Monday, April 4, 2011

More Women’s Half Marathon

Hey lovelies!!!!! I am oozing girl power right now and it has something to do with an amazing race that I volunteered at yesterday! Yesterday was the More/ Fitness Magazine Women’s Half Marathon!

I arrived at Central Park at 6:30 in the morning and it was a Ghost Town….


I was stationed right before the 4/10 Mile Mark…


I was lucky enough to be partnered with this lovely lady named Annette…she made the time fly by and even let me borrow her gloves for a couple of minutes…it was ccccold in the morning!

Before long the ladies started rushing past us…


I even managed to get a picture of the winner, Sheri Piers as she literally ran circles around the other women!! This lady is fast.


The best part of this race was all the girl power and camaraderie of all the women. Everyone was in such great spirits and I even had some ladies thanking me for being there cheering THEM on. I even ran (pun intended) into two bloggers who participated in the event!!! Erica and Gabriela you both looked great out there!


Ease Into 10K Update:

Speaking of running, I am doing great with the Ease into 10K program! Last week I completed week 3 and it looked something like this


Compare Week 3 Ease into 10K

This morning I started week 4 and it consisted of 5 minute warm-up 8 minute run/ 1 minute walk 4X and 5 minute cool down and it looked like this…

Week 4 Day 1

It was getting hard during the last 8 minute run but I just slowed down a little bit and thankfully I was able to keep going.

After my run, I came back home and did Namaste Yoga for distance runners and my legs thanked me for it!


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