Monday, November 22, 2010

Race to Deliver 2010

Hello Loves!!!!!! I am sorry for my lack of posting and also commenting on your blogs. The reason for my disappearing act is because my days have been consumed by this…


I recently set up my ACE PT Exam for January and have been studying whenever I get a free chance.

However I did take time off from my studies to participate in the Race To Deliver 4 Miler on Sunday morning. I woke up dark bright and early and headed into the city with the boy.


I was exhausted so I sipped on some Sugar Free Red Bull to give me wings!


It took us almost 2 hours to get there… you gotta love the MTA on Sunday morning (insert sarcasm here).

We finally arrived at Central Park and it was a beautiful day for a race!


Despite it being c c cold brrrrrrrr


I impatiently patiently waited in line…


I tried to warm up by marching in place…


And then we started moving!!!! that person in blue is covering me but you can see my hair and foot hahahaha


The race went really great!!!!! I never ran in Central Park before so I wanted to make sure that I ENJOYED it! Every so often I would look up and look at the foliage of the trees or glance over to look at the water. I even took off my headphones a couple of times to hear the sounds of the all the feet hitting the ground. It also helped that I had a kick ass playlist created by Nik (the boy)


I think that running outside a couple of times before the race helped me prepare because my chest was not hurting from the cold air and I also think that the fact that I am used to running on hills (Forest Park is all hills) helped me a lot! I don’t want to say that it was easy but it WAS enjoyable and I loved every minute of it.

Usually by the end of a race, I am gasping for air and counting down but when I saw the finish line, I got my second wind and hauled ass! Oh and talk about perfect timing; the song “I made it” started to play right at that exact moment!!!!!!! AND I managed to break my 4 mile PR…at my last race it was 41:41 and this time it was 39:29! With an average pace of 9:53.

I am really happy that I managed to squeeze in this race before the new year…I told myself last year that in 2010 I would run my first 5K and here I am with 4 races under my belt! 2012 NYC MARATHON HERE I COME!



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