Wednesday, March 16, 2011

But I Could Do More….

Hey loves!!!!! It is a rainy gray day in NYC but I did not let it deter me from doing day 2 of Week 1 of the Ease into 10K program and it was exactly the same routine from Monday: Brisk 5 minute warm-up walk. Run 3 minutes/ Walk 1 minute. Repeat 5 times. Five minute Cool down walk.

Here is what my routine looked like today….


Avg Pace:
12:23 min/mi

Avg Moving Pace:
12:07 min/mi

Best Pace:
07:31 min/mi

And my splits were

1: 12:48

2: 10:38

3: 15:07

Total: 2.49 Miles

When I was in the cool down stage of the program, I felt like I could do more and I almost started to run again but I literally had to say “NO!” to myself…thankfully no one was around to witness the crazy lady speaking to herself ha. I know that I could do more if I wanted to but I also know that if I tried to do that, I won’t reach my goal of running 6 miles straight and how will I ever run  26.2 miles? I have to remember that baby steps will lead to giant leaps…

Since I was still full of energy, I decided to do some strength training instead and I focused on my upper body and core and did about 30 minutes. It consisted of bicep curls, hammer curls, arnold presses, front raise, bent over lateral raise, ball pass, figure 8’s, lateral raise, and ball roll outs.

Am I the only one still adjusting to the time change??? Between daylight savings time and my crazy hours at the gym, my routine is all out of whack. This morning I woke up and was not hungry until after my workout and that was way after 12pm.

For “breakfast” I had 1% Cottage cheese mixed with chocolate LMM, 1/2 a banana. and PB


I am off to get ready for work…have a great day loves!


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