things about blogging but I never really spoke about some of the negative things about it. One thing that has been bothering me lately is “Blog Pressure”. I spoke to my friend Sarah the other day about this and she agreed with me; it is nice to know I am not the only one that feels this way. For example, sometimes I find myself eating more things because of the picture…how dumb is that?

Like some mornings I feel like having just this for breakfast


But I know people would rather look at this…


Or maybe I want to eat fast food but I don’t talk about it here because I know it is frowned upon. Or some days I want to just drink Green Monsters but then I get attacked by people who are unintentionally projecting their own personal issues on to me….because they think I am starving myself.

And it is not just about food, it also affects my workouts too. I get down on myself when I barely run a 10 minute mile and other bloggers are calling their 7 minute miles “easy”…

I am done with comparing myself to other bloggers…and changing who I am to fit the mold. The one thing I LOVE about the blog community is that we are so different and we all bring something different to the table…

So with that being said, this morning I woke up and headed to the park for my version of an easy run…I jogged for 2 miles and walked another 2 to and from the park and I felt fabulous!

I refueled with a Green Monster made with 1/2 a Banana, Spinach, Blueberries, FF Milk, LMM, and Splenda


Do you ever feel pressured because of blogs??? How do you handle it?

Do you have any fun weekend plans?? Mañana I am going on a day trip with Missy to Boston and on Sunday I have a date…I am excited about both things!

Have a great weekend loves!!!!


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