Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Run, Fun, AND YUM!

The other day, I was bored at home and started to flip through channels and discovered that I had the Cooking Network which meant that I could watch Hungry Girl’s new show! I sat down and pretty much watched back to back episodes on Demand and instantly knew that I wanted to try some out, especially one in particular for breakfast.

Before making the yummy breakfast ayer, I headed out for a run; I officially started week 2 of Ease into 10K. Yesterday’s workout consisted of a 5 Minute warm up. 4 minute run/1 minute walk, Repeat 5 times and 5 min cool down.

Here are my splits:

1: 13:09
2: 10:45
3: 12:28

Best Pace: 7:27 Miles 2.81

After I was done with my run, I came home and started to make breakfast for Nik and I. I decided to make Hungry Girl’s Cannoli Stuffed French Toast Nuggetsall repeat after me “YUUUUUUMS!”

I got all my ingredients ready


And then made the cannoli mixture



After the Cannoli filling was done, I stuffed it into the Whole Wheat Hotdog buns…


Cut them into little nuggets


And then dunked them into the egg white mixture.


I tossed them in the frying pan and cooked them until they were golden brown


And then served them with fresh Strawberries and sprinkled with Powdered Sugar…


The verdict….DEELISH!!!!!

If you are looking for a fun guilt free weekend breakfast, I totally recommend this!


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