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One of the things that I love so much about the internet is meeting new people that share the same interests as you. When I started my Turbo Fire Challenge, I was approached by so many people from the Beach Body Community including Brenda who happens to be a Beach Body Coach. She is also a huge fan of their latest product, Shakeology

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Here is a little information about Shakeology from their website.

How It Works*

This patent-pending daily nutritional shake helps your body gently eliminate toxins more efficiently while allowing for better absorption of the essential nutrients you need. A proprietary blend of digestive enzymes and prebiotics helps your body progressively eliminate the toxins that build up over time from eating today's highly processed foods.

At the same time, whole-food ingredients deliver the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to curb cravings, allowing your body to shed stored fat while the more than 20 different antioxidants and phytonutrients help reduce free radical damage that can lead to heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and stroke.

What's In It

Even if you searched all over the world, you probably wouldn't be able to find all of the 70-plus, ultra-high-quality ingredients we've included in Shakeology. Not only do you get a wide range of essential nutrients, from the fruits and vegetables you should be eating more of every day, you'll also get the benefits of important foods from all around the world—foods that the latest scientific research has shown to be highly advantageous to your well-being.

More than 70 different ingredients were chosen from around the world for their potency and bioavailability (the ability to deliver the nutrients your body needs). Here are the key nutrient groups that these ingredients deliver:*

  • Protein and Essential Amino Acids to help build long, lean muscles and reduce food cravings
  • Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes, which aid in improving digestion, regularity, and nutrient absorption
  • Antioxidants and Phytonutrients to help counteract free radical damage that can lead to degenerative diseases
  • Vitamins and Minerals your body needs to function for
    optimal health

Protein and Essential Amino Acids*

  • Help build and repair muscles
  • Reduce hunger and food cravings
  • Help keep blood sugar steady
  • Support brain function to help promote alert thinking and reduce anxiety
  • Promote healthy skin, hair, and nails

Shakeology includes whey protein isolate, an easily absorbable source of high-quality protein that's ideal for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. It also helps keep your blood sugar steady, reducing hunger and junk food cravings. Essential amino acids, found in protein, help the body repair muscle tissue and heal wounds; support the brain to promote calmness and alertness; and reduce hunger pangs. The whey protein in Shakeology provides a highly bioavailable source of essential amino acids.


Antioxidants and Phytonutrients*

  • Get rid of harmful free radicals
  • Help decrease inflammation
  • Help boost your immune system
  • Potentially decrease the risk of degenerative diseases
  • May even increase longevity

Many of Shakeology's fruit and vegetable sources have been chosen for their high concentration of healthy natural substances known as phytonutrients, including flavonoids, polyphenols, anthocyanins, and catechins. These substances have antioxidant properties, meaning they help get rid of molecules known as free radicals, which damage cells and may be a key component of the aging process. In laboratory tests, phytonutrients have shown promise in helping prevent a wide variety of degenerative conditions. What's more, studies suggest that the natural mix of phytochemicals you get from whole-plant sources is more effective than taking them individually as nutritional supplements.

23 Vitamins and Minerals*

  • Get a wide range of essential nutrients
  • Get your necessary vitamins every day
  • Make up for dietary deficiencies

Most of us don't get the complete range of essential vitamins and minerals in our daily diets. Some important vitamins, such as vitamin C and the B vitamins, are water-soluble, meaning they're flushed out of your body after a short time and need to be replenished regularly. Others, like vitamin E, can be difficult to get enough of in food. Shakeology provides all these nutrients in an easy-to-take, easily absorbable form, so you never have to worry.

Brenda was kind enough to send me two Samples; The Original Greenberry  & Chocolate


I decided to try the Chocolate this morning for Breakfast…


Brenda also sent me some recipes and I couldn't wait to give this one a try….


I had everything I needed except the Coconut Extract and I used Skim Plus instead of Almond Milk. 

No matter how good something is for you, it doesn't really matter if it tastes bad because honestly will you drink it? Fortunately this was AMAZING!!!!!!  The texture reminded me of a Frosty and the chocolate flavor was peeeerfect!


I can’t wait to try a Greenberry recipe soon! Thanks Brenda!



  1. It sounds great! Unfortunately I couldn't try it because of the whey protein. But I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

  2. That looks delicious - so creamy, just like a milk shake. I'd love to see the full stats. Going to start interstalking.

  3. Brenda sent me samples as well of Shakelogy and really you are right. It is delicious and I just used it right out of the package with my vanilly soy. The chocolate was so thick and creamy. It's a must try. I plan to order my batch very very soon.

  4. mama wants to eat taht badboy with a spoon! good lord that texture is yummy looking!

  5. yep I got some samples of shakeology and tride them a while back on my blog! it was tasty! i would def not spend money on it besides getting the free samples though!

  6. They definitely picked the perfect person to review this! It sounds amazing! I might even start drinking shakes!

  7. ive seen these all over the blog world!! looks aweeesome!!!

  8. Cool stuff! If you don't have coconut extract, can't you just add some dried shredded coconut? So much more versatile than extract! :-)

  9. That looks delicious! I researched Shakeology when I saw it on Naomi's blog but it is very very expensive!

  10. Interesting idea--I like! And it looks like pudding, nothing wrong with that!

  11. mmmm it looks so thick!!!!! i want right now haha especially because it looks like a seriously legit milkshake! which would probably bring all theboys to the yard haha

  12. are those the same ones they show at the end of the Insanity/Beach body Videos??? are they good?.. I'm not into smoothies or shakes as much as you are, but if the texture is like those at smoothie king etc. i wanna try too!

  13. That's exactly what I was thinking - it looks like a frosty from Wendy's!

    Hope you had a great weekend Mari!


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