Thursday, April 28, 2011

Runner’s Depression

People always talk about Runner’s High…you know that feeling when you finish a race and beat your PR or perhaps ran an extra mile or even block on your morning run OR even when you walk into your house and you are drenched with sweat and think “YEAH I DID THAT!” but no one really talks about Runner’s Depression. And sadly that is what I am experiencing right now.

Two days ago, I experienced a really sharp pain on the outside of my right foot and ever since then, I have been limping around like a damn gimp. And it didn’t help that ayer I was on my feet for over 13 hours at the gym (sidenote: I have 2 more clients…bringing me up to 5!). But one perk of working there is becoming friends with one of the physical therapists who checked my foot ayer…it turns out that the pain is coming all the way from my calf and trickling down the back of my ankle and down to my foot. He suggested that I take one (or more) week off from running and when he said those words, I thought I was going to cry right then and there.

This morning, I woke up and it felt like it was better but after a couple of steps, the pain rushed back. Unfortunately, at the moment I do not have Insurance so I am left with self diagnosing and thankfully I was able to rule out that this is NOT a recurring pain. I remembered that last year, my foot was injured but for the life of me, I could not remember which one it was BUT thankfully because of blogging, I was able to find out that it was my left foot.



But I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis about 3 years ago on this foot so perhaps it is all related, but wouldn’t the pain  be near the back of my foot by the heel?

I know that people are going through a lot more important things and I am being a brat at the moment but I am seriously suffering from runner’s depression.

So here I am with a race just over 1 week away and I know that I HAVE to complete it (for the marathon) but will I be able to run it"? How can I run when I can’t even walk one block without being in pain?

Have you ever suffered from Runner’s Depression? How did you cope?



  1. This stuff just happens, don't be so hard on yourself. You will just have to wait and see how it does over the next several days. In the mean time, do something good for yourself to help take your mind off the disappointment. Take care :)

  2. You are not being a brat! It is really tough when you are passionate about something and an injury stops you from doing it. Just give yourself that time to rest and you will be up and running very soon hopefully. Feel better love!

  3. If you can't run, WALK!

    I totally know how you feel. Earlier this week I tried to run. I made it about two blocks. Realized that literally something is wrong with EVERY muscle in both of my legs (or at least it felt that way). So I walked the six miles instead of ran it (the weather was super nice). And then I came home and cried hysterically to my roommate.

    I would give it a few some biking and stretching so you still keep your muscles in shape and then reassess!

  4. Namaste,

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    A smart girl like you shouldn't do something....well....Stupid. :)

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  5. Ugh, that's annoying! I hope you don't hurt yourself even more!

  6. Sorry about your foot Mari! I have inserts in my shoes for plantar facitas (sp?!) and it has made all the difference. Hopefully your home remedy will be enough.

    I don't have health insurance either right now - I left one job and started another on the same day, so there will be a month gap in coverage. I am nervous nothing major happens! :D

    Happy Friday Mari!


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