Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mojo, Where Did You Go???

Hey loves!!!!! Thank you for all the sweet comments on my previous post! I really had a great time at my race but ever since then, I have had ZERO urge to go outside for a run. I can’t pinpoint what exactly caused this but for the past couple of days when I am supposed to run, I talk myself out of it. I don’t know where my mojo went…

I was supposed to go run today but instead, I sat on the couch and tried to talk myself out of it yet again. “it’s too cold. my leg hurts. I don’t wanna!”. I sat down and had breakfast and after 1 hour, I got dressed and headed out…sometimes you just HAVE TO DO IT! and I am so happy that I did!

Today I started Week 6 of the Ease Into 10K Program and it consisted of 5 minute warm up, 10 minute run/1 minute walk 4X, and 5 minute cool down. I ran on the streets and worked my way to the park…I love sneaking in some Hill work. These were my splits:

E10K W6 D1_thumb[5]

I felt so great after my run and enjoyed some nice yoga stretches when I was done…Stretching is SO important and most people forget to to do it or just don’t want to…STRETCH PEOPLE! Avoid injury =)

Protein Intake

When I lost weight a few years ago, my nutritionist would make me do back to back protein days (only two days a week) and I remember how well it worked for me so I have been trying to incorporate that into my “diet”.

I have been enjoying more egg whites…



Mini Frittatas…


Cottage cheese mixed with Protein Powder, Peanut Butter, and some type of fruit….


And of course my green monster with protein powder…


I am scared of getting tired of eating the same things so I am looking for any protein suggestions (No Meat of course)…thanks!!!!



  1. You don't eat any carbs? That's pure hell!

  2. Shakeology would be a great addition for protein. :)

  3. Tofu, beans, homemade veggie burgers, etc. I think two days a week is reasonable :) As for running, if I can get myself out of the door, I'm good. Sometimes you just have to do it, like you said. I hate hills! lol

  4. Nuts! Nuts are a good source of protein. I eat them anytime I eat a piece of fruit.

  5. I like this post since it is Passover and I can only eat protein and veggies! You gave me some nice ideas! I'll run with you next time you are debating lol.

  6. Beans for sure.
    shrimp and fish.
    Kays Naturals protein puffs LOL

    glad you went for hte run anyway!

  7. about beans, yogurt, tempeh and quinoa?

  8. I've never heard of that protein cycling...huh. Intriguing, for sure! :) The egg scramble looks delish!

  9. Most mornings I have to kick my own ass to get downstairs and exercise!


  10. Good for you for getting out there even though you didn't really want to! I force myself to go to the gym every day even when I really just don't feel like it...and I've found that I never regret a workout! HUGE proponent of stretching. I've been injured enough to know that its non-negotiable!

  11. I love egg whites too!!

    Stretching is THE BOMB!!

  12. Well here is my list:

    Nutritional YEAST!
    Almonds, walnuts
    Edamame and SoyJoy
    Yogurt and berries
    Hard boiled eggs
    Steel cut oats

    Get that MOJO back! But hey, if it needs a rest, that's important too. Listen to your body, that's important (and you know that). But only for so long, obviously :)

  13. I love those mini frittatas. Good list from Gina above, I would add tempeh and seitan to the list. Greek yogurt has a little more protein than regular yogurt. Nut butters too. Make sure to get enough protein as some of the sources people list as good sources, are more talking about quality than quantity and you need to eat a lot of somethings to get it to add up...therefore combine some of the choices in a sitting. Quinoa is a complete protein, but to get enough grams as 3-4 oz of meat, you would have to eat a lot more than you might want, and those calories can add up, but quinoa is still a great choice, especially when paired with other alternative protein sources.

  14. Ugh- just wrote a comment and it got deleted (my fault, logged in as Mike).

    This post reminds me of the self days with the mojo and protein days references ;)

    How about almonds, greek yogurt, and if you are doing fish then canned salmon or something.


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