Monday, October 11, 2010

Some Amy Love & Other Ramblings…

I should be getting ready for bed right now but instead I wanted to talk to you! lol…it has been way too long and I needed to make a late night “booty” blog!
I’ve had an amazing weekend…it started with a nice surprise in the mail…courtesy of my beloved Amy! Ya’ll know how much I love Love LOVE Amy’s…I eat it at least twice a week….
Amy’s chili with Amy’s Enchilada
I am one of those people that likes to write letters to companies; either to praise them or share a negative experience.  I decided to send Amy’s some positive feedback via their website and honestly I thought it was going to go into some email box and never read by anyone but nope! That very day, I was contacted by Adrienne and she thanked me for such a great feedback and asked if it was okay to send me some goodies! SURE!!!!!!
Amy’s tote bag, coupon, pen, and magnet!
Not only does Amy’s have amazing food but they also have AMAZING people working for their company…thanks Adrienne!
This weekend also consisted of some yummy eats…
Purple Monster
Hello LOVA! “Do you like Piña Colada….”
Veggie Fajita Plate…
Subway’s Veggie Sammie with Cheese
Shrimp & Broccoli with Shrimp Fried Rice…
Besides great eats, I also had great company…(I went out for dinner and drinks with Missy and my Sister)
Missy and Me
My sister (she is going to hate me for posting this picture! lol)
And when I say “great company”, I mean VODKA! lol
And the weekend concluded with a impromptu sleep over at my place with my sister and home fries..the best part of the weekend would have to be my niece waking up this morning and working out with me. I don’t want to start a war here with anyone but I really don’t get it when some mothers say they can’t workout because of their kids. Every time my niece sleeps over, she know that titi has to workout and she either joins in or cheers me on.
In other news…I officially started week 10 of Turbo Fire!!!!! I can’t believe I am halfway through the program!
That is all for tonight…have a great one!!!!!


  1. You have such gorgeous skin!

    Love the purple monster!

  2. I had a great time again! I am trying to figure out a way for us to go again this weekend on top of Boston! Hahaha love that bar. See ya tomorrow!

  3. i love companies that are all about their customers. i had microwave popcorn that didn't pop (lame right?) and i was super bummed (because half popped popcorn + having to share with my husband = not nearly enough for me!) so i wrote to them and they sent me coupons for TWO boxes to replace it! people don't realize what good things can come from contacting a company.

  4. thats so nice of the woman from Amys to send you teh goodies! I agree with you. When people hate the food they uisually complain and write letters so whent he food is good, we should write letters of praise as well! i just emailed you back about the trip this weekend! :)

  5. I was just talking with my coworkers about how when people call or write e-mails to make comments about something, it's most often to complain!! So, good for you for writing a positive e-mail...and look what oyu got!
    We are going to sell a lot of AMy's products at the new store that is opening on Thursday. I'm excited to try them all.

    Glad you had a fun weekend!

  6. Lol @ 'late night booty blog'. I luuurve me some Amy's. I usually pack a burrito with a large salad for lunch almost everyday [cuz I'm lazy like that]. That's a sexy tote bag, so nice of them to return to love to their customers.

  7. i need to start writing to more companies. I LOVE Amy's. They are the only frozen food that I'll eat. Nice to know that they are actually a good quality company that cares about their consumers!

    Love five burros. And I will so totally still be working out when I have kids. I'm going to be that mom running with the stroller. Fo' realz.

  8. Amys is all kinds of awesome! i love the goodie bag! and look at that cleavage- *whistles* sexy jen! lol

    you all look gorgeous!

  9. All of your eats look yummy! And you look great, lady!

  10. Thats awesome that they actually read your feedback and took that into account. I love that some companies actually read what you're writing and I do the same also---email them with positive and negative things.

    And start a war---I will keep reading :)

  11. how sweet of amy's to hook you up with goodies! that says a lot about their company and how they appreciate customers :)yayyy

  12. Love the crystal light/vodka combination.. yum!

    You and Missy are both so pretty.

    I love when companies are awesome like that. That's why I keep buying Amy's stuff!


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