Monday, December 6, 2010


Nik’s brother hosted a roller-skating party the other day and I was so excited to go!!!!

Do you know that someone can burn about 300+ Plus calories while roller-skating????

According to the American Council on Exercise, skating is beneficial for cardiovascular development, weight loss and strengthening muscles and connective tissues around the ankles, knees and hips. Although in-line skating and roller skating are similar concepts, in-line skating, also known as rollerblading, burns more calories per hour than regular roller skating. A person who weighs 150 pounds burns 816 calories per hour rollerblading. However, that same person burns 476 calories per hour when he roller skates. Smaller individuals burn fewer calories. For example, a person weighing 120 pounds burns 381 calories during an hour of roller skating. One who weighs 180 pounds burns 572 calories during that time period

Easy enough, Right? WRONG! I used to roller-skate ALL the time when I was younger and assumed it would be like riding a bike….put the skates on and GO! WRONG AGAIN!


I was holding on to dear life!


I went around the rink 1 time in skates and realized that I sucked! and instead of embarrassing myself in front of all these people…


I decided to put blades on!


And I sucked a little less!!!!! I even managed to crack a smile while I was out there….


Others who shall remain nameless kicked ass while they were out there!


I need to start practicing again so I can actually burn some calories, instead of working on my core while I stood there, balancing myself ha!

For now I will stick to these and burn calories while running!!!!

Today I headed to the gym and ran 4.05 miles in 41 minutes and 15 seconds and I felt grrrrrrrrrrreat!  I was going to run in the park but it was cccccold! I have not been to the gym since before the summer and it was actually pretty nice to be back there. I also did lower body strength training and my beloved captain chair!!!!!



  1. Awesome- some girlfriends and I went roller skating last year (probably the first time I've been since middle school) and yes, it is a really good workout! I couldn't believe how quick I started sweating, heh.

  2. Great minds think alike...we did twinkie workouts today! :) Way to go!

  3. i saw those pics on facebook and SO SO cute!! love the skates! brings me back to my youth hahaha

  4. Yay for roller skating---or blading in your world :)

    You look super fabulous lady, see ya soon!!

  5. I haven't roller bladed OR skated in forever and yes. There's totally a reason for that! I would stick to running if I were's the sport of champions (or so I tell myself :P)

  6. OMG I could never skate! I wasn't even good at it as a kid so I'm sure I'm just worst. Way to go getting out there though!

    Congrats on the run girl!

  7. Oh this brings me back! I haven't been rollerblading in awhile. I used to love it as a kid! I was actually just thinking about going ice skating, although I've always loved roller blading more.

  8. GREAT idea putting on the roller blades! I can remember when I was so intimidated by the roller blades, because I was so used to roller skates. Now I agree that the blades are MUCH easier! But of course they are also a great workout. And, you look great roller skating! You have such a gorgeous smile :)

  9. I am the worst roller blader, but my daughter was awesome. We'd go to the rink and she would lap me 5 times before I made it around once!

  10. Girl I thought the same thing when i bougth a pair of $300 roller blades. I put them on and watned to die! it was NOT like riding a bike. It was like "Holy Shit, Im gonna fall"...and then i realized i was old.
    then i rolled down a hill and didnt know how to stop... so henry used his body as my break and then i broke henry... Good times.

  11. That sounds like a super fun time. I used to ice skate and I like rollerblading and roller skating too.

  12. I think roller skating is making its way back! They just opened a rink not too far from where we live. I have the land rollers that Cesar Milan (dog whisperer) uses. They are awesome! I put my 3 yr old in the jogging stroller and skate through our development. So much fun but it definately kicks your butt!!

  13. I remember the last time I tried on skates, I fell flat on my tush! It definitely wasn't like riding a bike for me either. I'm much better on roller blades. It's funny because I remember trying blades for the first time and thinking that skates were so much easier!

  14. roller skates are hard!

    know what else isn't like riding a bike? RIDING A BIKE. i can stay up and all but i don't remember what to do with the gears.
    Which makes it a better workout and all, but way less fun.

  15. You look great in that picture! Seriously fantastic!


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