Monday, November 1, 2010


Hey loves!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend and a even better Halloween! Mine was fabulous!!!!!!!!

I ended up going to my favorite bar with Missy and my Sister….I decided to go as a pussycat


Missy had the same idea….


The boy decided to go as a 80’s DJ…


Ohhhhh and I won third place in the costume contest!!!!!!


The night consisted of a lot of these….

DSCN5976(Jell-O Shots…)

And Vodka with Water and Crystal Light…


But I still made it up the next day to do some trick or treating with my two fave people…

DSCN6007 My money is on Wonder Woman!!!!!


This morning I started week 13 of Turbo Fire!!!! Usually I HATE the number 13 but I am so looking forward to this week! This morning I did Turbo Fire 60 and when I heard “It’s Tricky” by Run DMC, I knew it was going to be a FABULOUS workout!!!!!!! I also did Abs 10 and Namaste Yoga!!! Fabulous way to start off the week!

Besides doing Turbo Fire, I also started doing the 100 Push Up Challenge…I did 41 pushups last night (with rest between sets)

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!!!!!!!!!


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